Tournament of TV Fanatic: Alec Baldwin vs. Katharine McPhee!

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Welcome back to the second round of the Tournament of TV Fanatic: NBC edition!

Now it's time for you, TV Fanatics, to choose your favorite NBC star! The field has been narrowed from 16 to eight. The concept is easy: Pick your favorite of the two pairs in each poll. That's it!

Today's battle: 30 Rock's Alec Baldwin vs. Smash's Katharine McPhee! VOTE:

And the Winner is?

Alec Baldwin or Katharine McPhee: Which NBC star do you love more? Vote now in this second round matchup of the Tournament of TV Fanatic! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Alec Baldwin

Katharine McPhee

Total Votes: 472

We'll post polls of these respective NBC matchups daily, and then after each round, update the bracket as some stars advance, while others are eliminated, until the winner is crowned. Make sense?

It's easy, fun and all decided by YOU! Here's the Tournament of TVF field:

NBC QF Bracket

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Alec Baldwin, Jack Donaghy, Silver Panther... FTW!


Ha Ha! Go Kat fans go! Us Kat fans are the best at cheating. You would never knlw there are so few of us, we have no lives.


I voted for Katharine also!! ;)


Oh.. and I voted for Katharine. :)


I know that it is a slow news week for all TV Fanatics with most of the shows on hiatus, but this kind of feature is just... silly. I would rather see more discussions about what is in the shows. Mid-season round tables, report cards, whatever. Interviews with actors, writers, directors. Reviews of shows that are off the air, but available to stream that people might want to go back to watch. Anything with substance, rather than just a popularity contest. Plus, Julia Child was quite obviously the number one TV star of all time :-) :-) :-) And sadly, she has passed.

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Passing out and cursing on St. Patrick's Day. Is nothing sacred anymore?