Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Big, Big News

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After one hilarious Grey's Anatomy sneak peek yesterday, four new clips from this week's episode hint at some of the serious, and potentially major developments to come for the doctors of Seattle Grace.

First, and probably most significantly, we see Derek and Meredith in bed, discussing whether or not she'll tell Cristina she's pregnant upon the end of her first trimester. Mer's mind is elsewhere, however.

With good reason. A plane crash settlement offer has been received, and it's not small.

Meanwhile, Derek receives his rehab instructions from Callie, and learns they're not what he had in mind. At the same time, Mer revisits an old patient with Richard and asks him to get back in the game.

Finally, tensions rise between Jackson and Arizona over one of Mark's old patients. When Avery says he has a different plan than Sloan did, Robbins bristles and some heated words are exchanged.

Watch four scenes from "The End is the Beginning is the End" and comment below:

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All the Dr.'s will own the hospital and be the board. Since at the end of ep.11 the board said they would have to close the hospital with the payouts. And I am glad Mer/Der told they are having a baby. She is now 4 months. YEAH!!!!!!!


Arizona's leg 15 million, Derek's hand 15 million and Lexie and Mark priceless