Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Casting for Camille

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We have an update on The Vampire Diaries spinoff.

Or, to be more specific, the backdoor pilot episode that will air on April 25 and serve as introduction to the seemingly inevitable Vampire Diaries spinoff.

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According to Zap2It, The CW is casting for Camille, a Tulane psychology student who will take an interest in Klaus because she's intrigued by the darker aspects of the French Quarter. Yes, Camille will be human; but, no, she will not be aware of the supernatural aspects surrounding our favorite Original Hybrid.

She will simply be drawn to Klaus because she's anxious to know: What makes an individual evil.

If The Originals goes to series this fall, Camille will be a regular cast member.

For more scoops and spoilers, including a character on her way to Arrow, visit Zap2It now.

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I think it will be a good idea, klaus should have his own show. He is one major character even in the novels. No elena drama, no love triangle. Not that i dont love it, cause i do love vampire diaries. Besides klaus can come over and visit mystic falls, if something bad was going down. And they need his help.


Does anyone else feel like this spinoff is starting to sound an awful lot like interview with a vampire?? Marcel is lestat, klaus I suppose is Louis, and this Camille lady is Christian slater's character. Set in the French quarter on new Orleans. I imagine all flash back sequences will be klaus regaling her with stories of his past over a latte.

David and sabrina 2014

Who knows how this Camille girl will be like around Klaus in the show besides being attracted to him but Im just mostly want the show to stop with its crazy topsy turvy madness. ;P


LOL Flora. Nothing like trolling another troll.


LMAO, Flora.


I don't mean to give spoilers...but I heard Marcel throws Camille on a plate to eat her, and then Klaus walks in and says "DISH out, mate" I can't wait to record this scene on my 2,000 free storage space.


Camille sounds like Elena No2 and that's NOT a good thing...




you Dish trolls can all suck it


ugh stupidest idea ever. Keep Klaus on VD. What will VD be left with? More of whiny Elena's bro trubles? Oh goody, season 5 should be interesting.

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