Hart of Dixie Review: The Ruined Louboutins

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"Old Alabama" marked the return of Hart of Dixie Season 2. Finally!

It was Pioneer Day in Bluebell and remembering the past came with a price of one's sanity! From Lemon and Annabeth staging a fake break up to Zoe turning into Lemon Breeland, it was quite the episode! 

Pioneer Day in Bluebell

In my interview with Hart of Dixie creator and executive producer Leila Gerstein, I asked her if they sat around in their writers room and tried to use as much innuendo as possible' she laughed and said yes. (Check out the interview with Leila). This episode showed just how much the writers do "beat around the bush," so to speak, when it comes to the sexual humor in this show. 

The dialogue in this episode was some of the funniest it has ever been. I was laughing so loud that my roommate asked me to quiet down! How could I? Brick was talking like we'd never heard Brick speak before and Zoe was channeling her inner Lemon!

Every storyline tonight had some sort of comedy that went along with it. My favorite being Brick trying to break up with Shelby yet getting quickly distracted when she mentioned lingerie. Excuse me while I put this bluntly, Brick: you were thinking with the wrong head. Too much? Well, he basically said it himself. When Brick asked George to break up with her, he used the compliment sandwich, causing Shelby to quickly discover that George was behind it. Cue the slap across the face... Again!

Elsewhere, we saw Zoe Hart becoming Lemon Breeland, turning every single negative in her life, specifically those negatives from Wade Kinsella, into positives. How did she deal with the stress? As southern women call it, she had "projects." We've never seen Zoe in such a caring and southern role that it was very comedic. It felt out of place and for once that was a good thing. 

The worst part of tonight was when I had to watch the raccoon tear apart Zoe's Christian Louboutins. As a woman who loves fashion and Christian Louboutin's designer heels, that almost brought me to tears. You just don't ruin those heels. It's like a slap in the face to women. RIP Zoe's Louboutin's, I'll remember their beauty forever. I hope that raccoon paid for it's sin against fashion. 

Moving on...

The tables turned to the dramatic when we had Lemon trying to convince Lavon to let her help him but he wanted nothing to do with it. Gerstein said it best when she said that Lavon and Lemon are the "epic" couple of Hart of Dixie. I couldn't agree more. There is so much push and pull between these two characters that you pine for them to be together, you root for them even when they're happy with other people. This is what shippers a "one true pairing" or "OTP," meaning that they are meant to be together in the end. 

I will go down with the Lemon/Lavon ship! 

This episode had me laughing hysterically, enjoying every storyline that was given to me, and had me rooting for Brick to stay with crazy Shelby. 

Be sure to stop by the Hart of Dixie quotes page to see my picks for the nights best innuendo, comedic-filled lines!


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Love this episode best so far


Best episode yet! I laughed out loud so hard and so many times! I love Wade and Zoe together.


Favourite line of the episode goes to Tom: "yeah Wanda, strip clubs go back to the Bible". I could not stop laughing.
I was also a bit concerned at at Wade being "jerky" before he started doing it on purpose, but I'll give the writers the benefit of the doubt as they may have done it to portray the fact that Z&W will still drive each other nuts.
I thought it was a fun way to start off the second half of the season, everybody did a terrific job.


Greatest episode yet. I love watching Zoe & Wade learning how to be a couple and as long as they keep communicating and still being sexy, funny and playful, they are my favorite couple on TV. The interaction between all the "friends giving advise" was great. This show has the perfect combination of sex, romance, drama and humor. Now something good needs to happen for Lemon.


"It is funny that everyone is going to George for relationship advice." Agreed, Mrs. O'L! George was killing me last night. I've said it before and I'll say it again: George is a fantastic character when he's given something to do beside be Zoe's soulmate. He proved that again this week. On a side note, as much as I love the light-heartedness of this show, I still wish they'd give things a bit more depth with more medical cases and also focus more on other, non-romantic relationships with more than just humorous subplots. Exploring George and Brick's friendship might be a good way to do that, if they tweak it a bit more.

Sarah silva

This was my favorite episode so far! I love Zoe and Wade as a couple. It is funny that everyone is going to George for relationship advice.
I loved when Brick asked George to play golf!
I don't know why Lemon lied to Lavon about the reason she told Ruby about them. I guess she would rather have Lavon hate her than hear the truth that she still loves him.


I don't see the epicness of Lemon and Lavon either - but whatever. I actually liked Lemon with George. I sort of feel like the writers wanted us to ship Zoe and George, but instead most fans wanted a Zade pairing. I find that they are doing the same thing withe Lemonn and Lavon. I prefer Lemon with George myself. HOwever, if the writers leave Zoe and Wade alone, I will take what I can get. Loved tonights episode! Enough Zade scenes to tide me over.


I love it when Wade becomes the rational thinking one of he and Zoe's relationship.
Basically they are living together now. Bathroom scene - so cute!


So happy the show's back! I thought this episode was hilarious, particuarly the Lemon and Annabeth scenes. Those two make this show for me this season. I was also so, so close to praising the writers for showing that it is possible to get two characters in a real romantic relationship and still have it be a fresh, entertaining show with in-character behavior and realistic character development. I can't do that 100% yet because of the little G/Z that still reared its ugly head and the fact that they were trying a little TOO hard to make Wade his "typical immature jerk" self (before he was doing it on purpose, I mean). I still don't see the epic-ness that is Lemon/Lavon and much prefer them as friends, but if they want to focus on them as the Destined Couple instead of G/Z, I'll be captain of that ship!


I love rewinding the scene at the end when Wade's towel almost fell. SO CLOSE!!!!

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