The Mindy Project Review: An Affair to Forget

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Oh, I do love my Tuesday nights with The Mindy Project. Mindy hilariously sought an adult sleepover on "Hooking Up Is Hard," as Danny let his age almost ruin things with Allison Williams' Jillian.

Mindy definitely deserves her 10-point buck someday, but Jeremy was right to suggest she get out there and make some bad decisions once in awhile. As much as I loved her anti-murder mask, she has been spending too much time in that smelly doctor's lounge.

With Draco Malfoy disqualified for lack of existing, Brendan was a decent second choice. Even if his shower looked like something Jigsaw created.

Mindy's Hook Up

Great episode for Morgan. Whether it was running budget bootcamp for the ladies, palling around with Duncan or trying to see how Tina Fey juggles it all, he provided some serious laughs and one of my favorite Mindy Project quotes of the episode.

I was a little surprised to see Danny ditch Jillian like that on the subway. Even if he wasn't a fan of Blanche and Dorothy what he did was NOT cool and he was a very lucky man to get the consolation kiss that he did.

Mindy's night ended poorly, but she and Brendan definitely had some bits and pieces going on. Mindy will no doubt get another chance to throw caution and clothing to the wind, but will she go through with it?  


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Very, very funny episode. I really enjoy watching this show and I like that Alison Williams is a guest - hopefully she'll stick around for a while. And... I kind of really love MIndy's apartment...


I love Mindy as a character..but her own 10 point buck..come on! She's so selfish and self absorbed...who's going to put up with that??? Her beau's thus far have been unbelievable as it is!


I love Morgan! Funniest character.


I was really hoping to see that hook up happen! They also have some decent chemistry. I didn't care so much about Danny's storyline this episode. It was kinda boring. Morgan was hilarious as always. He reminds me of Andy on Parks and Rec. he's just so fun to watch! Especially the still Sargent bit. Another great episode of the Mindy Project!

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The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Danny: Are you kidding me? Why are you wearing that?!
Mindy: Because I don't want to get murdered Danny!
Danny: That doesn't clarify anything!

Old guys think I have sassy mouth.