NCIS Promo: It's Payback Time

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NCIS picks up next week in the shocking aftermath of what we witnessed Tuesday night.

The events of "Shabbat Shalom" (see our NCIS review and Round Table for a full breakdown) clearly hit close to home, leaving the team scrambling for answers - and demanding justice.

How far will they go in order to protect their most vulnerable colleagues? Where will the line be drawn between personal and professional? Between retribution and upholding their duty?

Check out the promo below, for "Shiva," and share your predictions below:

Matt Craven reprises his role as SecNav Clay Jarvis and Paula Newsome will appear again as Jackie Vance; it's unclear if she will appear in flashbacks, or if she somehow survived, as some have theorized.

Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) also guest stars as Deputy Director Jerome Craig.

"Shabbat Shalom," incidentally, was watched by 21.11 million people, the highest-rated episode of NCIS Season 10 so far and one of only a dozen or so to crack the 21 million mark in series history.

An achievement well-earned by a top-notch episode, cast and writing team.

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Bad ass ZIVA IS BACK! not that she ever was gone but still BACK!


Next tuesday we meet NCIS Deputy Director Jerome Craig


I keep wondering if past episodes of NCIS LA is setting the stage for assistant director Granger to take over for Vance. They have made him (Granger) more likable recently, and he gave Kensi a speech a few shows back about wanting to be more than just "assistant director". In light of what happened last night, does this exit Vance from the show with Granger taking over? I am very curious about he would get along with Gibbs.


I think you can assume NCIS will be back for AT LEAST one more year--it's the number one show on television with about 20 million viewers every week. I don't they would cancel a golden goose unless Mark Harmon or multiple other main cast members decided to leave.


This was a shock,but, intense . Ziva and dinozo should become closer, Dinozo while comforting her the should fall into bed together. Maybe a babyin. But, she stays in Ncis . Or something like that.


OMG I think this is one show that is so awesome, I cried my heart out I felt the pain that zeva felt for the death of her father and even though I do not like the dicrector, I felt so sorry for him and for Gibbs having 2 of his own go thru what he already went thru, this is an awesome show and I hope it never ends. Now I just wonder what Gibbs is going to do to keep everyone together and thru this very hard ordeal.


I think what we are going to see is Vance possible losing his job


I think Mrs. Vance is dead. I don't think Vance would make the kids go through something like that if it was faked. Does make me wonder why she would appear though....and especially in flashbacks. What purpose would that be? I WISH it was fake, but saddly don't think so.


Vance will be the once giving the viewer the grief striken side, Ziva will be the one showing the revenge side and Gibbs will be the one trying to hold everything together. Kind of funny when he is the MAJOR revenge "go getter" LOL


Not sure if Rocky Carroll is signed for the 11th season (I'm assuming....and HOPING there WILL be another) but if his tv wife is truly deceased then he's as good as gone. The show already has the character "wife murdered revenge sought/taken"..... Gibbs. It's going to be pretty unrealistic if both of them have had civilian wives murdered....Also. a damned fine ep but it would make sense once in awhile if someone merely moved away instead of killing everyone for the shock sake...I still wish they would have simply had Director Shepperd accept another job instead of killing her! To me she has been the only woman I could see Gibbs wind up with in the end.

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Leon Vance: So. We'll still have the house to ourselves after dinner right?
Jackie Vance: You had your shot, baby.

Leroy Gibbs: Leon?
Leon Vance: She's dead. My wife is dead, Gibbs.