Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Casting for Camille

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We have an update on The Vampire Diaries spinoff.

Or, to be more specific, the backdoor pilot episode that will air on April 25 and serve as introduction to the seemingly inevitable Vampire Diaries spinoff.

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According to Zap2It, The CW is casting for Camille, a Tulane psychology student who will take an interest in Klaus because she's intrigued by the darker aspects of the French Quarter. Yes, Camille will be human; but, no, she will not be aware of the supernatural aspects surrounding our favorite Original Hybrid.

She will simply be drawn to Klaus because she's anxious to know: What makes an individual evil.

If The Originals goes to series this fall, Camille will be a regular cast member.

For more scoops and spoilers, including a character on her way to Arrow, visit Zap2It now.

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I agree with the above comment, the Original Family should have been brought in by the beginning of Season Two, and dealt with at the end of Season Three, they are really uninteresting, well Klaus and Rebekah are, the only reason Elijah and Kol are still of any interest is that they keep the viewers guessing. Did the show's creators never watch 'TWIN PEAKS', why is the show and its 'protagonist' Laura Palmer still a favourite with everyone even after over twenty years, because they both remain a mystery.


Just by what little we know so far, this Originals spin-off idea doesn't sound at all interesting to me. I also think Klause and his family are starting to get a bit old. It's about time they get killed-off. I think a Jeremy Gilbert Vampire Hunter series would probably work better.

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