NCIS Round Table: "Shiva"

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Earlier, our NCIS review broke down "Shiva," this week's episode of TV's #1 show, in detail.

Now, TV Fanatic staff members Steve Marsi, Douglas Wolfe and Eric Hochberger have assembled for our weekly Round Table Q&A discussion of various events and topics from this powerful hour.

Join in as we analyze the second half of the moving two-part installment and beyond ...


1. Describe this episode in one word (or two, or three, or four).

Steve: Heartbreaking and surprisingly complex.

Doug: Tony steps up.

Eric: Superbly done.

NCIS RT - depreciated -

2. Favorite quotes or scenes from "Shiva"?

Steve: The entire closing montage, below, set to Patti Griffin's "Not Alone." So moving. As for a quote, Ducky had a couple of real gems. Depends who your grandmother is? Amazing supporting character.

Doug: Has to be the time when Tony comes to meet Ziva at the airport, and her hard-assed facade cracks just before they hug and he whispers, in Hebrew, "you are not alone." So well done, that entire scene.

Eric: I loved how Vance said now he understood how Gibbs felt even though he thought he did before, but even more than that I liked that Gibbs did not respond. There was nothing he could say.

3. What was your biggest problem, if any, with the episode?

Steve: Ziva getting contradictory advice on what she should be doing and how she should be mourning. If the show has taught us anything it's that people all grieve in different ways; terrific episode overall.

Doug: I didn't get why Bodnar still blew up Arash Kazmi. Bodnar's plan was blown, and now Mossad is after him (along with everyone else it seems). Why kill him? What purpose does it serve? Was that just a childish reaction from him?

Eric: Only that Ziva was alone in Israel - no family, friends, or even security despite the events that transpired. I know she can take care of herself, and can be a lone wolf at times, but this felt off to me.

4. The resolution to the case: Did you see it coming?

Steve: Definitely not in its entirety. Mossad being responsible was something I'd considered, but not in the sense that a single rogue, ambitious agent would attempt it with the goal of pinning it on Iran.

Doug: I was pretty sure it wasn't Iran - that would have been the easy answer, but it would have been too hard to carry forward as a storyline. I guessed it was Mossad but as someone else pointed out: Mossad is much cleaner, and pick their targets carefully, with minimal collateral damage. The thought that it was someone from Ari's side was there - I just picked the wrong set of circumstances. Never dreamed it was a traitor who wanted control of Mossad.

Eric: Some parts yes, other parts no. I want to open this up for discussion because I wasn't sure if it was made clear or left ambiguous: Did Bodnar kill Eli David's Iranian friend?

5. Who was the NCIS MVP of this week?

Steve: Impossible to argue against DiNozzo this week. With one action after another, he proves the caliber of person he is when times are tough. The overgrown frat boy facade can be hilarious, but it's only a small part of who he really is at his core. Honorable mention: McGee, for his connection to that Israeli cutie.

Doug: Tony all the way. What a treat to see him drop the clown act for once, and be the standup guy that Gibbs pegged him for, a few seasons ago. He not only cares for Ziva, he has mad respect for her. Can't praise the writers - and Michael Weatherly with his excellent acting - enough for his scenes in this episode.

Eric: Let's just rename this the Anthony DiNozzo Jr. Award. At least for one week, he deserves an honorary renaming of the team MVP for his efforts. The man doesn't get enough credit!

6. What did you make of Deputy Director Craig?

Steve: I'm definitely intrigued. He seems like your quintessential operations manager, destined for a career as second-in-command but never considered for the top post for obvious reasons. I think he means well but was in over his head and could be again down the line if Vance's position of power is somehow compromised.

Doug: He's quite a change from Director Vance isn't he? Not nearly as self-assured or stubborn, I think. I like him and think his presence allows the writers more flexibility in creating interactions with him and the team. I think Gibbs will handle him differently than he did Vance, but to the same effect: Gibbs will still run the show.

Eric: Loved his interactions with Gibbs, particularly looking relieved when they agreed. It's as if he knows Vance can't even contain Gibbs sometimes and doesn't even try to act like the authority figure.

7. How will this two-parter shape the rest of the season?

Steve: It will definitely have an impact on Vance, while I imagine will have a ripple effect through the department. He now understands Gibbs, making me wonder if he will seek to exact that kind of justice.

Doug: Bodnar will serve as background noise for the rest of the season. It seems likely that he will part of the cliffhanger at the last episode. Tony and Ziva have a stronger bond now - expect to see that grow even more as the episodes progress. If and when Vance comes back, he will do so with the wind out of his sails. Not defeated entirely, but maybe a little less sure of himself than before. I hope that if he does come back we don't lose Deputy Director Craig.

Eric: Bodnar being the bad guy - or at least the lone bad guy - feels too easy, much like Kazmi being behind Eli's death would've been too easy this time. I think there are more layers to this than we realize. Deputy Director Craig got a lot of screen time, leading me to believe he'll play a bigger role. As Doug said, Tiva's relationship has reached a new level of closeness, regardless of whether it turns romantic.

What's your take on these issues of the week on NCIS? Discuss below!

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Good couple of shows to shake things up. Ziva was played very well. I hope this is a return to the competent, smart Ziva of the past instead of the dumbed down one we have seen lately. I also hope they don't have her do the illegal vengeance thing. It is too trite a stereotype and she should be better than that and believe in the rule of law. If she ends up murdering Bodnar as an act of vengeance, then she is no better than her father and will just sink to being the same as him. I could see Vance murdering him, tho. Also, while the bumbling, unsure Deputy director was a bit of comic relief, it was really, really unrealistic. You don't get to that kind of position without taking the helm often - like every time Vance takes a trip or is on leave - so it would be a familiar thing to him. And anyone who would get to that high a position would do a much better job of showing confidence or faking it if he didn't have the confidence. The last thing he would do is show weakness by babbling. Nope, not realistic at all. And how do they explain having a different Deputy Director from the one in LA? Makes no sense. That character was unbelievable.


@Diane Little: I think what Tony whispered to Ziva was, "Aht lo leh-vahd," which translates into, "You are not alone." And, despite the opinions of our esteemed Round Table, I STILL think that Jerome Craig is up to no good.


Obviously, no one here knows Hebrew. I do since I lived in Israel and speak Hebrew fluently.
What Tony whispered in Ziva's ear at the airport was:
A lo dvar which is translated as "It is nothing" and used in Israel to mean "You are welcome."
In other words, her hugging him was a way of thanking him and so he responded with you're welcome. Both the last two shows have been great. Couldn't stop crying after each episode. It was interesting to see that finally a real Israeli (born in Tel Aviv) was playing Bodner although I hated that he was a rogue operative. It seems that most of the Mossad characters we have met except for Ziva have been rogues. Looking forward to seeing him brought down and hope that Ziva is the one to do it. Shalom


Did I miss something? Was Jimmy in this episode?


I don't see the episode as Mossad bashing, as MWK said. It was the only way the murder of Eli could be resolved without a war or other serious international consequences. Also, it must seen in the context of Ziva's conflicted relationship with her father. That Eli's betrayer was the protege he had placed above his daughter and his son Ari is downright Shakespearean. Despite her hurt, Ziva prepares her knife at the end, a classic tragic figure preparing to avenge her father.


MVP of the week is Tony all the way.
Why, because when you lose a Family member it is EXTREMEY difficult!!!!! Having a GOOD FRIEND there to HELP and guide you is a BLESSING!!!!!!!!
And he NEVER made any advances at her during her time of grief!!


Loved the episode. One of the best ever. Having been to Israel twice and fallen in love with the country, was very moved to see Ziva at the Wall.


show big and believe for ever remember...and Yes Big Tiva


Ah, a sad episode with little resolution. Loved Tony and agree with the round table that this was HIS episode. Assit Director will be okay and step up at some critical moment or other in the future. Unlike Gibbs' revenge of his wife's murder, Vance has the entire freaking world of agencies going after Bodmer. I really think Bodmer is a weak enemy and too obvious. It may yet be that he was working under orders with someone who wants him to be director of Mossad. And what about all this "out of control" Mossad bashing these days. No Obama ben Laden to hate and now it's Mossad. How nice one Iranian was for peace and acknowledged that a Jew has a place in the Mideast, as opposed to a huge hierarchical government who would like to wipe Jews and Israel off the map. The team was magnificent - really great on everyone's part. Ducky is the MAN! McGee is also the MAN! The best of NCIS is when there is that touch of humor in the sad episodes and the touch of tragedy in the funny ones.


Last week and last night was the most exciting episode I have ever seen. There is something more to this. As I thought Eli David want to even with Gibbs because his daughter is living in the United States to out spite of her father. It seems obvious in that point. Ziva is an adult and want to have a life of her own without her father controlling her. Of course she loved her father in some ways. I often wondered if there is a spike of love interest between Ziva and Tony. Tony played by Michael Weatherby is a great actor and does have humorous in him. As I thought Gibbs could be in the love interest to Ziva but age difference would not fit the bill for this program. I would like to see Ziva get her revenge by getting Bodnar killed.
Been watching NCIS after JAG spinoff and had never miss single episode. Well done writers.

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You know this whole ordeal has made me realize something that I didn't expect. It's helped me better understand your choices. I always thought I had a sense of how you felt at the time, Gibbs. Now I realize I wasn't close. I never wanted that kind of justice before, but since the other night....hell, that's all I think about. Was it worth it, Gibbs? It had to be some relief.