The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 143

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The Vampire Diaries met The Twilight Saga in this week's edition of our feature, as reader "TVDfan" had no choice but to compare a shirtless Michael Trevino to the look so often donned by Jacob Black in that movie franchise.

Hey, we understand.

Who actually does look better shirtless? We'll leave that to fans to debate.

But read the winning entry below and do not fret if you did not come out on top this week. There's always next time! We post a new Caption Content photo every single Friday!

Shirtless caption pic

Tyler: My body is better than Jacob's, right?

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Tyler: Hey Girl you know you want this.
Caroline: ewwww You smell like dog and glitter. ughh hybrids!


Caroline: What are you doing here in the woods shirtless??
Tyler: Ohh cause I can and I'm totally hot. Check out my pecks.


Caroline: Klaus can make me a beautiful drawings and buy me pretty jewelry. What have you done?
Tyler: But Im shirtless
Caroline: Touche'


Tyler: Klaus might be charming, great at drawing and can buy you expensive jewellery but I#ve got something he doesn#t
Caroline: What?
Tyler: a contractual agreement for at least one shirtless scene per episode.


Tyler: Why don't you sparkle?
Caroline: Why don't you smell like dog, oh wait you do!


Stay away from Klaus Caroline.


Tyler/Klaus: Hey Love
Caroline: wait... are you Klaus or Tyler. I can never tell with both or your ridiculous good looks, horrible tempers, and unconditional love for Me.


Tyler: have you always been this tall?
Caroline: what's with the fifty questions hybrid boy?!?


michael: why are you looking away from me? candice: because if i catch a glimpse of your abs i forget my lines ... omg stop tensing your abs .... oh crap what was i saying??

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