The Vampire Diaries Spinoff: An Original Debate

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It appears to really be happening: the backdoor pilot for a Vampire Diaries spinoff will air on April 25, with The CW preparing viewers for a series titled "The Originals," which would center around the adventures of Klaus in contemporary New Orleans and also feature Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley.

Is this a can't-miss idea? Or a desperate attempt by the network to milk one of its only hits dry?

Two TV Fanatic writers debate this very simple question below: Should there be a Vampire Diaries spinoff?


YES by Steve Marsi

Klaus is The Man. Most CW fare is not the show equivalent of The Man.

My argument could begin and end with those two simple, yet profound points. Yet in the interest of filling space, and persuasion, I shall elaborate briefly.

The drawbacks are obvious. Spinoffs are rarely as good as originals, and this is likely to be the case even if the new show is called The Originals. Also, why mess with a good thing and take away one of TVD's brightest stars?

Well, for starters, The Vampire Diaries Season 4 has been kind of a mess. Despite continued flashes of brilliance, it often feels too crowded in terms of characters. TVD alternately struggles to keep the dynamic Klaus involved and yet not so involved that he overwhelms the Big Three.

In short, he'd be better served as the lead of his own show. Hayley, meanwhile, is a smoldering werewolf who could be interesting, but is too extraneous for anyone to really care at this point. Therein lies the win-win potential.

In Joseph Morgan and Phoebe Tonkin, The Originals would start off with two proven all-stars, while helping TVD sharpen its focus. Add in appearances by Klaus' surviving siblings and you've got a "new" stable of beloved characters - with The Vampire Diaries' core cast intact.

What would they all do in New Orleans? Does it matter? The secondary, yet equally compelling (eh? eh?) reason this idea gets the green light from me: What else is the CW going to produce instead?

Think about it. Which would you rather watch next fall: The Originals Season 1 or 90210 Season 6? Hypothetical. Case. Closed.

Klaus at the Door

NO by Matt Richenthal

Too much of a good thing. That's the saying that comes to when I think of this spinoff.

Do I adore Joseph Morgan as Klaus? Yes. Do I giggle in delight every time he utters a "love" or refers to Stefan as the "Rippah?" Pretty much. But I'm actually of the opinion that Klaus should have been killed off to end The Vampire Diaries Season 3.

The (amazing) character has run his course. He goes back and forth now from sensitive artist to Mayor-murdering bad ass. He's a lost soul who, yes, ought to leave Mystic Falls behind. But I fear his anchoring of a new series for two key reasons:

  1. Julie Plec would executive produce both shows. It's hard to imagine this double task not diluting the original product, as many believe Grey's Anatomy suffered a drop in quality once Shonda Rhimes added Private Practice to her repertoire.
  2. The CW has said The Originals will be similar in tone to The Vampire Diaries. So... what would even be the point? It's just the same show, moved a few hundred miles south? I'd prefer something different entirely, with just a loose connection to TVD, as opposed to what sounds like an attempt by the network to copy what has already worked.

Naturally, I'm curious about the spinoff. I trust Plec and I love both Morgan and Tonkin. I'll most definitely give the show a shot, but as currently concocted, a show titled The Originals doesn't sound very original at all.

Where do you stand, TV Fanatics? Will you watch The Originals?


Love the idea of The Originals, hate the idea of Hayley. What is this networks fascination with Phoebe Tonkin? They should just replace Hayley with Caroline and I guess EVERYONE would be on long as they don't turn Klaus into a lovesick puppy because his favourite blondie is coming to New Orleans (for whatever reasons).


I'm totally on board with this. I'll definitely give it a shot, because I love the Originals and I decided to stop watching TVD anyways. I still think that Caroline should come along and live the rest TVD to deal with their petty little love lives on their own. I am not sure about the background story, I wonder what will they come up with, but I hope that there will be flashbacks. Goodbye to TVD! and hello to the Originals!!!


I love the idea too. but to be honest as the only show. Let the mystic falls teenagers do their love drama and prom stuff in private. As soon as Klaus has his own show, I´ll be sailing this ship. I´m so over TVD.


Like I said before - unless it involves my dream cast of Klaus, Elijah, Kol, Becks along with the only two bearable characters from MF - Caroline and Stefan - yes, I would watch. But on a serious note, what would be the point of this show? Yes, the Originals are awesome - thats a known fact - but the thing is we haven't seen them interact that much (except Klaus and Becks) so if they are calling me to watch JUST because its always a treat to see those amazing characters - that's one thing, but in terms of storylines....what would be the main plot surrounding them? Klaus as awesome as he is can not carry the whole show by himself.


Love the idea of The Originals, hate the idea of Hayley. What is this networks fascination with Phoebe Tonkin?


@Ke. That's why I'm advocating that we all get some cardboard signs and picket forks, march on CW headquarters and call for Plec's fat head. We KNOW for a fact that this show is happening. What we don't know is who will be running the shots. If we eliminate Plec before she has a chance to write more of the same b***shit like TVD then we can at least be sure that the network will hire someone else to pen The Originals. The writer's of Sesame Street could do a better job than her. Whose with me????????


I'm gonna say no. Cause TVD and it's writing is already a plot hole filled mess. And if Julie is going to be co-producing like they say. This spin off will CONTINUE to be a mess. She can't handle character development and a steady story line in ONE show. How is she gonna handle that with two?


@kevin ""The Originals," which would center around the adventures of Klaus in contemporary New Orleans and also feature Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley." Contemporary is not a different time period. Plus should Klaus die, so does the rest of the cast, so no more Vampire Diaries. Had there been no Phoebe Tonkin in the Secret Circle, I might have missed it this year, but because she was in it I did not miss it at all.


I don't think Matt's point is relevant, because the spinoff is set in a different time, and Klaus can still die in the vampire diaries, while we go to his past in The Originals. Those two aren't mutually exclusive. I also don't understand some ppl's dislike for phoebe tonkin, you don't even know why she's involved in klaus' New Orleans storyline, so maybe u should know more first before commenting.


And, yeah, his voice is sex. It's the Alan Rickman effect; deal w / it. ;-)

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