The Big Bang Theory Review: Egg Salad, Cereal and Breakfast Sausage

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At times, it's difficult to believe that the brilliant Sheldon can be so dumb. That was the case in "The Egg Salad Equivalency." To fully enjoy The Big Bang Theory, sometimes it's necessary to suspend disbelief and just go with it and enjoy the humor. This show wouldn't be funny if the characters were 100% believable all the time.

They don't always get it right, but more often than not they do. I've had problems with a few The Big Bang Theory season 6 episodes, but overall it's been an enjoyable season and its 2013 return was a positive sign of what's to come.

Sheldon's Jenga

The opening was awesome. I've only played Jenga a few times, but a life-size version would be a blast. Dangerous, perhaps, but tons of fun. For a change, we got to see Sheldon and Leonard hanging out together in the apartment. That rarely seems to happen anymore now that the cast as been expanded.

While Sheldon's ignorance about his inappropriate behavior was a tad annoying, the rest of the episode was solid. The show has a tendency to cover a topic in an episode, give us some laughs and never mention it again, but not here. Alex's interest in Leonard was the driving force behind the installment and Sheldon's behavior, plus ... we got to see Raj's dog again. She exists!

Instead of Leonard being jealous of Penny's buff ex-boyfriends, she got a little taste of jealousy when she found out that Alex was hitting on her man. I'm a fan of Leonard and Penny being together and making it. I'd love to see a wedding at some point, though the change in living arrangements would probably be too disruptive to the show, As an end game, I want them to be a committed couple.

With Penny's doubts about the relationship earlier this season, Alex's advances shifted the balance in the relationship. Penny was no longer the only desirable one. My favorite moment was when Penny opened her apartment door and found Leonard playing a cello (Did we know he could play that?) and singing, "I'm sorry Alex hit on me. I had no idea I'm cute." The perfect way to win her back!

And she repaid the gesture by buying some sexy nerd glasses!

Penny: Molecules.
Leonard: Okay. come with me.
Penny: Where are we going?
Leonard: To my bedroom. So, I can take everything off but those glasses. And, maybe the boots. | permalink

Oh la la! This bump in the road provided some laughs, but even more important for fans of the show, it further solidified their love for each other.

The Sheldon sexual harassment stuff had its moments, but the ovary and menstruating jokes were just a bit much in the end. Don't get me wrong, I laughed, though due to the absurdity of it all. But that sometimes works and it did here.

The moment that made me scratch my head (not literally) and think was Raj's realization that there are no female cereal mascots. Can that really be true? A quick Google search taught me that this is actually quite a popular topic of discussion. I guess it really is a man's world, well, cereal world at least. 

Raj: Not one cereal mascot is a girl. It's a total breakfast sausage fest. | permalink

How can you not love that line?

Did you find Sheldon's ignorance about his behavior believable? Or were you like me and just suspended your disbelief? Or did you just hate it?

Check out some of the best "The Egg Salad Equivalency" quotes and share your favorite moments!


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Loraine, it's also been proposed that Sheldon has Asperger's Syndrome, which further explains his book smarts in contrast to his social awkwardness. However, the producers deny it, probably because to affirm it would mean the condition is being played for laughs, perhaps making some people with the condition uncomfortable. Frankly, I was hoping that the HR officer (that WAS Regina King, right?) would get a little sassier with him (King is known for playing that kinda characer perfectly) and put him in his place--that appears to have happened off-screen given his eventual apology.


i just like how sheldon ask all the women in his to help him with alex and when they told him to talk with her he got mad and took the tshirts away


I knew Leonard played the Cello, because I actually watch this show. I also think Sheldon is totally believable because I know some highly intelligent people who are book smart but dumb when it comes to appropriate topics and conversations. But how could the reviewer skip over Amy offering to set the labs "cocaine addicted monkeys with nothing to lose" Loose on Alex?!


Dear writer, after reading your piece two things became obvious to me 1) You are not an usual viewer of this show, otherwise you would have known Leonard plays the cello, and 2) You have never met in real life a gifted person; my brother's IQ is off the charts and he is as socially awkward as he is smart, these kind of people usually do not function well around regular folk and they tend to be quite naive or ,-for lack of a better word-, ignorant when it comes to socializing, they also tend to be very pragmatic. That's why I find Sheldon's character believeable, he also displays OCD behaviour.


the show is back to it's self again!!!!!!!! this one is right there with game night. like the fact sheldon is back being sheldon. like the life size janga game. so glad game was only once this week like her talk abut the monkeys
glad it was penny that saw the green eye this time around with lenard. thay were cute togather this week. so glad we saw raj's puppy this week


I'm usually a fan, but Sheldon's behavior was just TOO juvenile this time. The menstral/ovary/PMS jokes were not amusing to me. I agree that Penny/Leonard scenes were the best.


I appreciated the idea behind the episode that if Sheldon talks to women in the real world like the way he talks to Penny for example that could make llots of women really uncomfortable especially when she can't slam the door in his face or kick him out like Penny can without reprecussions but it wasn't executed well and kind of reminded me the showrunners also run that stupid show that follows. I kind of think if they focused entirely on Leonard & Penny's issue and then had Raj & Howard just debate the merits of a female cereal mascot it might have been better. and i kind of think Sheldon's cousel of ladies could have worked better.


I think that this is totally in keeping with Sheldon's character. He has no subtlety or street smarts. He only sees black and white, nothing in between so it was a good ep for me.


@Swanny: the quote that I remember for that episode is: Leonard: I thought you weren't interested in me.
Leslie: That was before I saw you handling that beautiful piece of wood between your legs. Guess it also works on Penny :p I'm also glad they finally showed Raj's dog again, although I'm a bit sad for that poor dog, because Raj must leave her alone very often, since we never see her :( Great episode, I loved P&L storyline from beginning to end =D and I don't think we have to worry about P&L getting married anytime soon. It took Penny nearly three years to tell Leonard she loves him, so we're good for a while :p


Somewhat funny but unbelievably dumb, unrealistic and overly offensive for a comedy.

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Not one cereal mascot is a girl. It's a total breakfast sausage fest.


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