Vampire Diaries Spinoff Rumored, To Feature Klaus in New Orleans

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What started out as a joke on Twitter has turned into strong possibility, as Deadline confirms The CW is considering a Vampire Diaries spinoff titled "The Originals."

The series would feature Klaus returning to New Orleans and reuniting with his former protege, a character named Marcel who TVD fans are yet to meet.

Network sources say the April 25 installment of the show will be penned as a backdoor pilot for the potential spinoff, meaning it will likely focus on Klaus, Marcel and The Big Easy in some manner.

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Julie Plec would write and produce any Vampire Diaries follow-up, with Phoeboe Tonkin also set to star as Hayley.

No word yet on Rebekah, Kol, Elijah or the status of any other Originals in the project.

So... WOW. Major news, TV Fanatics. Nothing is definitive yet, of course, but considering the popularity of The Vampire Diaries and the trouble The CW has had establishing other hits, it would be very hard to believe that this spinoff does NOT happen.

Would you tune in for a Vampire Diaries spinoff all about The Originals?

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I want the originals IN vampire diaries!! Are you kidding me?? I HATE the idea! Will be very very sad if it happens...


NOOOOOOOO, but we will see


Only if caroline comes too. I love her and Klaus


I like The Originals and Klaus. It's an awesome idea to have an Vampire Diaries Spinoff, because it would focus more on Klaus and The Originals, and a few other characters. It would explore more on things that we didn't see such as Klaus's biological father, Tatia, etc.


Klaus and Caroline are my fave on the show

Kitanishi h mcdonald

YOu've got to be kidding me. Is it april first yet? One Plec-Run trainwreck soap opera is enough, no need for it to multiply and clog even more tv screentime that could be spent on far better shows.


I can't get enough of the Originals on the TVD so I'm loving the idea!!! This is a dream come true... I love Klaus and Rebekah the most, but Kol and Elijah are also pretty cool.


hell yeah! but I don't want Hayley... I don't like her

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