Hawaii Five-0 Review: I Hate This Place

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Like an order of sweet-and-sour chicken, "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)" satisfied all our conflicting urges at once.

Looking for action? We had some serious, seat-of-the-pants action. Looking for tear-jerking moments? We had some classic courtroom tear-jerking. Looking for Wo Fat? Oh, how we had Wo Fat! Looking for bromance? Man, that tie-straightening moment... do not even get me started.

Like a well-mixed handful of trail mix, this episode had all the things we enjoy, in perfect, complementary proportion to each other. Delish! (Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?)

Can Danny Win?

The Sour: A more eagle-eyed viewer than myself would have probably picked up that Wo Fat was in the show's opening moments. But I was along for the whole ride, certain that the congressman had done it. Hell, at one point, I even believed that total red herring professor was the murderer!

The fast pacing swept me along, and the Wo Fat reveal was shocking (to me; if you were clever enough to pick him out in the opening, please reward yourself with one cookie). The episode's post-reveal transformation into a race-against-the-clock scenario was similarly gripping, and I was excited to see Freed run like crazy for his life (I mean, I was happy to see him get out alive, though! I'm not a monster. Just hungry).

The Sweet: Danny's speech in the courtroom about Grace? Uh, excuse me for a sec, I have something in my eye (fine, you win, that something in my eye was a tear). The entire courtroom sequence, in just a few moments, showed off all the emotional nougat at the center of this series: the value of family, and the value of friends who feel like family.

Yes, all this gushy stuff did not slow Danny down from delivering all the sassy Hawaii Five-0 quotes that we know and love, but the reminder of his softer side certainly added an extra level to his dead hooker quips.

Five-0's daring last-second helicopter save of Congressman Freed reminded me of what makes Hawaii Five-0 different from so many other crime shows these days. This isn't a show about cynical crime lab technicians pointing the finger at the villain who has already committed heinous crime upon heinous crime; it's a show where the good guys can still, sometimes, be strong and be right and stop the bad guys. And though I am certainly a fan of cynical lab techs - as some nerd sitting here, blogging away about how hungry I am for trail mix, I'm certainly closer to them than I am to Steve McGarrett - it is so nice to live, even for just an hour, in a universe where the good guys can still sometimes just win. To Hawaii!

What do you think Wo Fat's next move is going to be? Did you notice it was Wo Fat in the beginning (because you're smarter than me)?


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To Alisa : About Chin Ho and his injuries. I guess there is a reason why we di not see any injuries on him or any sign of being hurt. It is believed that the order in which the episode was aired was the other way around as i heard the Chin Ho episode was to be episode 3.10 and not 3.13 that way in the following episodes after 3.10 at least the episodes plot could have dealt with his injuries and also could have dealt more abotu Kono's investigation on Adam. I dont know why CBS aired the episodes show in the order it was shown or if it was Peter idea to do that and that is why some people may have lost track following the story.


Just enjoy the episode and give it credit where needed. I was not keeping track of how many bullets Wo Fat got and why he was not even injured or how Danny shooting skills were that he missed Wo Fat. He was in a helicopter in motion where balance was tricky plus he also had to find a way to save the congressman maybe he missed some shots but who cares and why is it so important. Let it go.


Aloha! This episode was preempted by Hurricane Sandy so the story line is slightly out of order. I didn't "see" Wo Fat in the opening scene ... but I spotted Marc D.'s name in the opening credits, so I knew Wo Fat was involved. The producers have created a tough place for the character of Wo Fat - he should be taken out but he plagued Jack Lord/Steve McGarrett for 12 seasons on the original series. So what to do with him? I find that Sang Min has morphed more into the original Wo Fat in being a perpetual pest to the H50 cast. I enjoy the current H50 despite its jumping the shark moments. Then again, the original had them, too.

Mrs cleaver

@Penny - what's "dreadful" about Grace spending time with both her parents who happen to be divorced?


i LOVED it....was alittle worried about danny losing grace, to his ex-wife....and to the person who said, that NOW grace would be dragged between 2 parents: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAS BEEN HAPPENING?....he's had LITTTLE TIME with his little girl, all along....i HOPE, this means he'll get MORE time with her.....i also LOVED that steve wore his DRESS UNIFORM to the hearing...and loved that he stood up and spoke on danny's behalf. i was also alittle surprised, that he couldn't hit Wo Fat from the chopper....but, it DIDN'T disappoint me in the least. * i DO wonder, if rachel lost because she wasn't there. * ** i too was surprised to see chin back to work already, after being injured...and NOT showing any signed of being hurt. ** i gave it 5 ***** alisa


2013 Paper means nothing ... You're just broke watching Basic !!! After a lame waste of time on Sunday ...H50 got back on track on Monday ....


Oh and by the way I don't think I'm a dimwit for watching commercial TV. Deans list, Biochemistry.


If you take this show seriously get the season 2 DVD and watch ep 1 commentary with Grace, Daniel, Alex and Peter. I laughed so hard I cried at parts of the commentary, they talked about Scotts hair (he wasn't there) several times. They talked about what a coincident it was that the policeman in the restroom was the same size as Steve, and that Maxs roommate also just happened to be the same size as Steve. It just sounded like they love what they are doing and don't take themselves to serious. It changed the way I view the show.


Very disappointing episode after the wonderful Sunday one. The show is all over the place with quality. The whole custody case was rediculous. What mother wouldn't show up for a custody hearing and what judge would grant joint custody without hearing the mothers side. So poor Grace will be dragged back and forth between both parents. Dreadful. I usually love Wo Fat but his storyline is becoming lame now. Danny is as inept as ever when it comes to Police work. Dreadfull episode.


Im with DeAnn I guess some fans take things too seriously or by heart regarding details that others do not even notice on scenes and for them it makes an episode bad. SOme now say that this episode fails it was bad becaue Danny could not hit Wo Fat and he lacks shooting skills, etc etc Then on Sundays episode at other sites I read that the episode was too violent. So if some of u have better ideas you better go and tell Peter or the writers your suggestions so they can take it into account.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny Williams: Let me guess...he's completely against it?

Steve McGarrett: What's the congressman's position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny Williams: STRANGLED dead hookers?