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Harold deserved to be fired. He's a real nice guy and all, but he sucks at his job. Maybe it's because of Louis always charging at him, but in any case, he sucks at working at Pearson Hardman.
There were a lot of sweet moments tonight. Mike trying to hand Louis the tissues. Harvey threatening to beat up whoever bruised Mike. Jessica finally sincerely admitting Louis is wanted. Jessica reminding Harvey that he's not ready for leadership.
I'm glad Rachel's standing up for herself. I never liked her around Mike. She seems like a helpless damsel. And next week is setting the stage for her to take on her father! I look forward to that.
I hope Harvey tearing up the resignation letter meant more than a bandage on a gaping wound.
Last week, I thought I'd pretty much moved on from Suits, but this week I'm back.


Harvey doesn't give shit about Louis. I wouldn't have torn down that letter. I'd want Louis out.

I'm sorry for Harold, he bugged me but he didn't deserve to get fired just for Louis to make a point.


Harvey is always ready to protect Mike he's like a brother to him...


I love how Harvey yells at and is made at Mike, yet as soon as Mike comes in with a black eye he's ready to beat up whoever did it. The same can be said of Louis fixing him up.

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