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me to (mug shots in my room)
this week was epic!
I wonder what's wrong with me, I'm starting to love Louis, every scene he's in has the mailice, fun, off the hook kind of dealings, never ever what you expect.


Doubt seriously that any hatchet has been buried. That was just Donna realizing what a whining twat Louis is and had to find a way to placate him. And it was nice to see the new girl go toe to toe with Louis (best use of public area screening enforcement ever), but really, if pranking each other in public while risking relationships with judges and costing each other $3,000 fines, or rigging chairs to rip the seat out of trousers, is really the way the storylines will go, this series will be less interesting than Royal Pains.


god this show is greatness!!!

I absolutely LOVED the interaction between Rachel and Harvey!! I died when she took his bagel!

Didnt think Daniel would be back this fast but excited to see it play out! I hope that Louis plays a good role into helping the firm so that he can finally flesh out his issues.

The head shots were great!!

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