Lost Girl Review: Amnesia and Nightmares

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"SubterrFaenean" was the episode of shake-ups!

Bo and Lauren were hot, hot, hot! Perhaps, more importantly, they are officially together and proved their compatibility between the sheets. When Bo went out to work, was Lauren left waiting for her in bed?

Dyson's New Partner

It was a bit odd that we didn't see the doctor again. Bo and Lauren's partnership will be a complicated one. Bo's a succubus, so she's not naturally monogamous; plus, if she's not careful, she could easily kill Lauren with her love. And then there's the darkness inside Bo.

Bo has been waking up due to nightmares, which seem to be related to her nearly killing a guy on the street when Dark Bo took over. Complicating the issue, she has amnesia, but she's going to have to face it at some point.

Dyson was assigned a new partner, Tamsin, who made quite an impressive entrance and introduction at the boxing ring. She's a rough one and will rival Bo for power and influence in the group. It's a risky decision to partner Dyson with anyone, but a Dark Fae partner is just asking for trouble.

Tamsin was all over Bo about the Dark Fae she went all succubus on and she's not going to let it go. Neither Bo's denial nor Dyson's alibi will deter Tamsin from the truth. How much of a problem will Bo end up being between the new partners?

It's going to be quite a ride balancing the personal feelings between Dyson, B, and Tamsin and the professional interactions. Their jobs almost require that they collaborate at times. As much as Tamsin tried to keep Bo out of the Sewer Alligator case, she was unsuccessful.

Bo was drawn into the case because Kenzi's human friend was involved and then went missing. The abductions were blamed on Fae that were quarantined in the sewers, though Atticus insisted that they were not involved. The double twist created a surprising end. Not only were the quarantined Fae not abducting people, but they were falsely held there to begin with years prior.

When Dyson's Fae boss showed up, I thought it meant we would be seeing more of the official side of his job, especially with a new partner. Nope. Instead, the boss appeared for a few minutes, so he could be the villain. Couldn't he have at least been introduced last week so we cared?

The humans were found, the pied piper was captured and the Fae world's secret was protected for another day. Bo's secret was another story entirely. 

Trick brought in a Dream Weaver to help Bo with her bad dreams. That may not have been a good idea, though, as the Weaver left in a panic after seeing what was in Bo's mind. That freaked Bo out as well. Will the Weaver tell someone? Or keep it to herself?

Bo's life is headed for disaster and she has no clue how bad it's going to get. At some point, she's going to find out that Dyson got his love back for her, Tamsin isn't going to let up on the succubused Dark Fae and trouble will most likely hit Bo and Lauren's relationship. It's going to be a rough time for her and she will have to lean on her friends and family.

The introduction of Tamsin is the shake-up that Lost Girl needed. She is going to cause trouble wherever she goes. Though I hope she doesn't hook up with Dyson, perhaps she'd be a good match for Bo's new roommate, Vex!

Bo: Know this, if you go near my girlfriend, the little balls hanging from the Christmas tree next to you will have a certain panache.
Vex: Hook up illegal cable and what do I get? Threats against my junk. Typical. | permalink

Bo: Why are people always lying to me? | permalink

How big a threat is Tamsin to Bo? And will she cause Bo more trouble in her love life or with the darkness within her? 


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I'm not a prude, but the lesbian sex scenes are a little too long and don't contribute to the plot.


Huh? How's that even rational? "Bad Bo" first graced our screens in 208. Bo has always had it within her. I'm loving this season so far. The potential of Dark Bo is endless, Bo and Lauren are great together and this new version of Dyson certainly is scoring him lots of points. I also like the new girl very much and can't wait until she hooks up with Dyson and wrecks havoc.


Ok, I just don't like the bo and human relationship. It probably caused bad bo to come out in the first place( always having to hold back) this is going to get ugl


I thought this episode had lots of sparks and fun in it, and I find Tamsin pretty fascinating as a character, though she needs to reign in her inner witch. We never did find out what her powers were, and what kind of dark fae she is. I would love to know if she is going to try and worm her way into Dysons pants (I know I would, if I were her!) and if Bo will find out that Dyson has his love for her back before that happens or after (or during?). At any rate, I got my quota of yum watching Dyson box without a shirt..yummmmmmmmy. I sincerely hope that she and Dyson get back together at some point during the season, if only to show Lauren that Succubus aren't monogamous. I love Kenzi's background flashes, when we learn more about how she grew up..she's even more amazing because she survived all that! I love this show!


I actually like Tamsin. The girl got spunk. I don't hate it. I've caught all the previous episodes but for some reason I don't recall when and how vex became part of the group,hanging out with kenzi (which I like oddly enough) and living with her and Bo. Can anyone help me out with that?


Loved the episode. Dyson and Tamsin make a good pair.


It wrapped up too neatly/quickly. Tamsin should be good for the series. Dyson and Tamsin have to hook up at least once.


The episodes had a few twists like who was the ones kidnaping the people. I don't really likf Dyson's new partner and think she'll cause problems for Bo. Can't wait till next week it looks really good.


Well, I liked Tamsin and I hope she DOES hook up with Dyson. They've had more chemistry in one episode than Bo and Dyson did in 2 seasons. I assume we didn't see Lauren again because she passed out from the sexathon? Bo wouldn't even let her drink water, for Christs sake! I thought the overall A plot was pretty week and didn't really care about anything else. Hope next week's is a solid one (I hear it is!)

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