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Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Hey, Baby ...

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His intentions were in the right place, but Owen makes a hilarious miscalculation in the first Grey's Anatomy clip released in advance of Thursday's all-new episode, "The End is the Beginning is the End."

Hunt is in the mood for love, which is great ... except for one snag.

Does Camilla Luddington's Jo look that much like Sandra Oh's Cristina from behind? At least enough to confuse one man, apparently, in an incident that is sure to make for much awkwardness at work.

Take a look at the funny clip from Thursday's show below:

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why does Meredith always look washed out? I have watched the show forever, and never once has she looked pretty.


it's so sweet Owen brings Cristina the breakfast!!
I like to see KMK's playing the plot of comedy more!!


January 16th, 2013 5:08 AM Owen and Cristina are divorced. He shouldn't be trying to be nice to her and bring her coffee! Let's find Cristina a good guy for her to marry and make it stick this time. Hey idiot yeah I am talking to you Liz they are still together get the hell over it she doesnt need to find a new guy to marry she has Owen let it go damn you people are getting on my nerves that man hasn't done anythingthat rest has already done you stupid idiot go hide yourself and dont come out until you learn something


She probably had no where to live so Alex let her crash. She seemed kind of horrified and the thought of it being Alex based on the look of her face, even more so when Owen spoke.


Owen and Cristina are divorced. He shouldn't be trying to be nice to her and bring her coffee! Let's find Cristina a good guy for her to marry and make it stick this time.


So funny :)
It is indeed Meredith's old house that Alex and Cristina now share. So that means that Owen and Cristina are still seeing each other and it means that Jo and Alex did it... lol.
I think Camilla is a good actress, she's really funny in any case !


Love this! Poor Jo! hahaha


Hmmmm seems Jo is here to stay while other interns are mere fillers of some sort.

Avatar tihs! yes this is merediths house and alex lives there so i think he and jo slept together..:D


Oh my God... XD I'm laughing my butt off here! So Owen has already tried an attending and a resident, so maybe it's time to try and intern for a change? :D
But it's nice to see Cristina and Owen are apparently still in good terms...
And that's Meredith's old house, isn't it?