Songs of Anarchy Giveaway: Win Volume 2!

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Attention, Sons of Anarchy fans: Want to win a free copy of the show's latest soundtrack?

TV Fanatic is teaming up with FX to offer TWO lucky readers the chance to be sent a copy of Songs of Anarchy: Volume 2.

SOA Soundtrack

So, how can you enter this giveaway? Just follow these simple steps:

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  2. Choose a main character and answer the following question in the Comments section below: What would be that character's theme song and why?

That's all it takes! Only U.S. citizens are eligible for the soundtrack and we will select two winners on Friday, February 1. Rev up those thinking engines now and Comment away. Good luck to all!

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Lost In My Mind by The Head and the Heart Because we forget Jax is young man and a kid when the show starts and then he faced with being a single father. At the same time he begins to become more involved in the club and begins to fall in love again with a woman who doesn't want him in the crime business. But his family is the club and he has no other choice but to stay even though want a quiet life with Tara and his sons. Also even though Jax says he wants out of the club, we can all see he having trouble imagining a life without his brothers.
He's Lost In His Mind as the song states.


"Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons for Jax Teller I chose this song because I feel this represents the 'new' Jax. After Opie died he seemed to lose a part of his conscious and became more destructive. This song fully represents his change after his best friend died. "Welcome to the new age...Radioactive." Welcome to the NEW JAX TELLER, and like Jax said...maybe he is no different then Clay.


Jax teller-his song would be: let the bodies hit the floor believe it's by Marilyn Manson.


Jax Tellers song would have to be Sail on by haystack. They are surrounded by violence and sometimes death. Loosing Opie has affected jax tremendously and sail on represents that loss of such a great friend. The emotions involved the grief with the need for revenge.


Jax Teller- "Dead Sea" The Lumineers It represents his relationship with Tara. The part that sticks out to me is, "You told me you were good at running away, domestic life, it never suited you like a suitcase. You left with just the clothes on your back, you took the rest when you took the map." Tara left him when they were young to get away from the town and its problems and then found that she needed him. Before Opie died she was really straightening him out and helping him realize that the path the MC was taking wasn't right. She and the kids are what keeps him going.


Tara Knowles Teller - Bitch by Merideth Brooks
Because this song is very fitting of her character and who she has become over the past 5 Seasons of #SOA


Jax Teller: RZA/Black Keys "Baddest Man Alive" because clearly in Season 5 he took the reins and wasn't taking any crap from anyone.


Nero - got to you first by majestic 12 (find them on soundcloud) it speaks to the thought of having her before clay tainted her with his wicked ways


Gemma Teller Morrow-I picked woman on a mission by gabriella cilmi. Gemma has always been a take charge woman who goes after what she wants and makes it happen!


Clay Morrow - Enter Sandman

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