The Carrie Diaries Premiere: Grade It!

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So... what did you think?

After months of build-up, The Carrie Diaries premiered last night on The CW, as viewers met AnnaSophia Robb as a teenage Carrie Bradshaw and watched her juggle life in the suburbs and The Big Apple.

Are you on board? Are you excited to see where things go between Carrie and Sebastian?

Watch the official promo now for next Monday's "Lie With Me" - which will feature Carrie worried about her relationship and Maggie's sex obsession causing problems with Walt - and then vote on the opener below...

What did you think of The Carrie Diaries series premiere? Give it a grade:

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I am giving it an 'A'. For a CW show that's not about the supernatural or superhuman beings, it's good. I think the acting is quite good as well. So far i liked the pilot. I will have to wait til ep 5 or 6 to see if I like it or not though. I actually don't mind the fact that its in the 80s.


I just don't know if it can survive the lack of technology. It's not going to be convincing for teenagers who have always had access to FB, Twitter, etc.


Honestly so much better than I expected! This show was so cute and I can't wait to watch it develop


I'm giving it a B.
I like it. Not a show where I would say "OH MY GOD! NEXT WEEK, PLEASE!", but something that's kind of like "Oh, look, Carrie Diaries is on".

Spindae 2o

For a story wuth so much backage the Pilot deserves an "A". Let' s see hiw the season will go on. . .

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Somehow trouble always seems to find me.


In 2 weeks time, 2 emaciated models will be fighting over your bag like their life depends on it.