90210 Review: Fight Club

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Everyone on 90210 is fighting for or about something. In "Here Comes Honey Bye Bye," we saw almost none of those conflicts get resolved. Instead, a whole new set of problems arose!

And then there's Liam, who wants to start an actual fight club to channel his rage from being kidnapped by the psycho skank.

Max's Marriage

Liam has the perfect temperament to play nurse to Annie, but aside from that he's ready to kick some major ass. As long as Liam can be in the ring or with punching his bag, everything would be alright. 

He's pretty chipper for a guy who was almost shipped to Mexico in a crate. | permalink

OMG, I had no idea Teddy could make a funny joke! Love it. The fact that Teddy's humor is so rare made it 10 times better. Well... Liam's good mood only lasted for so long until he punched the lights out of some guy at the gym and was banned from training there. Nothing stops Liam Court, though, so he turned Navid's lame sausage fest of a party into a Fight Club.

Now he and Navid have somehow won their way into a secret society! This is great for Navid's future business school endeavors, but doesn't help Liam with his rage issues at all.

Meanwhile, Annie was fighting for her relationship with Riley. We haven't heard much about Riley since the 90210 holiday episode but Dixon finally filled Annie in on his experimental spine surgery. Annie and Dixon bicker so much - but why would she be mad Dixon didn't tell her about the surgery? She was kind of in her own surgery at the time healing from a gunshot wound so it's not like Dixon did it on purpose! In the end, although Riley seemed okay at first, he ended up passing away. This is what we were afraid of when Street wanted to get experimental spine surgery on Friday Night Lights Season 2!

This is obviously a devastating turn but we also haven't heard about Riley in months so it's hard to know where he and Annie even stood. It felt like it was kind of thrown into the episode. As far as Annie's brother, they both have the tendency to help people (usually each other) against the other person's wishes. Now Dixon went and set up a secret scholarship for Megan after she specifically told him she didn't want his financial help.

We all knew this wasn't going to work out. Well, Adrianna just expedited the process by finding out what Dixon was up to and blowing his cover. Why should she be working her ass off for his label when the money is going to his girlfriend?

At the end of last week, Naomi found out that Max was not really in Iceland and was really just hiding at his parents' house. These two were desperately in need of some couples therapy so I'm glad they went. However, even though they found some conclusions, things didn't really end well. Max still took off in the middle of the night and left a small gift. He couldn't have had the balls to say goodbye like a man? I'm off of Team Max. 

I've been on my own since I was 16. I've been pretending to be an adult for so long, I'm not, I'm not an adult. And I was mad at you for acting like a child because I never got to be one. | permalink

Last but certainly not least is Teddy and Silver. We found out the real reason Silver couldn't just use a random sperm donor was because it was too risky for her to try IVF again. Now we know why these specific embryos were so important and thanks to Navid (I know Navid... did a good deed!) Teddy now knows too. So Silver can have the embryos...but she can't carry the baby herself, Teddy demands a surrogate. The battle continues.

Whose side are you on? Will Max and Naomi come back to each other? Will Liam find a healthy outlet for his anger? It was an intense and fight filled 90210, wasn't it?


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@90210 lover: i highly doubt that. I read somewhere online (i think here) where the president of theCW said that when they decide to cancel this show they'll give them a proper good bye with a shortened season because they want to "satisfy" the audience.
besides, they were doing pretty good for a show in the fifth season (and on this channel), until it was switched to an hour later when the carrie diaries took its place.
but who knows, you may be right..


I just read that this may be the final season of 90210 due to the low ratings, and the CW already told the writers to start an arc for the series finale! Im so sad about these news! Yes, I always knew that maybe 90210 wasnt gonna last forever, but at least I thought we'd get a short final season like gossip girl, not a small series finale arc! I think there's too much going on and little time to wrap things up to end the series! This blows!! :(


What an episode! First off, Riley was literally killed off. It was sad, but it also makes room for Lannie. Annie living with Liam is adorable. Silver and Teddy, I don't even know who to side with anymore. It's dragged on too long, I hope it gets a wrap-up soon. Dixon and Megan, why must it end this way! They would've made a really good couple. Even Maxomi is dying. Poor kids. I guess the only high note would be shirtless sweaty angry Liam that just wants to 'hulk smash' stuff.


@Amy Lynn
I don't think there's anything wrong with Silver wanting to experience carrying the babies herself and giving birth to them.In my comment I was focused on what happens after that.Silver could move to L.A. or Teddy could move back to Beverley Hills.The kids will not have an easier life without a dad.I'm glad Shane opened his big mouth and made Teddy realise he's gonna be a father and that's a responsibility.He's not just a sperm donor,he's a dad.

Michael b

This was a good episode. When Annie told Riley that she loved him, me and my sister both said "NOOOOOO!!!!!" I have to say I'm glad he died so that way Annie and Liam can get back together.
Speaking of Liam, I like that his character is going back to his dark ways...
I was so lost with Navid's story line. He needs better story lines.
It was cool seeing Ade and Megan team up.
I liked that Naomi finally planned another event. It seems like it has been forever and she is really good at it. Now that her and Max are over, I really hope Sean Faris will come on the show and be her true love. (Not looking forward to Robbie Jones)
Silver looked so gorgeous in this episode!!!!!


@katherine_fan the whole point is that silver wants to experience the joy of carrying a child… there's nothing wrong with that at all. And teddy lives clear across the country. That would also be really hard for a child to go through. And she has every right to feel that was as her doing it alone was the original arrangement that teddy agreed to until Shane had to open his big mouth and put his two cents in. Also, I agree with tipper kitty, I'd rather see them get rid of Dixon and Annie before the other characters they're losing as well. And the two best ones, Naomi and silver, have been on since season one also so that doesn't really matter. I hope they put silver back with someone at least! But preferably Liam!


no one mentioned how sexy liam looked in this episode? not even you, Leigh!?! lol it really was a depressing episode. i felt bad for riley but im looking for a Lannie reunion. THEY BETTER HAVE ONE! apart from this, i was so sad with maxomi. they're so good together, they could've work their differences together. they didnt have to break up. i want them back asap


be in the picture and care for their children as Teddy does.Silver is acting like a selfish brat who doesn't want other people to play with her toys.Well,Silver,children are not toys.Like Gina said to Christian in 'Nip/Tuck',''you can't have a kid and be a kid''.


I don't think Teddy wants a surrogate to get back at Silver.I think he's doing it to protect her.Being pregnant takes a toll on every woman's body and in some cases,it is endangering the mother's (and sometimes the baby's) health.Teddy is worried about his babies and about Silver.The only thing I can be mad at him about is him giving up on his babies .He'd be a great dad.
Silver is my least favorite this season.When Dixon told her in last week's ep that she's not ready to be a mother for all those realistic reasons,I thought to myself 'Finally'.I wish someone had told her that this is not her last chance to be a mom in this week's ep.She can adopt.Whe she's ready,when her life is more stable,when she finds the right man to do this with her.Silver is not ready to be a mom.She can't provide a stable environment for a child let alone 2.And she doesn't even think about her children's feelings when she chooses to leave the dad out of the picture.A lot of single moms would want the dad to be in the picture and be as caring for their children as Teddy is.Silver is acting like a selfish brat who doesn't want other people to play with her toys.Silver,children are not toys.As Gina said to Christian in 'Nip/Tuck',''you can't have a kid and be a kid''.

Sarah silva

I feel so bad for Naomi. I liked her and Max when they first got together but it seems like ever since he came back last season engaged and then they ended up together and got married their relationship has been on the decline which is too bas as I really liked them together but not anymore.
Silly Dixon, while some girls may be happy to not have to worry about their tuiton Megan was not that girl.
So things are not looking good at the moment for our beloved 90210 characters.

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90210 Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

He's pretty chipper for a guy who was almost shipped to Mexico in a crate.

Teddy [about Liam]

Don't worry about Ade. She'll come around She's actually a nice girl when she's not cheating on me, or trying to kill Silver, or pregnant and on drugs.


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