Vampire Diaries Spinoff Rumored, To Feature Klaus in New Orleans

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What started out as a joke on Twitter has turned into strong possibility, as Deadline confirms The CW is considering a Vampire Diaries spinoff titled "The Originals."

The series would feature Klaus returning to New Orleans and reuniting with his former protege, a character named Marcel who TVD fans are yet to meet.

Network sources say the April 25 installment of the show will be penned as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff, meaning it will likely focus on Klaus, Marcel and The Big Easy in some manner.

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Julie Plec would write and produce any Vampire Diaries follow-up, with Phoeboe Tonkin also set to star as Hayley.

No word yet on Rebekah, Kol, Elijah or the status of any other Originals in the project.

So... WOW. Major news, TV Fanatics. Nothing is definitive yet, of course, but considering the popularity of The Vampire Diaries and the trouble The CW has had establishing other hits, it would be very hard to believe that this spinoff does NOT happen.

Would you tune in for a Vampire Diaries spinoff all about The Originals?

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Can't abide Klaus.


Klaus is the big bad that Stefan and Damon are always tryng to take down
TVD needs Klaus.


i actually think its a great idea to kill off the originals at the end of the season ! the show needs new a new set of characters


I don't think that the spinoff is a good idea. I love the Originals, so I'd be really sad if the actors who play them will leave the show.
I don't ship Klaroline but they are intriguing and I would miss Klaus and Caroline's scenes on TVD. Besides I don't think that the series will get picked up. The Originals are interesting in the TVDverse because their storylines are connected to the storylines of the other characters on TVD, but I don't think that many viewers would watch a show that centers only around them. And Phoebe Tonkin is sexy, that's why they chose her to star in the pilot, but apart from that I really don't get the hype about her. Joseph Morgan is a great actor, I really like him so I wish him success with the pilot, but I won't tune in. If the pilot is a success and the CW picks the show up, the TVD ratings would drop, but I don't think that the ratings would be so bad that TVD would get cancelled. So I don't think that this new show is a danger for TVD.


This news really has me torn. I was only still watching TVD in hopes for some Klaus and Caroline action. Unless Caroline is going to the new show with them I'm not going to watch tne spin-off(I have no desire to see Klaus with Hayley) and I will have no need to watch TVD anymore either. Hmmmm, what to do?


If it means more Elijah Rebekah and esp Kol, And less of the SED triangle then Im all for it!!


Does this mean no Klaus on tvd?


Although I haven't been a Finn or Kol fan, I would watch this for the other 3 for sure. And after meeting Kol at the TVD convention, I like him a lot more. This has great potential. Dont get me wrong, I adore TVD. But there are days I want the love triangle to just fade away. Its interesting, but only if we get to see BOTH couples for a time. And it seems like Delena only got like 3 episodes? It would be refreshing to see a show with these characters and NO damn triangle. I like Pheobe Tonkin but Im not fond of Hayley. And if the nee show is a pre-quel, where the hell does she fit?!?

Little bit

If this means that Klaus will finally go away from tvd and klaroline won't happen, then I'm all for it to happen. :) (although I thought they were finally going to kill Klaus off this season since it was the only thing that made sense to do at this point. Guess not.)
Maybe then- but eh I doubt it, I can always hope, though- tvd will finally spend some time on the characters we had since season one.


What a great idea! I decided to stop watching TVD after I expected so much from this season and it turned out to be such a colossal disappointment and I am HUGE fan of Klaus and all the Originals. So yeah, I'm on board! Just take Caroline and leave Haley at TVD (She is rather annoying...)

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