Person of Interest Review: Prison Break

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Leave it to Person of Interest to turn a prison break into an all-out chess match complete with multiple players, power shifts and unexpected last second moves.

While we didn't get to see locked and loaded Finch storming Rikers (can you imagine?), the mental battle to reach Reese's eventual, yet short-lived freedom, was just as intriguing for "Prisoner's Dilemma."

Interestingly enough, the actual prisoner, Reese, was in less of a dilemma than Carter, who was stuck playing both sides while trying to reveal/not reveal which one of the four suspects was the "Man in the Suit," all while preventing everyone else from getting to Reese.

Reese in Prison

I was unsure how Carter would handle her questioning and if I would find it believable, but she seemed to handle her own. And, sure, she didn't have to pull some Zero Dark Thirty interrogation tactics, but Carter was able to turn one suspect and work her way to pointing the finger at another.

But rather then see her pull out all her crazy tricks, it was far more interesting listening to Carter and Reese touch on some of the personal moments that impacted them.

It certainly made me wonder what was real and wasn't real as Reese revealed information, but as soon as he began talking about his love and the steps he had taken and one's he hadn't, Carter had the chance to see a whole different side.

Similarly, hearing Carter divulge that she had killed someone was an aspect that we haven't seen before. In a way, it connected her to Reese and added an extra layer of trust between them. I really do enjoy when we get to learn more about the characters.

And as an added layer, Reese became caught up with Bear's former neo-Nazi owner from the Person of Interest Season 2 premiere, the newly friendly (but is he actually reformed?) Elias, and the assassin trying to finish Reese off. I'm surprised there weren't more criminals Reese had put away itching to get at him.

I was curious as to when Elias would drop in, but it was a unique twist turning the former enemy into an ally. I still don't trust the spectacled villain, though. He's bound to rear his evil head again.

It was really no surprise when Reese was finally freed and back in his slick suits, but I didn't see it coming when Donnelly confronted both Reese and Carter. I was sure Reese would make a clean getaway. Which really made me wonder what the outcome of Donnelly's discovery would be, especially with regards to the flashbacks of Reese's dilemma about killing people.

Would Reese be forced to kill Donnelly to keep the secret? Or would Donnelly be convinced that Reese was actually a good guy?

But it was the last second turn that threw in a great final shock with Donnelly's number popping up and Reese's former CIA partner Kara taking him out.

I knew Kara had to come back, as she was in the flashbacks as well, and we hadn't seen her back since "Matsya Nyaya" and the more recent "Masquerade." But what is her real agenda?

I thought she was just out for revenge, so was killing Donnelly necessary to her motives? Either way, she has something up her sleeve and Reese is going to be caught up in her big scheme.

Just when we thought everything was going to be okay for the team.

And while the focus was mainly on Reese, the episode was sure to remind us that the Machine never stops giving Finch numbers, allowing Fusco to take one all by himself. In hilarious fashion, Fusco got caught up saving a supermodel hottie. Starting off with a blinding macing before becoming a hero - wielding duel guns - to getting a kiss and a "call me," definitely gave Fusco the best day out of all of them.

I guess I can see fans of the regular saving the person of interest fare being disappointed, but I love that Person of Interest can keep viewers guessing on what it's going to do. It keeps everything fresh, brings in those past characters and continues to move forward with the larger story. Striking at the heart of Carter and Reese, all while wrapped up in a major battle for the "Man in the Suit," kept the pacing quick and the hour engrossing.

Really, just when you think you have the show pegged, it throws you for a great turn and coming back for more. Hopefully, Fusco can get the supermodel to do the same.


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This is the best show ever on TV. We NEVER miss an episode and last night's kept us on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. I hope Donnelly stays dead.


I can't even beging to enumerate what I loved about last night's show. EVERYTHING. This show gets better, and better, and better. Why doesn't it get more promo time? Although - the ratings are pretty darn good.


I actually think, if you look at Reece and Carter before Kara shot Donnelly, John moved to fill the window more, I suspect so that Carter could escape out the other side (or at least hide initially), the question I think is whether Carter got immediately to a place to contact Finch and Fusco or whether she decided to try and follow Kara and Reece.


I somehow knew when the machine called Finch at the end of episode, it will be Donnelly's number! And after that, the pieces came together and I know who the would be killer is, since a lot of flashback between Reese and Kara. But what make me impatiently waiting for next week is what the heck is Kara agenda???!!! Arrrgghhhh! Love the mystery!


Sorry guys I mean Root and not Reboot. I love the music they have on this show at the end. Always have great songs.


The next new episode will be January 31, 2013 and is titled "Dead Reckoning"
For the next two weeks the first two episodes of the season with Root ("The Contingency" and "Bad Code") will be aired. I loved this episode. And I also did not expect the final scenes with Donnelly catching Reese and Carter, with Kara finally appearing. From the flashbacks it appears to me that Kara, while a cold blooded killer is also in love with John. Perhaps she is kidnapping him so that she can convince him to join her plans for revenge. Remember that Snow told Carter she has something big planned. Breaking John out from Donnelly's arrest is not what I think Snow meant.... Three weeks is a long time to wait!!!!!


I love love love this show. It gets better and better each week. I love the way they pace this show. Bringing back Elias from time to time is great. Love how he still has power even in jail. I knew Donnelly would Confront Reese and Carter. I was just wondering how Carter would get out of it. Well here comes Kara. Love that evil Kara. Interesting to see her and Reese where lovers. Where is Snow? Don't hurt Carter love her. Also love the payphones ringing. It was telling to see the lady (don't know her name she is the one Reboot killed) was involed with Reese and Kara. I wonder how they are going to tie Reboot into all this. It is about time for her to show up again. Also where is Joey? Love here and Reese together. The only part I did not care for was Fusco and the supermodel. That was silly.


@immortal...I didn't see the ending coming and I'm a POI fanatic! I, too, wondered why they met up so soon after achieving the best con ever, but did not see Donnelly or Kara doing something about it! Kara killed off Donnelly -- good riddence, but only drugged John...what about Carter?? I'm with Karren, don't get rid of Carter or Fusco! The team is perfect together...even the evil Elias has his good moments and has been there for the team (but most likely will call in his markers sooner than later). Kara should have been taken care of years ago, along with Root and Snow!! I'm all for the bad guy in every episode, but not these three! They make me nervous that they're going to mess with the team's dynamic! Good review! Three weeks?


Wasn't really surprised that Donnelly was suspicious of Carter - wondered about that last week - especially since he was a top FBI investigator. Bringing in Kara at the end surprised and scared me. She is a killer and I am hoping that one of our two "assets" do not bite the dust in the ensuing melee next week.
Please don't kill off Carter. Please don't kill off Fusco.
I wonder if Finch knew he would become embroiled in all this secret agent/assassin stuff from the start.


While I had been calling that Kara or some combination of Kara and Snow were the ones who would ultimately get John free (it was part of a what is her deal anyway, I figure in her deranged mind that John isn't her enemy like Snow was, and also that as much as I love the whole team...they needed someone like John to help him), I hadn't seen the Donnelly thing happening and, in fact, was totally surprised that his confrontation of Reese and Carter wasn't the end of the show. I was watching on DVR and expected I was going to get to the previews next week (so disappointed that its not on next week) and was so surprised there was fifteen minutes left.

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