NCIS Promo: It's Payback Time

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NCIS picks up next week in the shocking aftermath of what we witnessed Tuesday night.

The events of "Shabbat Shalom" (see our NCIS review and Round Table for a full breakdown) clearly hit close to home, leaving the team scrambling for answers - and demanding justice.

How far will they go in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues? Where will the line be drawn between personal and professional? Between retribution and upholding their duty?

Check out the promo below, for "Shiva," and share your predictions below:

Matt Craven reprises his role as SecNav Clay Jarvis and Paula Newsome will appear again as Jackie Vance; it's unclear if she will appear in flashbacks, or if she somehow survived, as some have theorized.

Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) also guest stars as Deputy Director Jerome Craig.

"Shabbat Shalom," incidentally, was watched by 21.11 million people, the highest-rated episode of NCIS Season 10 so far and one of only a dozen or so to crack the 21 million mark in series history.

An achievement well-earned by a top-notch episode, cast and writing team.

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Poor Vance. As for Ziva...her father got what was coming to him....violence begets violences, and the bad karma should have killed Ziva already...she is a horrible, horrible example of a human being.


they should have killed Ziva...she's not believable in the role...and she looks horrible.


Hope they will actually respect the idea of SHIVA.


I can't wait to see it


@gatorgal......IT is listed in the above article about Jackie Vance...I have been to too sites that I didn't see it right above my nose. lol


@Cind Tony and ZIva will not fall into bed, but I do believe we will get some good moments between them. @gatorgal, The character of Jackie Vance, was listed on who would appear in Shiva and also spoiled in one of the articles on this site. I am guessing it will be in flashbacks.


@Cind- I have no doubt this will bring Tony and Ziva closer, but I doubt the rest of your wish. However, from pictures posted for the ep, it is clear that Tony took Ziva to his place that night as she is there in the morning wearing the same clothes she wore at work the day before, before she changed for dinner. Gibbs shows up at the apt. in the morning, so he knows she's there. I was pissed Ziva seemed to be left alone while everyone was at the hospital, but I think that's where she was. In 2 hrs, Eli's body would have been taken "somewhere" and Ziva was taken to Tony's apartment.


When you look at the stats, Jackie Vance has been in a total of 5, maybe 6 episodes the entire series. I understand she is on another show, it could be a contractural thing and they gave her a "Swan Song", just as Kate was killed because Sasha Alexander wanted off the show.


Rocky Carroll signed on through 2014 with his last contract. @Cody Where did you hear Jackie appears in "Shiva"? If she does, it will be Vance remembering their spat in the kitchen, how they never really got the chance to make up. I agree, Vance will be the grieving widower and rock for his children. Ziva will be the one for revenge, as we know from the promo, but that final scene of her taking those shots at night was from "Shabbat Shalom", I think it was inserted to make us think she goes all crazy. I think she will reluctantly play it by the book under a tight control by Gibbs with some on the side help from Tony.


Whether or not Vance stays or goes, who knows. On the other hand, his part is to appear adversarial to Gibbs, but they are also very close in their own sort of odd way. If you look back at older episodes (beyond their very first meeting, you'll see that although they often don't agree, they've never failed to be there for each other.

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Leon Vance: So. We'll still have the house to ourselves after dinner right?
Jackie Vance: You had your shot, baby.

Leroy Gibbs: Leon?
Leon Vance: She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.