Hawaii Five-0 Review: I Hate This Place

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Like an order of sweet-and-sour chicken, "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)" satisfied all our conflicting urges at once.

Looking for action? We had some serious, seat-of-the-pants action. Looking for tear-jerking moments? We had some classic courtroom tear-jerking. Looking for Wo Fat? Oh, how we had Wo Fat! Looking for bromance? Man, that tie-straightening moment... do not even get me started.

Like a well-mixed handful of trail mix, this episode had all the things we enjoy, in perfect, complementary proportion to each other. Delish! (Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?)

Can Danny Win?

The Sour: A more eagle-eyed viewer than myself would have probably picked up that Wo Fat was in the show's opening moments. But I was along for the whole ride, certain that the congressman had done it. Hell, at one point, I even believed that total red herring professor was the murderer!

The fast pacing swept me along, and the Wo Fat reveal was shocking (to me; if you were clever enough to pick him out in the opening, please reward yourself with one cookie). The episode's post-reveal transformation into a race-against-the-clock scenario was similarly gripping, and I was excited to see Freed run like crazy for his life (I mean, I was happy to see him get out alive, though! I'm not a monster. Just hungry).

The Sweet: Danny's speech in the courtroom about Grace? Uh, excuse me for a sec, I have something in my eye (fine, you win, that something in my eye was a tear). The entire courtroom sequence, in just a few moments, showed off all the emotional nougat at the center of this series: the value of family, and the value of friends who feel like family.

Yes, all this gushy stuff did not slow Danny down from delivering all the sassy Hawaii Five-0 quotes that we know and love, but the reminder of his softer side certainly added an extra level to his dead hooker quips.

Five-0's daring last-second helicopter save of Congressman Freed reminded me of what makes Hawaii Five-0 different from so many other crime shows these days. This isn't a show about cynical crime lab technicians pointing the finger at the villain who has already committed heinous crime upon heinous crime; it's a show where the good guys can still, sometimes, be strong and be right and stop the bad guys. And though I am certainly a fan of cynical lab techs - as some nerd sitting here, blogging away about how hungry I am for trail mix, I'm certainly closer to them than I am to Steve McGarrett - it is so nice to live, even for just an hour, in a universe where the good guys can still sometimes just win. To Hawaii!

What do you think Wo Fat's next move is going to be? Did you notice it was Wo Fat in the beginning (because you're smarter than me)?


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I don't mind unrealistic plots if they are entertaining and the characters compelling, like Chin in Sundays episode, but the characters are becoming boring and far too often just plain annoying and stupid.
One moment the violence is over the top and the next we have a cliched sitcom wtih Steve and Danny acting like immature kids. What bothers me most lately is that the team seem to break the law whenever they feel like it and act all judgemental as if they are all squeaky clean. They don't seem to care who gets injured once they solve their case. Their actions are hypocrical considering most of them have broken the law themselves with Chin going as far as committing murder. Its becoming harder to route for characters who act like this.


For all you Magnum PI fans Larry Manetti will be a guest star in episode 17.


I'm loving season 3. I wish more people would give it a chance. It's such an entertaining show with a great cast. I find the shows that are too realistic boring. I'd rather watch a helicopter shootout or prison riot any day.


I picked it was Wo Fat from the beginning!


was her twin sister and couldn't understand why the team never said anything, weird, but overall a good episode.


okay wtf is going on here i haven't read the review yet as im only 8 minutes into the episode, but i just finished watching both seasons of terminator the sarah conner chronicles and the woman at the start of the episode is the actress who plays jessie a resistance fighter from the future, ive also been re-watching one tree hill from season one onwards i stopped watching a few years ago but i know that in the next season the black guy at the start of the episode plays a basket ball player named quintin or something like that, and now at about 8 min into the episode the govener is JAMES ELISON an FBI agent on terminator TSCC man this is one crazy episode, okay just finished the episode it was really good 8.6/10 the only thing that confused/annoyed me was the the afromentioned actress who plays jessie in TTSCC was both the prostitute at the start of the episode who was then strangled and the congress man's assistant who was killed via a sniper and it was never explaind ,i thought it was her twin sister and couldn't understand why the team never said anything, weird, but overall a good episode.


I thought it was a really good episode! Loved the whole tie thing, those two are so cute together. Only thing that annoyed me was when they were trying to rescue the congressman on the edge of the cliff. If he had just flattened himself to the ground, Danny could concentrate on shooting Wo Fat! Oh well, it was still a great episode!


love all the h5o episodes, best show on tv


Monday's episode of Hawaii 5-O was that Alex's father who played the congressman who got arrested at the end, he looked like an older version of Alex (steve)


does anyone know if dannys ex wife will ever come back??

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny Williams: Let me guess...he's completely against it?

Steve McGarrett: What's the congressman's position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny Williams: STRANGLED dead hookers?