The Vampire Diaries Review: Hitting the Mark

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You got me, Vampire Diaries.

Following a few lackluster Season 4 episodes, you reeled me back in with "A View to A Kill" and, yes, you did it by bringing out the humanity in both Rebekah and Klaus. You did it via some very cool action sequences that resulted in the Gilberts taking out Kol. You did it by making me believe in Strebekah as a couple.

But, let's be honest: you mostly did it with your shout-out to Bon Jovi.

Reacting to Stefan

Unlike the rock anthem that helped turn Rebekah on to the 80s, this episode was all about wanting Kol dead... or dead. It was a mission shared by Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Stefan and even the Original's siblings.

Was the return of Kol random and unexplained? Yes, but not as random and unexplained as Bonnie's father having "sources" that can pump vervain into the town's water. But more importantly, it served an important purpose here: the hour felt coherent, it felt well-paced, it built to a fatal crescendo that heated up both Kol's body and the search for The Cure.

Everyone is now on the same team, really. They may want the elixir for different purposes, but that will simply serve to make it that much more interesting when they actually find it. For now, everyone and everything has been brought together.

There's a common purpose among our favorite Mystic Falls residents, as that concluding scene perfectly combined interpersonal relationships and conflicts (Damon vs. Stefan! Bonnie vs. her parents! Matt vs. the temptation to wear his varsity jacket!) with one over-arching storyline. High drama/suspense? Mixed with well-layered, intriguing character developments? Sounds like the recipe for what's made The Vampire Diaries so great over the years, doesn't it?

You might say that the closing few moments really hit the mark. Eh? Eh?!? Okay, perhaps only I might say that.

But what made the episode so delightful as it made it way up to the Jeremy shirt rip and the growing of the map?

  • Joseph Morgan. Granted, I could write this every week. But the actor pulled off Klaus' vulnerability with a single look upon asking Damon what he says to Elena... and then went in the complete opposite direction when he flipped the eff out after witnessing Kol's death.
  • Related to the first bullet point, but great exchanges between Damon and Klaus, the show's two bad boys who are sort of alike, except for this well-put difference, as uttered perfectly by Big D: You do bad things for no reason. You do them to be a dickā€¦ if you're gonna be bad, be bad with purpose.
  • Lexi mention!
  • And a Lexi mention that actually fit the situation perfectly. Same for Klaus taunting Damon with how Stefan resisted his compulsion in that gymnasium on The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Great use of callbacks on both accounts.
  • Also a Katherine Pierce mention. Yes, this means she's coming back. Yes, my money is on her being behind that mystery team who sent some random dude into Shane's apartment last week.

Overall, a very well-written episode. Damon quasi bonded with Klaus, Stefan really bonded with Rebekah, Jeremy and Elena worked well together and even the return of Bonnie's mom made sense and brought some intrigue to that dysfunctional family.

Is Bonnie really a ticking time bomb? Can Shane be trusted to lead this giant team to the Cure? Will Silas really bring about the end of the world? Will we ever see Caroline and Tyler again? Are Stefan and Rebekah totally going steady now? You said it, Damon:

Here we go...


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@ aldion
Kol had the white oak stake while Rebekah had the white ash dagger.


BAD TIMING Jeremy...I would've LOVED to see Stefan finally kick Damon's ass for being such a backstabbing dick lol. And am with Klaus on that one, I don't see a happy ending for Delena although at this point I don't think Stefan should take Elena back, he deserves better.

David and sabrina 2014

Seeing some of these pictures involved throughout the episodes are really boring especially when they involve Delena or Strebekah moments. Who knows if this show will ever get better again and even if it does,this season will leave it as a scar for the rest of the show. ;P


how did jeremy kill kol without the white oak stake, since it was rebekah the one who posessed it?


Loved Elena in this episode, she finally fought like every vampire should ! :) But pretty much, this was one of the best episodes of the season, the ending was just amazing and I was just so amazing. Bonnie not like being told, Bonnie's mum showing up, Kol dying, Klaus being trapped, Elena being bad ass and Stefan and Rebekah's day. Wow I think i'm going to start shipping for Stefan and Rebekah. Delena, Klaroline and Stebekah


I liked Eleba finally fighting for what she wants and for what she cares about most in the world-her brother,Stefan and Rebekah are cute together i hope they last as a couple and damon are elena get together already enough with the sire bond nonsense.


@fennho Really? It can't possibly be connected to the fact that it was completed? You've got plenty of mistakes to choose from there's no need to make one up.


This episode also brought me back on board. TVD deserves 5 stars for the first time in a while. The best thing thought was that they explained something that had been bothering me for a long time: why Klaus was so obsessed with the bloody hybrids. It was actually on my wish list for the second half of the season. And now we know he wasn't. What is, was, and will never stop being Klaus' obsession is remaining safe from anyone and anything. I was so tired of the hybrids. Completely useless.


I'm not sure why everyone is not buying Elena and Jeremy killing Kol. The originals may be hard to beat, but they've all been out-smarted at some point or another (maybe except for Elijah). Elena (when human)has daggered Rebekah. The whole gang out-smarted Klaus before. They've even managed to kill Finn, so why does everyone think its impossible to kill Kol when he's weaker than rebekah and klaus? Also, I was very annoyed by bonnie's mom, who is she to tell bonnie to leave elena alone when elena has been more family to bonnie than her own mother. Didn't Abby miss out on most of Bonnie's life? There is no need for her to play mommy now.


lousy writing this show

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