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After the emotional roller coaster that was "High Noon," Suits kicked off 2013 with its aftermath in "Blind-Sided."

Despite the fact it was Mike's first day back, he attacked the job like he'd never left. The whole time, though, it was clear he was falling apart. His relationship with Rachel was in disarray once again and the case was a catalyst for the righteous bitterness he's harbored against the people responsible for the death of his parents. If only he has listened to Harvey and sat this case out.

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Instead, Mike caused a complicated firestorm for Harvey, who more or less was forced to follow through on a bribe in order to cover Mike's rear. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the episode came when Harvey told Mike to get his "shit together." If anything straightened him up, it was that. Though Mike's road to recovery is clearly long from over after such a devastating loss, he really needed the kick in the pants to move forward.

That said, moving forward was the last thing Louis was allowed to do this episode. While he still retains senior partner status, he's got anything but respect from his fellow associates. He went from the high of hiring his own top-notch associate - and apparently bedding Sheila - to associate-less and girlfriend-less in the course of the hour. No way this goes down without some backlash.

One unexpected but nonetheless welcomed element of this episode was Harvey's visit to Zoe's house, especially his interaction with Olivia. I actually saw a father-figure in him. If I didn't enjoy the Harvey that played the field so much, I would be readily advocating him settling down with Zoe and Olivia for good.

I wonder, though, why she seems to be making an exit just now? I was kind of getting used to the idea of having her around and now she's leaving to be a mom to Olivia. Could they not sign her onto the show for longer, or is her place in this story really over?

Highlights from this episode:

  • Donna's banter with Harvey at the outset of the episode. Was I the only one who loved seeing her perched in Harvey's prized chair?
  • Sheila's unexpect dominatrix desires.
  • Mike finally kicking Tess out. She was only around for a bit, but I was already tired of her character.
  • Mike's visit to Nick Rinaldi. It was reckless, but I feel like he needed to get it out and face his past dead-on given the circumstances.

While all seemed quiet on the northeastern front, is the war at Pearson/Hardman really over - or is it only in the midst of a temporary cease fire? Sound off now on the return of Suits Season 2!


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I love the show. It is definitely the smartest show on TV. I like Louis having a short-lived girlfriend. I understand Mike's actions. That is what grief does to someone. I really didn't know that Gabriel's real life wife was that girl. I agree that he has 0 chemistry with her. I like his chemistry with Donna and Jessica. I don't like where the Mike and Rachel storyline is heading. I always thought that Rachel was not as good as she acted. I was right when she revealed that she had an affair with a married man. Glad that Suits was renewed :)


I actually felt bad for Louis. I lliked him with female Louis and I liked his associate! Maybe even better then the one Harvey went with. I think they should have taken the risk with her. She had too much personality to not be around. I'm tired of Rachel's inability to separate her personal and professional life but I'm so glad Mike dumped Tess. Didn't like her from the beginning. I liked seeing the romantic and fatherly Harvey. I'm not surprised about either. People like him get along better with kids then adults but I'm not going to miss Zoe. I liked her but there was this awkwardness and forced thing with them in part because it was Gabriel's real wife. Strange. The threat of Mike being exposed is redundant but necessary. The Louis being on the outside looking in is interesting and funny at times but not necessary. The case was rough and Mike should have never taken it. Love having this show back. It's one of nh must see favorites.


I'm glad they had the clarification of the sibling sort of bond between Donna and Harvey. I love them both. I love their interactions, but it always felt platonic to me, like bickering siblings or the two besties that grew up together. You can tell Donna probably had feelings for him at some point and they weren't reciprocated but bonds are so much more fascinating without boxing it into romance or sex. It somehow cheapens and limits what they have. FINALLY Harvey layed into Mike. I love the kid but he was long overdue for that bluntness. He at times comes off as unappreciative and too self righteous of Harvey and Jessica's actions or methods considering their asses are constantly on the line because of him. I understand Jessica because she doesn't have the bond with him. Criminal that GT didn't appear until 45 minutes in.


I, too am over the Harvard dynamic. Either have him get caught or move on. In the meantime, Mike could have gotten a degree in all the time he is wasting. I want Harvey in a relationship but not with Zoe. I want him with Donna. Surprisingly since this is his real life wife they have very little chemistry on screen.


I'm over Mike Ross acting like a spoiled teenager and not appreciating the break Harvey gave him. He commits self-sabotage over and over again. I am also way over the "Harvard issue". Time to move on from that one.


I really wish the writers of Suits would stop reusing the same script. It's tedious listening to the same righteous bs Mike keeps spouting. I want to watch an adult, not a child.


I hope Donna wasn't lying when she said she loved him like a brother. I hope Harvey isn't in love with Jessica, cause seriously 'iceberg ahead'. And who didn't want to punch Mike in the face today; sanctimonious whiny child, I'm glad Harvey told him to get his s$%^ together.


I think Harvey summed it up quite nicely when he told Mike to 'get his shit together.' He clearly needs to figure out what his priorities and morals are, and start living by them. Otherwise he is never going to be able to be successful in his work.


I want Donna and Harvey to get together! ughh

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Suits Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Mike: We have a problem.
Harvey: Don't worry, Mike, I'm sure N*Sync will tour again someday.

The next time I have the option to cross the line to save you, I'll send you packing and not think twice. Now get your shit together.

Harvey [to Mike]