PTC Calls Out Scandal for "Graphic and Disturbing" Torture Scene

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Forget anything having to do with Olivia and Fitz. Scandal is now making scandalous headlines off screen as well as on.

Following the intense torturing of Huck on last Thursday's "One for the Dog," the Parent Television Council has come out with a statement that takes issue with how this ABC drama depicted such a "graphic' and violent scene.

Huck Torture Scene

"On the very same night that Vice President Joe Biden met with entertainment industry leaders to discuss the issue of media violence and its impact on children, ABC - the television network owned by a company named for Walt Disney - aired an intense, explicit and bloodied torture scene during its show Scandal," the PTC wrote.

In light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the issue of violence in the media has been more prominent than ever, as the group continued:

"For nearly three minutes, viewers were subjected to graphic and disturbing scenes of a man struggling to breathe while being waterboarded, his nose being broken and his face beaten into a bloody mess, blood spattering on the walls, and being kicked and beaten into submission."

Read the full statement on the PTC website and respond now: Did Scandal go too far? Should shows play it extra safe and calm these days?

So far, neither ABC nor Shonda Rhimes has commented on the organization's criticism.

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This show is clearly not intended to be viewed by children and there are warnings advising this. I was disturbed by the graphic depiction of torture in this episode, but because I am an adult, I was able to process it as an adult in its context within the story. It's up to parents to properly supervise their children and control what they watch on TV. There are just too many parents who are too lazy, uninformed or distracted to monitor what is going on under their own roofs and then they blame the entertainment industry when Junior is exposed to something inappropriate. If Mom or Dad can't control the TV, maybe they should just get rid of it.


i dont watch this show but i honestly think that its stupid that first of all this show comes on at 10 and 2nd this show is definetly not for kids. the PTC are just making a fool out of themselves. who in the world would let their kid stay up this late. this show comes on at 10 for a reason. stick with disney channal or nickoladian then


In all the conversations and political wrangling of "enhanced interrogation techniques," I found it disturbing and bone-chilling to watch this portrayal. The writers created a character so many care for...yet our government actually does this to many enemy combatants & prisoners. They, too are humans that someone cares for. It really pushed my personal thoughts & views on torture. Provocative? Yes. Purposeful--I believe so.


I no longer follow this show anymore, but this shows AIRS at 10:00PM. It's rated for adults. If their kids are watching it, whose fault and responsibility is that?


No one cares what this bunch of frustrated prudes has to say. They make public statements, just grasping for another 15 minutes.


Here we go again with nonsense. Scandal is not a show for children. These are adult situtions and no parent with any sense would allow their underage "children" to watch this. Good grief!!


Did Scandal mislead anyone about what was going to be happening this episode? No - it was clear in all the previews. Did Scandal fail to warn appropriately? No - my whole viewing party commented on the opening statement concerning graphic violence. Does Scandal air at 8pm? No - 10pm to 11pm. So the better question is what Parent was letting their child watch this. You were warned throughout the week with previews, you were given further warning at the beginning of the show, AND this show comes on at 10pm at night. I'm pretty sure I had a bedtime of 9pm until I was like 13. In short - have some accountability for your child and what they watch and then it's not an issue.


This is an adult show not meant for children to watch. Parents have to be responsible for their own children, TV shows are not to blame. And yes there was the regular TV rating and an extra disclosure saying graphic violence. I understand it is upsetting and I didn't care for it much BUT I can use the remote to change the channel if I have an issue with what I am watching. I’m not being forced to watch this. If they showed Scandal in a class room, then of course that is a whole different story.


Im pretty sure they put out a warning before airing the episode saying it was appropriate for younger viewers.


The Parent Television Council: Why are children up at 10pm watching a show clearly meant for adults??? I know when I was a child, I wasn't up at 10pm watching shows like Scandal??? Even without that torture scene, it is not a show for children. Isn't there any accountability for monitoring your children anymore? I guess I don't subscribe to the idea that rather than watch your own children and monitor their viewing choices, shows with adult themes need to be pulled off the air. This seems to me a problem with parents not the entertainment industry.


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