Hart of Dixie Review: 50 Shades of the Flu

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The flu hit Bluebell in "Lovesick Blues," which brought old couples closer and new couples together.

For the most part I enjoyed tonight's episode, with the exception of Lavon and Annabeth. The greatest aspect, much to my own consternation? Zoe and Wade. For once their storyline was the most adorable and intriguing.

Zoe's Flu Emergency

Finally, after many episodes absent, Rose returned! Her young character brings so much humor and lightness to the show that no one else can.

Rose is so unique, I really wish she were featured more often. She revealed that she didn't want to get sick because she had Black Keys concert tickets. Rose was mad because she couldn't go to the event due to the Bluebell lockdown, but let me tell you something: if it were me and I had tickets to see The Black Keys, I'd break any law to go to that concert. Girl, channel your inner rebel! Wouldn't that be a fun episode?

Rose also had forced bonding time with Magnolia and I feel like I've been waiting for these two to have this time for so long! Unfortunately, we didn't get to really see any dialogue between them other than Magnolia forcing her to stay. What we did have was Rose and Tonya (McKayla Maroney) convincing Magnolia to invite them to her party. Those two "nerds" were cracking me up. I love that Rose isn't the popular one and she has a friend who stays by her side. 

Zoe and Wade taking care of each other had to be the some of most adorable Zoe and Wade moments of the series. As each episode passes, these two gain more chemistry and become a stronger dynamic. I really am behind them in the long haul, their differences make them so great together. The fact that she wasn't worried about him cheating, she simply missed him... it had me saying, "awww." Don't act like you didn't. Wade has finally grown up and is this guy that Zoe shouldn't let go of. He's definitely a keeper.

I can't say the same thing about Lavon and Annabeth. 

I'm not behind this pairing because it's going to end badly for Annabeth. She is one of my favorite characters and putting her with Lavon will put a huge strain on her relationship with Lemon. I don't care how happy Dr. Dentist makes Lemon, she wanted Lavon first and we can all agree that Lemon will want Lavon again. On the other hand, I am happy that this is giving more for Annabeth because Kaitlyn Black is a great actress and deserves more screen time. I don't see this going so well.

Maybe I need to give them some time, but right now I don't like it. 

You know what I want to see more of? Wanda and Tom, specifically Wanda. She had some pretty funny Hart of Dixie quotes while she was lying sick in the bed. So give me more Rose, Wanda/Tom and Zoe/Wade adorableness and I'll be content. Also, how cute was that little boy eating all of the pies? He should be given more screen time too. 

The best part of the night: Lemon reading highlighted parts via Annabeth in the 50 Shades of Grey novel, which was followed by Lemon asking Annabeth how to seduce her boyfriend. I was dying of laughter. Hands down my favorite Annabeth/Lemon scene.


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Sarah silva

Jarrod: there are tons of doctors offices where the docs wear casual clothing.

Sarah silva

This was a great episode. I too agree that we had some of the best Zoe and Wade moments. I have wanted them to be a couple since the start and they are better for eachother than George and Zoe would ever be.
I like Annabeth but I really do not want her and Lavon to be together.
I am liking Lemon and hot dentist! They are a good match and we all want Lavon and Lemon together and they will be at the end of the series. We need to find a new girl for Lavon for the time being.
The 50 Shades of Grey moment was super funny seeing prim and proper Lemon reading parts of that book!
And lastly I too loved seeing Rose!


R thinks waiting 8 weeks to sleep with a guy you hardly know is reminiscent of 1950?? Remember that Lemon hasn't been all-out crazy for Dr. Dentist, so why would she leap into bed with him? This just shows Lemon holds that "quaint" belief that you should care about the person you go to bed with. I was happy to see a character who didn't regard sex as just something you did because the guy bought you dinner! I found it a little hard to believe that she was suddenly accepting the idea that "tonight's the night" just because Annabeth told her that was what was supposed to happen. Southern girls tend to be a little old-fashioned, remember. It's part of their charm! Wade and Zoe have great chemistry. The rest of the episode felt a little forced to me. Okay, Lavon suddenly is attracted to Annabeth -- but being willing to throw away the commercial just because she'd bowed out of her role in it? He's come across as too responsible a mayor to be willing to throw away the money involved like that.


I feel badly for Annabeth because she IS such a good friend. YOu know in the end she will choose Lemon over Lavon.
I can't get over how old fashioned Lemon is. 8 weeks?! Seriously, does she think she's living in 1950?


I really enjoy this show for the light-hearted program that it is. I'm a big fan of Zoe & Wade together & hope they stay together for quite a while. It's also nice to see Annabeth finally getting something she wants for a change (Lavon) in spite of how Lemon will likely respond. I understand not wanting to date your best friend's first love, but something had to give. Annabeth ALWAYS plays second fiddle to Lemon or goes along with whatever nonsense Lemon spews out of her mouth for the same of keeping peace -it'll be nice to see someone other than Lemon getting their way for a change.


I'm sorry, the photo for this review caught my eye, but for a doctor, shouldn't Zoe be dressed a little more professional? I know I no longer watch the show and don't really have a right to comment, but seriously?


Wade and Zoe were so adorable.

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Rose: Oh my God, we're going to a Breeland party.
Magnolia: Just don't invite any of your loser friends.

Lemon: He wants to make me dinner, that's code for he hates my cookin' right?
Annabeth: Sweetie, he wants to have sex.