Private Practice Review: A Fairytale Ending

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Seaside Wellness and St. Ambrose have closed their doors for good. Tonight’s spectacular series finale of Private Practice featured Addison finally getting her happily ever after.

Most of us have been watching since Grey’s Anatomy and are simply thrilled that our girl, Addie, finally has the fairytale ending she so rightfully deserves with Jake and Henry (by the way: why was he MIA?!).

Married Addison

It’s hard to believe that six seasons have come and gone. We’ve had an ample amount of time to prepare to say goodbye to our favorite doctors, yet, I found myself not entirely ready to do so since last week’s strong showing of "Full Release."

Sure, the series has run its course and goodbyes are inevitable. However, it goes without saying that I’m going to sincerely miss Private Practice. From the acting of every single cast member to the storytelling that dared to always share the more difficult medical cases, I will always remember Addie and the gang for their sometimes chaotic and unpredictable everyday lives. I will especially not forget how they always found the time to help their patients in any way possible.

So, what went down on "In Which We Say Goodbye?" Did everyone else aside from Addie get their happy ending?

Violet helped Holly, a patient who been working with her for six years, come to terms with surviving an accident that killed both her parents and boyfriend. Holly, played by Sarah Ramos of Parenthood, wasn’t quite ready to move on even when Violet said she was. After being accepted to a cooking school in Paris, Violet helped her to see that she would be just fine.

Meanwhile, Sheldon’s storyline with Miranda was heartbreaking. As her health continued to deteriorate, she wanted Sheldon to walk away. That wasn’t going to happen, though, as we all know the type of guy Sheldon truly is. Although the circumstances were not the best for him, it was nice to finally see that he found love after all this time.

With Cooper taking on a new role as a stay-at-home father, he was struggling with the “synchronized pooping” and more amongst all of the triplets. It’s no surprise that he wanted and needed a nanny. The Freedmans were doing just incredibly well with big brother Mason to help out, and the proud parents were as happy as ever.

The single person who shed some unhappy tears was Stephanie. Sam ended their relationship again after realizing that he was still in love with Naomi. Did you see this one coming? The two actually hooked up during Addison and Jake’s wedding, got married and are expecting another child. I thought Sam was totally against having kids again, but I guess things are different when it comes to his one true love.

Cheering for Addison

Other Thoughts:

  • I’m so glad that Audra McDonald returned for this special farewell. It wouldn’t have been the same without her and it made sense to have her by Addison’s side.
  • I actually thought of Pete as well and wished that he had gotten some sort of mention.
  • How awesome was Sheldon in the scene where he confronted Miranda? He quit his job and gave one heck of a speech to Miranda as he professed his love and said there was no chance he was walking away.
  • I couldn’t help but snicker as Naomi had to have some chocolate as she was feeling just a bit antsy with Sam.
  • Amelia looked so blissful with James throughout the entire installment. Good for her!
  • Perhaps my most favorite scene was the very last one right before the elevator door closed. I thought it was very fitting for Violet’s book to be called Private Practice, and I loved the way the practice ended with almost everyone (as Sheldon was with Miranda on the beach)laughing and joking around with one another one last time.

Overall, the final chapter was bittersweet. While most series end on a final note, it was refreshing to see that the practice would still go on and the characters would continue to move forward and be just fine with their lives. Similar to a fairytale ending, every single character will seemingly come close to living happily ever after.

Well, TV Fanatics, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for reading and be sure to share your final thoughts on the Private Practice series finale now. Also, don’t forget to return later this week when we will meet one last time in the Private Practice Round Table.


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Still, I loved that Addison got her happily ever after, and that yummy Taye Diggs finally settled down with Naomi! I also felt the best scene of the night was Sheldons speech to Miranda about caring for her as she died. THAT is true love, when you are willing to help someone pass from this earth, ease their pain and love them to the last breath. I had also hoped for at least an engagement between Amelia and her hot ER Doc...they are perfect together, and I was hoping to see that they would marry and get pregnant and Amelia would have a healthy, whole child with this kind man (who is also scorchingly hot, not that I noticed)


I loved the series finale, but now that I read about the cut scenes where we could have seen all the kids together in Pete's office, I am kinda bummed and unsatisfied. I would have loved to have seen the kids all together like that, and I would have loved to have seen Cooper and Charlotte in the hotel room getting rest and enjoying movies and such together, because after my son was born, when we brought him home, I asked my husband to buy me a night in a hotel downtown, far away from where we lived, so that I could have one night of sleep, all the way through, and a whole day to just sit and read and relax, without the interruption of our baby. It was a huge relief and I can only imagine how much of a relief it must have been for Cooper and Charlotte to get away from feeding and changing three crying babies! Whew! I found one baby difficult, I can't imagine three! Still, I loved that Addison got her happily ever after, and that yummy Taye Diggs finally settled down with Naomi! I also felt the best scene of the night was Sheldons speech to Miranda about caring for her as she died. THAT is true love, when you are willing to help someone pass from this earth, ease their pain and love them to the last breath.


@Betty Draper – Thanks for letting us know about the cut scenes. I definitely would have liked to see more of CharCoop and the scene with Pete’s office.
@Sa’ad702 – That makes complete sense!
@Jarrod Mitchell – I, too, thought we’d see all of the kids back one last time. They could have at least just made a quick appearance at either one of the weddings.
@Kathy – I love your take on Violet’s thoughts of Pete.


I also was very happy with the show's finale; however it would have been nice if they had allowed 2 hours to wrap it up then more of the cut scenes could have been included. As far as no mention of Pete, I kind of felt that after Violet said goodbye to Holly and sent her off to start her new life, she (Violet) looked toward the heaven and to me she was saying to Pete that she too was ready to move on and begin a new life. Just my thought.


A fitting ending to a fine series. Everything wrapped up nicely, and I'll miss them, and wish them luck, both on and off screen...


I have to say the nurses get treated pretty badly in Shonda Rhimes's world. First, Rose with Derek and now Stephanie with Sam. It's a rough life for a nurse in Shondaland.


As much as I loved the series finale and thought it was amazing, I was sad that we didn't see Betsy, Lucas, Henry, Maya or Olivia. I understand that with 43 minutes it is difficult, but I would hope that Maya (and Dink) would at least attend the wedding of Sam and Naomi. Either way, I was glad these two got back together. VERY predictable, but bitter sweet and just great.
I was happy that Charlotte and Cooper got their happy ending with 4 healthy children, Addison and Jake were having a happy life together, Amelia was happy with James (regardless of her VERY minimal screen time) and that Violet stayed single! Sheldon quitting The Practice was upsetting, see as when Miranda dies, he won't have anyone. I was hoping for a flash forward and seeing he and Violet end up together.
Overall, an perfect ending to a perfect series. Great run you had Private Practice. I will miss you!


I loved the finale, but there was not enough Charlotte and Cooper scenes. I will miss the most. I hope those cut scenes will be included in the DVD.


Thank You Private Practice for a wonderful show.....I wish each of the actors and staff the best of luck for the future. I am sure going to miss this show but I know life goes forward and so does people. Good Night Private Practice!!


loved the ppp finale. It was everything I wanted to happen. I really wished Naomi and Sam would end up together but then she went away. To have her back and living and loving Sam was amazing.

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