The Mentalist Review: Narrowing the List

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Has anyone else thought that the CBI may be one of the most corrupt branches of law enforcement we've ever seen on TV?  

Red John has his moles within the agency. Volkner has his informants. Sometimes, it's felt like half of the staff has been working for the bad guys. Members of the CBI, including two directors, have been shot by their own people or other members of law enforcement.

A Red John Lead

I knew law enforcement was dangerous, but the CBI has taken it to a whole new level. With "The Red Barn," it was revealed that Ray Haffner is a member of Visualize.  While that's not illegal, it's certainly walking the edge of unethical.

Perhaps Lisbon should consider moving on, if not for her own safety then to ensure that Rigsby never again throws her a surprise party.

If I'd ever doubted that Rigsby was an idiot, which I never have, the party with the male stripper solidified that impression. Anyone who's known Lisbon for more than a week could tell she'd hate everything about that idea. Jane knew. Cho knew. But not Rigsby.

Fortunately, three dead bodies and a Red John smiley face were probably enough to make her forget a drunken Rigsby singing karaoke. 

The expression on Jane's face when he saw that symbol on the barn was almost painful. Finding that symbol meant that Red John started killing long before anyone knew of him. Long before Jane's family was killed. And Jane's using that information to narrow down his search.

Now we know that there's a link between Red John and Visualize. Now Jane knows that Red John was on that farm in 1988. Jane has narrowed a list of 2,164 people down to 408. This new information will help him whittle that down until Red John is almost within reach.

Overall, I had a few favorite moments in this episode...

First was Jane playing with the Golden Retriever. The man really should get himself a pet. Unfortunately that will probably have to wait until Red John is caught, just like everything else in his life.

Second was Grace's discussion with the priest about Visualize:

What's wrong with wanting to be the most powerful version of you you can be? | permalink

Could Grace still be struggling with her own demons since her fiance's betrayal?  Does this The Mentalist quote hint that she could fall prey to Visualize? To Red John?  I'd love it if Grace went undercover at Visualize to try and gain more information about their connection to Red John but is she strong enough to keep up that type of charade?

Finally, the best moment of the night was Lisbon standing outside Jane's door asking why he wouldn't let her in.

Lisbon: Are we partners or what?
Jane: Come here, partner. | permalink

Her simple question demolished Jane's resolve to keep her at arms' length. 

Jane has been running his own investigation. He has his own murder board and his own Red list and it's getting smaller by the day. If Jane and Lisbon truly work together, how long will it be before they narrow it down to Red John?


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You might want to rethink that KM, they are blood suckers! Trust me! You should see my monthly bill!


also, take a look at stella baker in the youtube footage of the hollywood walk of fame ceremony. what a peach! first time i've seen her grown up and fully aware of the power of her beauty, and not in a bad way. confident and gorgeous. with her father's features and thick curly hair. sexy girl. lucky girl. i wish her a lot of happiness.


I don't believe in religion and was raised RC. My mother who died of cancer, questioned on her death bed why the CC denounced her for marring a divorced man. When the CC, a few years later came out and appologized to women for their harsh treatment of women, I gave up my religious affliations.While I still believe in God, I don't believe in the hypocrisy of religious man made rituals.


Me too @Entwife and huisclothes. I love their gratitude, especially Baker's and Tunney's, and I hope that it will help when it comes to the shows future. Because they are both so genuine about it. (Not that other cast members aren't, I just don't see many interviews with them.) I hope that Warner Bros. Television will make it possible for the series to finish strong, be that reducing the fee CBS must pay or shop it to another broadcast network. I'd follow it, even if it means getting cable installed.


@entwife. re: redemption and red badge. they're both part of the bosco arc which has some of the best episodes in the whole series. there is so much to love in them.
Redemption. best scene, my opinion, jane and bosco on the roof of the cbi. great dialog. when jane put his hand on bosco's shoulder, it was the only time i've seen real physical provocation from him. like he was thinking of giving sam a glasgow handshake. something that nick fallon in the guardian did quite a few times. then the scene where he asks teresa to take him back. and the cocky little, cagney-esque walk he does when he follows her to the house.
Red badge. the mind-melding scene at the beginning. simon looks incredible when he throws his head back. the scene in minelli's office. the hypnosis scene. the scene were they catch the shrink. the "he's in love with you?" scene.


@entwife. i love the sentiment about cbs not canceling the show because of the star. who knows? can't believe it will cut any ice. the thing that depresses me the most is that simon keeps going around saying he's grateful.


I am amazed at where I am right now. This site will be another pivitol point in my life. Look at what we have here. I would not trade it for anything! There is more life here then I have seen anywhere! I am truely honored to be amoung you, no matter what our beliefs are. These are the mysteries in life I was talking about. We are here because of a TV show! But I have learned a great deal from all of you. Now that's a real F***king mystery by itself! We are from eveywhere! I feel good in this moment right now!


@rationalgal. ditto for me.


I'm not convinced either way. All the panentheist that I know don't believe in either heaven or hell so this life is all you have, nor do they think that prayers are heard and divinely acted upon by an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipowerful being. The universe is everything and everything is in the universe. They are critical thinking and trust science. They know the Bible including all the extra canonical gospels well. And I see calling on the name of god or swearing to god as pretty common proclamation in times of stress. And, Jane he's a showman. I think Jane may want to believe that he is still connected to his wife and daughter deep inside. Atheists, agnostic, panentheist, or conventionally religious, I don't think the association matters in determining who is ethical and moral. The last of the four largely seems to depend on a source outside their conscience though. Their dependence on an outside source is what I see Jane truly rejecting.


Rationalgal, do you believe in anything higher then man?

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Rigsby: Anybody feel as bad as I do?
Cho: Not if you feel like you look.

This is very depressing. I'm going to wait outside.