Spinoff Scoop: Julie Plec Previews Marcel, The Originals

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With the Internet abuzz over the likely Vampire Diaries spinoff - whose backdoor pilot airs on April 25 and takes Klaus to New Orleans - Entertainment Weekly has sat with with producer Julie Plec to discuss The Originals and at least one new character who will be included in it.

Read the full interview with Plec now and scroll down for a few excerpts...

Joseph Morgan as Vampire Diaries' Klaus

On the April 25 episode: "A turn of events in Mystic Falls sends Klaus to New Orleans to solve a mystery. He gets word that some people are making a move against him that might concern him. So he heads to New Orleans to try to figure who’s plotting against him and what they’re up to. And in unfolding that mystery, it takes him back to a town that several hundred years ago, he was actually one of the original settlers of and helped build.... and Klaus’ protegé is now the big king of the supernatural community in New Orleans and Klaus is stepping back into that."

On this protege, Marcel: "He is the life of the party. He is diabolical, and dangerous, and he is a rock star. If anything, he’s that kind of hard-partying, hard-living vampire who knows how to enjoy the most out of life in the French Quarter."

Plec adds that she hopes there's room for Elijah and that the status of Claire Holt as Rebekah is "undetermined."

What do you think, TVD Fanatics? Do you want to see this spinoff?

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David and sabrina 2014

Sometimes I'm not very interested of what Klaus does when I just want the show to feel like normal again without any problems and feel awesome like season 1 again or episodes 11,19,and 20 of season 2. =|




Plec adds that she hopes there's room for Elijah and that the status of Claire Holt as Rebekah is "undetermined." There better should be. They think about putting Hayley in this but have no idea whether Elijah or Rebekah will come on board?!


They need to look at Ed Westwick when casting Marcel. He's already a CW star, he's an awesome actor AND his work as Chuck Bass would make him an instant fit for partying Marcel.


I'm excited to learn more about Klaus and Marcel in this spinoff!!!


Klarcel FTW.

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