Switched at Birth Review: A Fresh Start

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Welcome to the second half of Switched At Birth Season 2!

"The Door to Freedom" answered some questions left up in the air in the mid-season finale," Street Noises Invade the House," chief among them: Is Angelo the father? Did Regina take the money? Is everyone living happily ever after? Let's find out!

First, did they really have to bring up the graffiti thing in the premiere? It’s not that I’m old... really, it’s not. I just try to refrain from breaking the law.

Granted, for the first time I actually agree with Bay’s ability to express her artistic freedom; after all, it’s her own car. 

Switched at Birth Season 2 Premiere Scene

Buckner really wanted to bring Bay down. She had to go in front of an honor board because she got a 94 on a French test? She was told to study, and she did, and her reward was to be accused of cheating. If people wonder why kids have issues at school, they need look no further than their supposed school leaders. 

The writing was on the wall for Bay to go to Daphne’s school as soon as the boy in the pilot program introduced himself, wasn't it? I’m sure they’ll even welcome her artistic nature and allow her to graffiti the sides of the school. Will I believe it would happen in the real world? Nope. But it won’t surprise me in the least.

How awesome was it that Regina turned down anything to do with the money? While she’s still connected via marriage to Angelo, in principle, it just wasn't for her. I find that admirable. Angelo was acting like Santa Claus, annoying the heck out of John in the process, by buying extravagant but apt gifts for everyone. To his credit, he really knew what to buy the group. 

Regina was starting to be suckered into a slice of future happiness with Angelo when Toby interrupted Angelo in a discussion with the pregnant woman who came into the courtroom at the end of last season. 

Angelo, with good reason I’d think, asked for a DNA test to confirm the child was his. After all, it was a one night stand. After what he has been through with Bay and Daphne, a truly responsible person would want a DNA test to make sure that never happened again, especially after only one time. 

I was about to give kudos to Toby for not rushing to judgment and assuming the worst about Angelo, as people have done in the past, when he approached Bay questioning everything he said and did because of that one “mistake.” Is that really the kind of thing he should be discussing with the two families? I really didn’t like how they tried to make his covering up that part of his life and Bay’s cheating scandal in French class of the same level. 

Bay did have it right that if he chose not to be in the baby’s life he would be abandoning another child, but until that point, it was nobody’s business but his. The whole story just rubbed me the wrong way.

From the Daphne side of the story, I was kind of embarrassed that she was still so hung up on the chef. I was very proud of Melody for finally sitting her ass down and letting her have it for not giving her class and those who came before her the respect they deserved for achieving the things that made their lives so different today. 

It was pretty awful for Kathryn wanting to run for senate, only to be told they would be more interested in her husband. Somehow it seems her accomplishments are never enough. She’s done quite a bit to earn the right to run, and I would have been happier if John had said he would provide the financial backing for her to run for the seat against whomever the other group chose for the opened seat. Isn't that all it takes, really? Money? 

All in all, a good start for the season and one that will bring more of the kids closer together at Carlton. I liked the quick meet-n-greet we got with the fella in the pilot program and they need to expand their circle of friends, could he be a new one? 

If you need a refresher course in how we got here, don’t forget how easy it is to watch Switched At Birth online. What storylines from the episode most intrigued you? Pop into the comments section to have your say!


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As for Daphne, have you ever been in love with the wrong person and then let the rest of your life fall to pieces over it? Yup, so have I. I was never the biggest fan of Melody but her wake up call to Daphne was great. Daphne's blow up to Travis was natural, she was hurting. I think Travis get's that and Daphne not only apologized but she actively tried to make it up to him by making him his first home cooked meal in a long time. Bay, was pretty funny this week actually. I liked her attempts at being the "good girl". BUT the girl needs friends for crying out loud. Other than Emmett. I guess filming kids at a private school location was getting expensive, because she's making the switch. Regina, for the love of God! Get it together. Kathryn and John, in politics. UGH. Toby felt like he owed it to his sister to tell her the truth. Angelo had no right to put that kind of responsibility on a teenager. Also, Toby's loyal to his sister first, not just some man he met a couple of months ago.


Angelo left Regina because he thought she was cheating on him, makes sense. Daphne was proven not to be his and they didn't have much trust for each other back then. Fair enough. But the kicker in this one is that he's refusing to take responsibility for yet another child. DNA test, fair, trying to buy the mother off in order to avoid raising a baby he helped create, deadbeat. He's trying to hide the fact that he's going to have a child so he can jump on the "Happy Family" wagon when he never earned it. He's pulling a Gatsby, trying to re-create a memory and then live it out like the past never happened. I don't think he's this evil monster but I can understand why they'd all be overly sensitive to his actions. After all, he's lied to them before. He was a fugitive for crying out loud!


This episode was great. It was nice of Angelo to give everybody gifts but it looks like he's blowing all his money quickly a new car a food truck and a condo I was surprised it wasent all gone. Daphne was great in this episode I think we saw the last of Chef Jeff. I liked Melody giving her that prep talk. Bay was annoying and boring in this episode. I dont see John Kennish being a politician . I cant wait to see what happens with families this season looks like were in for a roller coaster!!!!


I like Angelo as well and hate the way he gets treated as well. Everyone hates him for leaving Daphne who really is not his child. I don't know why people can't understand where he was coming from. I like his abd Bays relationship and don't want to see it ruined. I also would like to see Regina take a little interest in Bay. Its like she doesn't exist, only Daphne. All in all an okay episode.


I'm probably the only fan of this show that actually likes Angelo. I hate that everyone is determined to make him out to be this horrible person, and I've yet to see anything that supports that. He's entitled to not divulge some information. He had a right to request a DNA test and not share it with anyone until he knew the truth. Toby was wrong to disclose his information like that. And John Kennish will forever be a pompous, self righteous, colossal jackass. I've detested some of the ways he's treated and talked about Angelo and Regina both. Not a fan of the Kennish parents at all. Daphne still being hung up on Jeff was annoying and the way she treated Travis especially knowing his home life was despicable! Loved Melody's speech to her! Gave me goosebumps. Felt bad for Bay but she'll do well at Carlton.


I enjoyed last night show. The gift giving thing with Angelo was a little much for me but I know in his heart he was trying to do something nice. I actually think the truck for Daphne was a great gift and everyone making a big deal about it was crazy. She loves to cook and she's going to have a hard time getting another job so I thought the food truck was great. I hate how she was still holding on to Chef Jeff. Watching her getting her heart broken again made me so sad until she went off on Travis. I think she was totally wrong and he forgave her too fast for my liking. I understand Bay being mad at Angelo for lying but I think everyone is a little to hard on Angelo. Its like he has to be perfect about everything. Loved the scene with Emmett and Bay. Can't wait for them to get back together but I like the slow pace of it for now. Good episode.


Good review, just wanted to point out that this was actually the first episode of season 2, Street Noises Invade the House was actually the finale of the (ridiculously long) season 1 =)

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