The Mentalist Review: Taking It Personally

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"Days of Wine and Roses" was more about Lisbon's hunt for Tommy Volker than the murder of the week, but let's start at the aptly named Oasis Rehabilitation Center.

The place was certainly an oasis, on par with many vacation resorts, offering ample opportunity for Patrick Jane to make mischief.

Jane Sneaks Around

Charlotte (aka Charlie's mother) was blinded to her daughter's addiction. She refused to believe Charlie would steal her ruby necklace. What she failed to realize was that an addict is capable of almost anything. I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Maria, a character we never even saw on screen, who took the fall for the crime.

Jane playing the klepto was great fun, but it was even better when I realized that Cho and Lisbon were in on the scam. 

In the end, I couldn't help but mourn Charlotte. Her death really was a tragedy. She was young and could have turned her life around. But the one person whose job it was to help her was the one who took it all away. 

Joanne whined that her disease made her do it. Hopefully she can wallow in that self pity for the rest of her life in a prison cell.

But back to Tommy Volker...

Lisbon personally financed a second autopsy on Amanda Shaw. How much do one of those cost? The guilt over not being able to protect the girl was driving Teresa on a crusade that's as much personal as it is professional. 

And Jane noticed.

He knew that the gleam in her eye was either a break in the Volker case or a new lover in her life. I thought it was sweet that he hoped it was love as he said she deserved to find happiness. Jane deserves that too.

But Lisbon would be thrilled with catching Volker and with Grace's help she tracked down his enforcer.

Speaking of Van Pelt, I loved how they hid the actress' pregnancy this week. The rolling cart with file boxes on it was new and kind of ingenious. At least it let her get up from her desk. 

Just in case we forgot how creepy Volker was, he decided to visit Lisbon. In addition to his version of charming intimidation techniques he also told Lisbon, "You look good. You've been working out." The way his eyes roamed her body made me want to take a shower.

He was pushing Lisbon's buttons, hoping for a reaction and it was starting to worry Jane as he told her in this The Mentalist quote

Jane: I'm just a little worried he's inside your head and believe me that's not a good road to go down. Bad neighborhood. | permalink

And if anyone should know, it's Patrick Jane.

When it all falls apart, when Lisbon's only connection to Volker is gunned down in the street along with two innocent bystanders, Teresa plays her last card.

She ask Jane for help. Jane vs. Volker. Now this should be fun.


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When Jane told Lisbon not to let Volker het into her head, what he meant was Volker is a demented twisted evil little creep who delights in playing with people before he kills them. Jane knows Volker is not worth that kind of self torment. Basically he was saying if you drive down that nasty little road to Volker's neighborhood and park against his curb, you might find youself in the nightmare in elm street. Jane said he knew cause he had been there. You don't want him in your because he's just evil period. Jane does not want Lisbon to be in the same mind frame as he is with Red John. Red Johns evil is consuming Jane and Jane knows that. He was protecting Lisbon.


Now for the rest of the episode! Jane was hilarious! I love how he makes fun of the conventional society in which he works. He know how the will act and react. The best part is watching him give these folks the proverbial punch in the eyes and then laugh at them. I loved it when he shushed Cho and said could you just be a little quiet, I'm trying to search over here! Also when he pulled the watch out of his pocket and said I don't know why I didn't feel that in there. Then all the crap in the psychiatrist office! Just funny. I love his dry wit and the fact that he can be really silly! I loved the perfume thing, Jane knew when he looked around the room who his suspects were. He used it as a prop because he was on a hell raising mission! How much trouble can I get into in a rehab. center? How much Jane, how much? My best line was, you're acting like an angry stick insect! Loved this episode!


Lisbon is smart and has an arsenal at her command. She pulled out her biggest weapon, JANE! A heat seeking missile with Volker's name on it! I hope Jane blows Volker' s behind up! BOOM! You can't catch dirt bags playing nice!


This was the scene I knew Amanda was going to be killed. Not after Lisbon talked to her in her apartment. The only thing Lisbon didn't know at the time was how dirty this guy was. Lisbon was operating from when we catch him, we will protect you when you testify position. If Lisbon had known this guy was a serial killer she would have placed Amanda in protective custody immediately. Lisbon was operating from an inquiry stage with no hard proof on Volker. Volker was already a step ahead of Lisbon. Lisbon's word is her word! What Volker did in Lisbon's eyes was brutal and unwarranted. I'm on Lisbon's side in this one!


Lisbon has to set an example for her people and show respect for the law's conventional thinking to her superiors. She is stuck in the middle with no way out. In the episode If it Leads It Bleeds, Volker made up his mind to kill Amanda when they were in the airplane hanger. When Lisbon told Volker she didn't believe he would do his own dirty work, Amanda got nervous and dropped her papers on the ground. Volker looked at Amanda like she was a weak link to him and as good as dead.


This episode was fun and interesting on both sides. Lisbon is standing up to this KILLER even while he covertly threatens her life. Lisbon knows people are scared of Volker's wealth, power and influence. Lisbon's hands are tied when it comes right down to getting this creepy crawler! She is a linear conventional law enforcement officer who can't afford to side step the law for any reason. When she has in the past she paid a high price and that was for the small stuff.


(continued) right out of the mental hospital as the front man for finding RJ and handing all files over to him certainly needs explaining). Volker will be the guy all the bloody revenge gets heaped on (maybe with an RJ connection) and the real RJ (who may never be seen as more than a shadowy figure with an odd voice) will just disappear, but no one will care any more. He really has been only a personification of Death as a factor in everyone's life and how we deal with that, never portrayed as a real killer such as Panzer and Volker.


Volker may have been written into the story so there is a really bad guy to kill in the end. Bruno Heller said viewers want to see the harpoons go in. No one but Volker looks particularly harpoon-ready. Can't do another killing of Red John. Too anti-climatic after the shopping mall episode. RJ is also no longer harpoon-ready as he started out to be. Timothy Carter (speaking for RJ) turned him into a guy just wanting to retire. Lisbon's wrath against Volker is probably to set her up to being in serious danger, possibly to disengage Jane from his RJ obsession and think seriously about how he and Lisbon really feel about each other. So somehow this season has to bring the story to a close. How the writers are going to deal with everyone who has had a close personal relationship with RJ I have no idea. It includes Rosalind Harker, Kristina Frye, Bertram/LaRoche (the Blake poems), Brett Stiles, Visualize, and the FBI (setting Jane up right out of the mental hospital as the front man for finding RJ and handing all files over to him certainly needs explaining). Volker will be the guy all the bloody revenge gets heaped on (maybe with an RJ connection) and the real RJ (who may never be seen as more than a shadowy figure with an odd voice) will just disappear, but no one will care any more.


@husiclothes: I also think you probably misinterpreted that although your general comment of things being a little corny the second time is an astute and interesting observation, its something I notice on the show more than occasionally rewatching it unfortunately but this wasnt one of those episodes that I felt that way. I really didn't think he was being snarky or clever, and actually I think the opposite that was one of the more caring and legitimately earnest pieces of advice Jane has given Lisbon in a while, not any of that mocking snide remarks Jane is known for. We know Lisbon cares greatly about Jane and we know that Jane cares for Lisbon, but quotes like those show his care has matured and can approach levels that Lisbon has shown for him in the past. And no I still dont think this Jane-Lisbon romance is happening anytime soon, there is a difference between earnest care and romantic love.


hi watcher. nice to see someone is reading my stuff. appreciate your analysis. so you're saying that patrick means "letting someone inside your head is a bad move for you?" that seems like a perfectly fine thing for him to communicate there and that's ultimately how i understood it in context. but what he does say -- you don't want to go down that road (meaning the path to the inside of your head?), that's a bad neighborhood (the inside of your head?) does feel like a line written in the style of being clever without actually being clever but that's just me.
glad you liked the perfume comment.

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