Hawaii Five-0 Review: I Hate This Place

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Like an order of sweet-and-sour chicken, "Hana I Wa'la (Scandal)" satisfied all our conflicting urges at once.

Looking for action? We had some serious, seat-of-the-pants action. Looking for tear-jerking moments? We had some classic courtroom tear-jerking. Looking for Wo Fat? Oh, how we had Wo Fat! Looking for bromance? Man, that tie-straightening moment... do not even get me started.

Like a well-mixed handful of trail mix, this episode had all the things we enjoy, in perfect, complementary proportion to each other. Delish! (Can you tell I haven't eaten dinner yet?)

Can Danny Win?

The Sour: A more eagle-eyed viewer than myself would have probably picked up that Wo Fat was in the show's opening moments. But I was along for the whole ride, certain that the congressman had done it. Hell, at one point, I even believed that total red herring professor was the murderer!

The fast pacing swept me along, and the Wo Fat reveal was shocking (to me; if you were clever enough to pick him out in the opening, please reward yourself with one cookie). The episode's post-reveal transformation into a race-against-the-clock scenario was similarly gripping, and I was excited to see Freed run like crazy for his life (I mean, I was happy to see him get out alive, though! I'm not a monster. Just hungry).

The Sweet: Danny's speech in the courtroom about Grace? Uh, excuse me for a sec, I have something in my eye (fine, you win, that something in my eye was a tear). The entire courtroom sequence, in just a few moments, showed off all the emotional nougat at the center of this series: the value of family, and the value of friends who feel like family.

Yes, all this gushy stuff did not slow Danny down from delivering all the sassy Hawaii Five-0 quotes that we know and love, but the reminder of his softer side certainly added an extra level to his dead hooker quips.

Five-0's daring last-second helicopter save of Congressman Freed reminded me of what makes Hawaii Five-0 different from so many other crime shows these days. This isn't a show about cynical crime lab technicians pointing the finger at the villain who has already committed heinous crime upon heinous crime; it's a show where the good guys can still, sometimes, be strong and be right and stop the bad guys. And though I am certainly a fan of cynical lab techs - as some nerd sitting here, blogging away about how hungry I am for trail mix, I'm certainly closer to them than I am to Steve McGarrett - it is so nice to live, even for just an hour, in a universe where the good guys can still sometimes just win. To Hawaii!

What do you think Wo Fat's next move is going to be? Did you notice it was Wo Fat in the beginning (because you're smarter than me)?


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I liked this ep, but not as much as the past couple still kept me entertained and that's all I care about. I never liked the Gov before, but he turned me around a little last night. Fortunately for Wo Fat Steve took Danny instead of Kono or Wo Fat would be history.


Liked the show except the ending. Like others I thought it was too fake and really looked it! I cannot believe you would only send 2 guys in a helicopter to save a congressman! Come on give me a break. And why couldn't Steve land between the congressman and Wo Fat. Otherwise good show.


Why can they shoot anyother bad guy but can't hit Wo Fat?


4 comments:1. Agree with everyone that Danny is one lousy shot. In the original Jack Lord capped a guy from a helicopter with one shot from his snub-nose .38. 2. Chin is a fast healer. 3. Steve doesn't seem to be too concerned with Wo Fat's return sharing a brew with the governor at the end. 4. If CBS schedules the season finale like last year on the 2nd Monday in May, that leaves 16 Monday's for 9 more episodes. So lots of repeats coming up.


Yes, I understand what you are all saying about the shooting, I thought the same thing, but the rest of the episode I thought was great. I absolutely loved seeing McG in his uniform, and the scene with them waiting outside the courtroom was classic bromance. Glad to see that the Govenor isn't as much of a jerk as they portrayed him. Hopefully he is an honest one and Five-0 has won him over. I did recognize the voice of WoFat in the beginning, but then I had expected him in this one, so I was kind of waiting for it. I love Mark Dacoscas' Wofat, he is truly evil and played very well. I was surprised to see a helicopter rescue two days in a row, but you can't capture Wofat, he's just too good a villian. I assumed that Danny would eventually get Grace, but I was thrilled they did not drag that out. I love Scott's Daddy moments, always shows what a good actor he is.


The episode was great! The marksmanship, not so much. How can anyone not get at least wounded let alone survive a hail off bullets coming from a "fully" automatic weapon by hiding behind a little quad runner. I really love this show but that was the most fake scene they ever put in the can. There's got to be a better way to keep Wo Fat around. Please don't do that anymore...


Well, this episode was not as good as yesterday one. The story was too convoluted. Also Danny and Wo Fat are terrible shooters.


I liked the episode but how can Danny miss wo fat he shot so many times and still missed. Am thinking maybe they want him in more episode.


Kevin.....I thought the same thing about Danno's shooting skills. But I LOVE that Bad Boy Marc Dacascos.....so it's all good, cause that means more Wo Fat in upcoming episodes :)


@Malahini, the beautiful girl in the beginning was the chief of staff of the captured politician. ( the girl is played by actress Stephanie Jacobsen.) She survived the first scene with Wo Fat......But when she was with Steve and Danny she did got hit by a sniper....hopefully she survived too..

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Josh the Congressional Aide: And as far as murder goes-
Danny Williams: Let me guess...he's completely against it?

Steve McGarrett: What's the congressman's position on dead hookers found in his bed?
Danny Williams: STRANGLED dead hookers?