The Lying Game Review: Guess Who's Back

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Guess who's back!

Lucky for fans of The Lying Game, "Advantage Sutton" has two answers for that question. After all, double the fun is the motto on this ABC Family show.

Let's start with our favorite twosome. Sutton has been frothing at the mouth to "get her life back" from Emma. You know, the one she forced Emma to take. With Rebecca's blessing this week, Sutton put her plans into motion. 

Emma's Tennis Match

Rebecca needed more of an in at the Mercer household so she sent her bored, horny and troublemaking daughter back for recon. We all know that Sutton is up for the challenge. Ted is just not interested in any word that a woman has to say, so of course sending in one of his daughters is the best move. Seriously, Rebecca actually has no leg to stand on right now. I've never seen a guy less interested than Ted is in her.

Time to play the trump card, which it looks like she realizes next week. Hey Ted, by the way we have twins!! Will she go through with it? I kinda hope so but I guess that would be the end of the "lying game." There's still so many questions to be answered; for starters we still don't know who killed Derek! Alec knows Rebecca set him up. Now we just need to find out who was on the other end of that phone call at the end of the episode before Alec swept into that Harlequin romance sex scene.

Speaking of sex damn Sutton and Ethan! As sultry as that was, it did a disservice to high school virgins everywhere who think that sex in high school is all great lighting, hard bodies and an awesome soundtrack. It's okay, The Vampire Diaries is guilty of this crime as well. I also love when TV shows use sex dream flashbacks as a device. Ethan sure woke up in a panic. Since obviously Emma now knows about his night with Sutton, the real person he should be worrying about is Jordan.

Jordan is catching on really quickly to Sutton's ability to just materialize out of nowhere from across town. He will definitely be the next person to find out about the twins. Right now Jordan's got his own drama with Laurel and Mads. Will Mads continue living with the Mercers now that Laurel caught her tonguing Jordan? It's either that or live with potential murderers Rebecca and Alec. At this point, I might choose seclusion at the cabin with Emma.

Emma knew that if she forfeit that tennis match that Sutton would take her life back and she'd be off to cabin city. Yet she still ran off the second she heard Thayer was in trouble. Who do you think is the number-one guy in Emma's life right now, Thayer or Ethan? Do you blame Thayer for leaving after Alec's horrific comment to him?

The only mistake I made was taking your bastard ass in when nobody else gave a crap about you. | permalink

Murderer or innocent, Alec is a dick. Plain and simple. I think things are going to get a lot more interesting now that he's out behind bars. I love Ted and Kristen as parents, but as far as drama and entertainment they are pretty dullsville. 


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Agree with fortyseven. Things are literally getting hotter every episode and cheesier. The Alec/Rebecca scene was one of the worst scenes ever in TV history, but hey, I liked it! - I can't stand the fact that love triangles change so smoothly. There needs to be more drama and less predictability there.


Season 2 has been sexier so far. I like the twins' scenes the most. I know it's cheesy but Alec leaving with the storm in the background was cool and funny and then the romance scene with Rebecca was cheesy too but it was sexy. I like that they change things up organically and not too frequently or infrequently. Thayer leaving just keeps Jordan in the dark longer. Mads telling Laurel about Emma makes sense.


I give it exactly one interaction before Laurel starts to suspect something going on and I am going to take a wild guess that as an olive branch, Mads decides to let her in on the secret if because she knows that Laurel will need Emma after the whole Jordan thing and Sutton would certainly be no help to her. Like, does Sutton realize that Mads was camping out with Emma? While I was disappointed that Thayer left, I kind of appreciated the fact that he did have a life before Sutton descended on him, but I wonder how long he would be gone when he knows that Emma is on the outs now and is alone in the cabin (well, until Laurel discovers the truth and pretty much moves in with her).

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