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so it turns out that the guys are really the most interesting characters and the PLL continue to be dumb beyond belief. But maybe that is what the target audience is.


I really hope Jason isn't part of the A Team!! I really wanted him and Aria to have a chance to be together :( Ezra is boring and just kinda mysterious and not in the good way.


Loved the episode. I think Toby is totally hot and he and spencer are cute together but he's starting to scare me with him working with Mona and being on team A. Aria's and her dads story is right now my favorite because we now know Ali was black mailing him which probably means Garett was telling the truth which mean Aria's dad might of killed Ali and honestly the way he acted when he was asking if one of Aria's friends hurts Meredith even though she was telling him the truth showed he has some big secrets still and it made me afraid of him like he might hurt someone else even his own daughter. Can't wait till the next episode.


Classic episode of PLL, all take and no give. It's just continuing to drop the same recycled stuff. Nevertheless, their facial expressions and over dramatic responses always keep me in check with the laughter.


So, since he had the puncture wound does that mean jason is apart of the a team? I really don't think Lucas is apart of the a team I think Mona and Toby are just scaring or black mailing him.


I also agree that this episode was quite boring. I still think that Lucas is part of the A team somehow and Jason with a unbutton shirt was yummy. I am probably the only one but I will like if something went on between Jason and Mona. I wonder why did they tore the wheels off that boys bike in the end.

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