The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 143

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The Vampire Diaries met The Twilight Saga in this week's edition of our feature, as reader "TVDfan" had no choice but to compare a shirtless Michael Trevino to the look so often donned by Jacob Black in that movie franchise.

Hey, we understand.

Who actually does look better shirtless? We'll leave that to fans to debate.

But read the winning entry below and do not fret if you did not come out on top this week. There's always next time! We post a new Caption Content photo every single Friday!

Shirtless caption pic

Tyler: My body is better than Jacob's, right?

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Tyler: I just don't see it, Ian Somerhalder is a much better choice. Caroline: You take that back right now Tyler, Matt Bomer is perfect.


Why would you want Klaus when you could have this? He's got face wrinkles, won't take his shirt off and looks old and dirty.


Tyler: But I don't understand. Is it his hair? His eyes? His murderous streak? His psychopathic smile? Because he's the reason I bite you and you almost died? Or is it the way he seems to enjoy staking his own siblings. Why, Caroline, why? Caroline: Its just, uhm its just...the way he says Rippah, okay!


Tyler: My body is better than Jacob's right?


Tyler: Caroline,love, I don't mean to offend you, but leave the Blue Steal to me. Okay love? I just do it so much better. Caroline:Tyler did you just call me love? You know only Klaus can do that!


Seriously Caroline, I dare you. Say 'Epic Love' one more time...


Caroline: What do you mean you have herpes?!


Tyler: I'm trying out the "Jacob Black look" for a change.
Caroline: What do you think this is? A stupid movie?


Caroline-You will not win this staring eye contest Tyler!
Tyler/Klaus-Wanna bet love?
Caroline-Love? oh what the hell its on!


Caroline: What? I should take the vampire cure? Are you nutts? Why should I do that?!?!?
Tyler: So that I could bite you as I please...Mrrrrr....

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