Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Casting for Camille

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We have an update on The Vampire Diaries spinoff.

Or, to be more specific, the backdoor pilot episode that will air on April 25 and serve as introduction to the seemingly inevitable Vampire Diaries spinoff.

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According to Zap2It, The CW is casting for Camille, a Tulane psychology student who will take an interest in Klaus because she's intrigued by the darker aspects of the French Quarter. Yes, Camille will be human; but, no, she will not be aware of the supernatural aspects surrounding our favorite Original Hybrid.

She will simply be drawn to Klaus because she's anxious to know: What makes an individual evil.

If The Originals goes to series this fall, Camille will be a regular cast member.

For more scoops and spoilers, including a character on her way to Arrow, visit Zap2It now.

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@Spindae, Alexia Fast will be recurring on a new series: Red Widow.


I am reposting this because i can swear on whatever god there is that tvd writer(s) or some other staff comes to this site and even comments cos too much of what certain fans are hunkering for is coming to pass nearly verbatim so on behalf of Paul Wesley I apologise for him not looking like Ian S and not dating Nina in real life and for him being married married. Whatever he has done to the writers I ask that he be given better material and not made out to be a pussy by still longing after Elena cos last I checked she isn't crack nor heroin thus anyone can get over her within a short while, I mean she got over her 'epic love' quite easily and moved on to his brother so please take him to the Originals and get him a girl who hasn't slept with his brother. Yours sincerely, V.




I vote for Jessica Parker Kennedy from secret circle....She was such a hottie and i miss her.

Spindae 2o

The crazy girl from tsc who stole Faye's powers aka Alexis Fast


They should rename this spin off 'The Original' singular. So, basically, it's about the originals but without the originals...

Spindae 2o

So Camilee sounds nice to me. I mean finally we get rid off Klaus. I believe I'm one of the rare TVD fans who truly dislikes Klaus. And it's quite time for the Originals to leave S3 final would've been betzer and this wouldn't be such a drag now.
An with the story going on I see Becca and Elijah a companion Klaus and kol getting dqggered. The only good thing is this reasures that Elena won't turn human, but probably a salvatore will(damon). For the role of Camilee I don't know. Maybe Tsc's Shelley hannigan, ashley Tisdale, jessica stroup, heather loklin'beatiful daughter, the crazy girl from tsc who stole faye's power


Keep in mind that this could be to TVD what Angel was to Buffy.
This could be phenomenal. Think about it. No Elena. No Jeremy. No Stefan. No Damon. No Caroline. No Sherriff. No Random Father Mayor. Just Klaus. I think the idea of the normal human girl enticed by the darkside is a little too cliche, but hopefully its not stone and they can come up with something better. Lets live in hope.


The more I hear about this spin-off, the less I'm interested. No sign of Rebekah, Kol, Elijah, but a "Camille" and rumours of Hayley... no thanks!


So, I guess this spin-off is really happening. I am very curious to see what will writers make of it. I was very excited at first, but now, when I think about it, I can't really remember any spin-off which was better that the authentic series and that really went well. Besides, the writers managed to ruin TVD for me with their lack of coherent storytelling, I don't want them to ruin the Originals as well.

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