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This felt like an odd Person of Interest episode, and not because there wasn't even a person of interest... unless I guess, maybe you count Kara? I'm assuming that's what Finch was showing viewers at the start of the hour?

Rather, the installment was major storyline heavy, which normally has me excited to further delve into the mysteries behind the characters and even the Machine. You'd think finally bringing Kara into the light to face off with Reese would be intriguing.

But while "Dead Reckoning" served to answer the question of Kara's motives, it really seemed to leave me scratching my head with more questions.

Finch Works Against the Clock

Don't get me wrong, I'm not ever assuming everything will be answered. That would be a boring show. Except Kara came in, ultimately as a pawn in a more powerful non-government cyber focused group, and acted like an unnecessary narrator to Reese and Agent Snow's every move.

Most of her comments came across like she was reading "bad guy" dialogue, almost giving that villainous monologue in a way with her sneers and grins, always telling that she'll kill Reese, but never doing it.

But why go after Reese? What made him so integral to getting the hard drive into the D.O.D secret computers that Agent Snow couldn't do it by himself?

Heck, half the time, Kara was the one doing it anyway and easily gliding in to each location.

I know she was hell bent on figuring out who sold the computer that got them all into their potential deaths in "Matsya Nyaya," and, to her, the only way to get that revenge was to follow the commands of someone more powerful than her.

This new (can we call him a bad guy even?) clever dude in a nice suit giving Kara the direction happened to be played by one of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan's uncles, John Nolan. You may have recognized him from the Batman movies as a Wayne Enterprises board member, but here he got to chew up more scenery and with wonderful affect.

Even if I'm not sure about whatever new organization Reese and Finch have to fight, I enjoyed John Nolan's performance and think he's a worthy adversary that doesn't come across as pure camp.

Which is unfortunately what I felt happened to Kara. Why did she not just shoot Reese and Agent Snow and be done with them for good?

And while her guidance of Reese and Agent Snow felt very much a like a linear video game (go here, complete this, do this), I'm a little disappointed she's dead. She is dead, right? That's what the final camera shot indicated?

I was definitely shocked when Agent Snow appeared in her car and while I thought it was cool that she got her comeuppance, at the same time it felt like a neat and tidy way to wrap up her whole segment of the storyline to get to the next one.

So, was anyone even surprised that the name listed on the burning paper in the final shot was Harold? It just felt obvious. Maybe I'm more curious as to how Finch might be connected to this new group.

Clearly, they've been able to initiate some massive super virus plan, but what will happen in five months? Will this be like a firesale like in the Live Free or Die Hard movie, rendering everything connected to technology useless?

I did like that Finch was willing to sacrifice himself to save his friend, as much as Reese was willing to sacrifice his own. Not that I ever suspected Finch would fail, I mean, c'mon, it's the middle of Person of Interest Season 2. There's no way Reese would die. That's like taking out James Bond or Jason Bourne for good. Just not gonna happen.

The whole cyber-war itself is interesting, but it makes me wonder in what direction the show might take it. It has been awhile since we've gotten a more in-depth Finch flashback involving the Machine.

There were some entertaining parts for sure (I can never get enough of Reese kicking ass, or Bear being Bear), but overall the episode left me disappointed, especially when Person of Interest normally spits out solid and engrossing episodes.

What did you think? Did you love Kara's return? Wished something else happened? And what's with this new cyber focused group?


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Found this episode to be quite intense and intriguing. Loved the moment when Reese was greeted by Bear - awesome. The moment when Agent Snow ended up in the back seat of Kara's car almost topped the aforementioned moment. What grudge did she have against Reese? He was instructed to eliminate her, and it appeared he was having second thoughts - i can't figure that one out. I liked the installment and I gave it 4****.


Definitely worth mentioning is the enormous smile on Reese's face when Bear greets him upon his return to the library. He has a fantastic smile, and we hardly get to see it!


I loved it, Kara is awesome, hope she is alive, I am fan of Annie Parisse, and Michael Kelly was fantastic as agent Snow, I mean I love them all, actors of this show are beyond words, I admire Nolan and his crew for creating such a worth watching show, and I have to say that this episode was mind blowing to me Sean, I have voted 5 stars, AWESOME episode.


@Mrs. alex o'loughlin- When asking the question "Is Harold Finch bad?", be sure to also ask the question "Is the source of information reliable?". Do you really trust a shadowy creepy dude with an unknown agenda to necessarily tell the truth? For all we know, the guy could have given Finch's name to Kara in order to set her to hunt him down, and *he* sold the laptop to the Chinese himself. We are also left with the question as to the man's identity. There were only eight people (counting Finch) who knew of the existence of the Machine. Is this man one of the eight, or did he find out later? Whoever he is, I definitely don't trust a word he says.


Gee,Sean. Been around the web and you had the lowest rating for this episode of anyone. Most others were at least 4 stars - or higher - with super comments on the episode.
Bad night? Flu? Upset tummy? Hope you get better - soon!

Sarah silva

I can not believe you gave this episode a low rating! I thought it was fantastic! Especially Carter wanting to help Reese when the bomb was going to go off and the sadness in her eyes when Fusco took her away. Then when Harold was on the roof and would not leave John's side! I guessed the right set of numbers that would unlock the phone! My husband laughed when I said the correct 4.
However the end left us with a huge bombshell, I knew Harold's name would be on the paper....SO is he bad????


I think the whole 5 months thing is to set up an amazing season finale and moving us into season 3 :)


I certainly enjoyed this show. Kara just had to come back . She fullfilled the past of the already dead. Also she brouht to Reese and Finch their next bad guys." There are so many". Since Kara has a new boss could her and Root be working for the same group . They have the same quest.Unfortnately Kara has been eliminated by Snow . So we think watch the camera footage.As for the the paper with Harold on it. There more to Harold Finch then we have been told ." All good or is there a little bad to."Carter and Fousco seem to have their own game on.The last part showed Finch and Reese committment to each and their cause. It was great with Bears welcome of Reese at the end. A good show right up there with NCIS .


I'm a sucker for character development and dynamics EPIC episode. Im very surprised at reviewer's/some others reactions. It was an episode moving/pushing the pieces into place for what im sure will be an EPIC!! season 2 finale.


By the way, person of interest was indeed Kara - Finch got her number while talking with Carter.

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