Revenge Review: Keep Your Enemies Closer

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In a town like the Hamptons, it pays to keep the your rivals and frenemies close to you, as we learned in "Sabotage," when Emily, the Graysons and others made it their business to keep certain people in their sights.

The person currently on nearly everyone's radar? Helen Crawley. Yep, The Initiative is taking over Revenge.

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Smooth toast, Daniel. By the way, that's a million dollar bottle of wine those two faux lovebirds are toasting with. Or apparently a million dollar bottle of vinegar. The bottle may have been undrinkable, but it got Daniel side-by-side with Emily and a front row seat to an awkward conversation with Aiden. Emily's relationship with Daniel is the one "too close for comfort" relationship that I worry will turn into more.

I never disliked Emily and Daniel as a couple and I don't think she and Aiden will be able to work out with their respective revenge agendas. However, Emily having feelings for Daniel will mess with her head, as it has in the past. Sure, he's changed and become a colder and more crass person this season, but he hasn't really changed in terms of how he treats Emily. She is also trying to ruin his parents' lives so there could never be an endgame.

As for everyone else, it seems Helen Crawley and The Initiative have wormed their way into a lot of lives this season. Emily, Nolan and Aiden staged a coup so that Aiden could fake rescue Crawley and seem trustworthy to her. Hopefully now he can get some answers about his sister, who I personally do not believe is really alive. 

Helen also has Victoria and Conrad trying to stay up to date with her moves. They worry about Daniel, yes, but they also want to be rid of The Initiative and the control and chaos they come with. Victoria decided to put on a low plunging dress, have a cocktail and accidentally let it slip about his Helen's business proposal to Jason, Conrad's longtime rival. Of course, Victoria only has this information thanks to another frenemy of hers, our heroine Emily Thorne. Lots of fake, double cheek kissing around those parts!

As someone who was huge fan of Nip/Tuck, I'm always excited to see Dylan Walsh back on my television screen. Throw in Julian McMahon and I'll be doing a little happy dance in my living room. I'd be willing to be Walsh will recur in a few more episodes, especially now that his company is looking into Stonehaven United Solutions. 

Then we have the biggest false alliance that leads back to The Initiative, Nolcorp and Padma the mole. We all knew she was shady. Then she came back with that hackjob of a sob story about wanting to take any job at Nolcorp as long as she was down the hall from Nolan. Look, I love Nolan but she was sketchy from the very beginning when she told Daniel about that framed check from David Clarke. 

Marco may have betrayed Nolan but Padma is the worse of the two. She's entangled with The Initiative. I think Marco just felt like he got screwed in a business deal and there was no reason to lie for his ex boyfriend and boss. I don't think he was actively doing anything else.

So what is this elusive Carrion program and why does The Initiative want it? Do you feel confused when it comes to The Initiative's intentions? You know, besides to ruin and control everyone's lives.

On a less threatening note, Ashley is back in the Grayson fold with a ploy to basically blackmail Conrad. Plus, he slept with her and probably enjoyed her company since he didn't seem all that pissed off to rehire her. With her suggestion for Conrad to help out Jack, maybe he is going to indulge those political aspirations after all. Jack and Amanda now owe Conrad, but is it worse than dealing with the Ryan brothers? Besides they aren't exactly rid of the Ryans yet. Amanda flashing a gun at one of them isn't going to do much.

So who has the most unholy alliance of them all? What do you predict will happen next?


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WOW, what a great episode.
First off, I never did like Padma, and I called it right away, the B_ _ _ H
The Porter story line is actually getting really good.
Who thought it was a good idea to bring Ashley back in the fold, never did liked her fakeness.
LOVE the alliance between Emily and Victoria.
Conrad was as hot as EVER.
Don't like him hooking up with Ahsley again though.
I don't think Emily and Aiden will work out, but also don't like Emily back with Daniel.
The whole initiative stuff confuses me, LOL, but like it.
Hopefully we have seen the end of Marco, but still dislike Padma HUGLEY.
Did I mention Conrad is hot.

Leigh r

@Drea XOXO - Padma is NOT Gone with the Wind fabulous!!!!


While I agree that this was not an amazing chapter it was definitely not bad! And by the way Revenge at its worst is still better than Scandal, the only reason that show survived season one was Shonda Rhimes, Grey's lead and being on a night in which it gets little to no competition. I agree though Revenge needs to clear some of these stories as its putting a lot of people off.


I have loved season 2 up through episode 10. The unfolding of the relationship of Aiden and Emily has been awesome. The fake kidnapping scene was very good except it was too obvious how skinny the 2 "thugs" were; that they weren't real, and Aiden is going to get backed into a corner with The Initiative. Spoiler-Is Aiden really going to kill Victoria to get "in" with The Initiative or to save his sister IF she is even REALLY alive? What on earth could Emily's plan be? Is this all going to ruin things between her and Aiden? Now I am unsure what the writers are trying to do.

Drea xoxo

overall the reunion of danily will never favour well nor will it end well. ems/mandy needs to remember and break through her amnesia and trail back to the second half of last series where she feel flat because her emotions got the better of her.

Drea xoxo

3) padma oo u is a bad biatch, ooo you are. (nene voice) saw coming but again can't call, i have hopes it too is a double stitch and she has fallen for her target like allias/buffy..... (sorry but they were classic shows) moving on, i agree. nolan isn't clueless. he never reveals anything only to ems/mandy.
4) grayson jr i feel you are on your way out, aiden i feel could be the man at the bottom. anyhow its my connie the show should just be pulled. i want takeda back and don't like that he hasn't contacted nor been in that as you may.....
5) bored of the initiative now, unless they are going to reveal the information we need there is no point just like the introduction of kara (already erased from my mind) wonder if fauxmanda will kill ryan bothers or call in mama dearest for pointers,.....

Drea xoxo

Sigh. so from last week's amazing revenge-season-one-isque style we are back to this sad affair. i just don't know why writers bother waste energy into one amazing episode when they can make an amazing franchise or series such as scandal. before i get attacked not comparing just merely stating point blank obvious of a consistent show.
1) the promo has upset me, leave vicki n connie alone!!!! best thing about the show!
2) liked the auction scene it added humour to the episode. the whole saw charade was alright too but will wait to see if they can profit from it.....


I am not a fan of this new Daniel and I like Emily with Aiden better esp that he seems to be making an effort to reach out to Nolan. But I have always thought their different agendas would ultimately separate them but with an open door for Aiden to totally separate from Takeda to rejoin. the more we get to know aiden though...i am seeing a tragic end. i don't know who helen thought was behind that but victoria and conrad is a good guess.


Helen probably figures the attack has something to do with Victoria and Conrad, as Victoria has already warned Helen off her son. I love Emily and Aiden--there is heat between them, when they are together. In the end, or at the end of the series, Emily will be left with nothing. There's no way that the writers will want to show that Revenge is worth it--she may get her revenge, but she will lose everyone she loves, in the process, and be left completely alone. That's the sacrifice she will make, to clear her father.


Okay. I'm going to be the first person to say this. Padma is working with The Initiative as apart of NOLAN'S PLAN. Think about it, if Nolan knew the initiative were out for Aiden, strong arming him, he must've seen them coming after him as well. He knew from working with Emily that the initiative were working with Daniel and through that connection, they were going to try to get close to NolCorp. It seems to easy to put the plan on Padma, i truly believes she is trying to help Nolan and Nolcorp. Though i do think she set up Marco by herself for her own personal intentions.

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