Beauty and the Beast Review: Don't Go Breaking My Heart

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What a great idea, even if every girl on the planet knew from the get-go it would fail in execution.

"Cold Turkey" was Cat's way of letting go of Vincent so the thought of him and Alex exploring their past wouldn't hurt. The odds of that happening, of course, were quite miniscule. It was so realistic when Cat told Tess she thought she just sent him to the cabin with Alex because he might have been wavering because, yes, most females think just like that.

Vincent Chases Cat

Cat did such an incredible job of pretending to Alex that she wasn't rotting inside, while hearing about her plans to take Vincent away to her family's cabin. A much better job than Vincent did understanding Cat's true feelings when he stupidly asked her opinion on taking the trip.

No matter how much I try to put myself into Vincent's shoes, I cannot grasp his complete blind spot to her pain. Despite the fact he told her it's not about choosing between Cat and Alex - which by definition clued Cat in that he knew damn well it would affect her if he were to make such a decision - Vincent was still compelled to talk about Alex and his feelings with Cat. Yet Cat never broke down.

I didn't quite get why she chose to raid Alex's apartment when her name showed up for a narcotics bust when it only meant she would have to head over there to clean the place of all traces of Vincent. I suppose she wanted to be there when the raid happened, instead of them getting there without her having a chance to do her handy work first.

Finding a bug from Muirfield was a surprise. After the fake out in "Seeing Red," I figured they just didn't care about Alex. I guess they've gotten a different picture of her since then.

No distance between them and the city could make their lives full of sunshine and strawberry milkshakes like the fantasies Vincent and Alex were sharing as they drove to the cabin. Vincent let his guard down and was trapped by Muirfield, and somehow Alex found himself and Cat in the woods just in time for the big show of his beastly change and ripping a few bad guys apart.

The differences in the reactions between Cat and Alex were really interesting to watch. I can't recall a time when Cat was so front-facing during one of Vincent's episodes, but she wasn't phased by his alteration in the slightest. She watched him change into and back out of the beastly side of himself without hesitation. Her trust in who he becomes is complete. It's a bit awe inspiring.

Alex was not so trusting. She said she loved Vincent and whatever he was going through, but when she saw him, she freaked. I've seen a lot in my life, and I've loved deeply. I've lost loves and left some. If I truly loved someone as Alex claimed and saw him do what Vincent did, I wouldn't have had that reaction. I'm sure of it. That leaves us wondering what kind of wild card Alex will be now that she knows about Vincent and Muirfield knows about her.

Will Muirfield target her in an attempt to get Vincent to do something for them? Maybe Alex will use her knowledge as some sort of leverage if she gets a narcotics charge. Somehow I don't think Red is going to go quietly into the night, not after what she witnessed.

When Vincent came to his senses and realized what an ass he had been in turning toward Alex and away from Cat, it was too late. Cat had been hurt enough to raise her guard to protect herself. Who could blame her? Rightfully, she wanted to be his first choice, not second prize in a contest where the competition was rather thin. Kristin Kreuk was able to display with very few words so much emotion in that scene. I felt every nerve tingling in Cat, from her heart to her brain, as she told Vincent she had to step back and think of herself first. 

When he said he was going to be there, I imagined her wanting to launch herself into his arms, because that's what girls want to do. It is so hard to be strong and walk away when that door is opened again. Kudos to the writers for holding her fast and doing what was right for the character. Cat's growth has been impressive and believable.

And now for the weekly check in on where you all stand with Evan. I no longer have an ounce of doubt that he'll be on board to help Vincent. When confronted by J.T. about Lila Burrows he reacted much as you'd expect, but he copped to it later and told the truth about what happened. He's on the inside about Muirfield, and the more he learns the more intrigued he becomes. He'll not lose interest, and he's beginning to trust J.T. All of that will play in favor of his working with Cat and J.T. to help Vincent.

There is also little doubt that he'll flip out a bit when he realizes how close Cat is to the beast, but the more he and J.T. work together the more excited I get for the future of their effort. Evan seems to have passed on the idea of the grant, which may get J.T. to open up with some more information. I'm excited for the expansion of the team. First Evan, then we can get to work on Tess.

What did you think of this week's episode? The only thing missing this week was a soundtrack. Strange how some episodes make your heart melt with melodies and others are eerily silent. To relive past episodes, check out the Beauty and the Beast music section.

Chat about Beauty and the Beast Season 1 and tonight's episode in the comments. I adore that one of the most realistic love stories on television takes place in one of the most fantastical settings. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment for a freshman series.


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So happy we are finally getting rid of the redhead...she was the worse thing in the show so far...and really did not need to be in 4 episodes...she messed up the chemistry of the show...good riddance to the ex...ding dong the witch is dead


Cat going cold turkey and trying to move on from Vincent and being strong worked really well. I couldn't believe Vincent came to cat and asked permission to go to the cabin how clueless can he be. Cat showing up to save Vincent was great. Alex finding out about Vincent was good and bad it was good because she knows the truth and we saw how she know feels about him and he can now be with cat and its bad because she now knows and she's not on there team so they have to worry about her telling someone. Cat not going to Vincent after he said he was wrong and he wanted her was great because she didn't want to be a second choice and she made the right decision walking away. The ending was great it was cool seeing cat actually be there for her bestfriend and partner all 3 of them getting up and doing kareoke was funny and was a nice ending. Can't wait till the next episode it look great.


@Celine, it makes you human.


When Alex was running from Vincent, I was literally doing a victory dance. Does that make me a horrible person?


i really loved this episode! although not much happened alot did happen i felt. For example when cat and vincent were in the woods and the spotted the guys from muirfield i loved the contrast back to the first episode when she was lying on the floor and couldn't really do anything... i think this shows how much cat has changed and that she is now able to fight back. It was nice to see cat turn him down at the end and go out with her girl friends cause vincent has put her second and now so does she. I love this show and it just keeps getting better!


Well done Carissa, great review!


Ctd from below. Evan will find out. I hope he'll be on board, but if he feels like people are in danger, I bet he'll believe (and he does) have an obligation to report Vincent.


I love that Cat stood up to Vincent. I understand how addictive it must have been to be with Alex, to have her look at him as she once did, to make him feel like he could put Muirfield and the horror of his changing DNA behind him. But it was entirely wrong of him to be so reckless and put Alex in danger, and to have hurt Cat and been so selfish with her. He was an ass. Evan won't give up. He better start sweeping his office regularly if he's going to keep up his work. I don't blame him for his search, just as Cat searched when Vincent saved her the night her mum was killed. Nor do I blame Alex for her reaction. Vincent lied to her, betrayed her, questions about his relationship with Cat, then morphed and ripped people apart before her eyes. That's a lot to take in at one time, and even Cat didn't initially handle one of his revelations well. Evan will find out. I hope he'll be on board, but if he feels like people are in danger, I bet he'll believe (and he does) have an obligation to report Vincent.


I love.this show! Cat amazing. I love the girl bonding scenes in this episode. Tess and heather are awesome. Vincent was such an ads but the ending.he definitely redeemed himself. I loved how the episode was written and everything that happened. The fight scene was.awesome it showed how close they are. Loved the review and the show!


Two things I didn't like. One, every time Vincent and Cat are together, having a moment of some kind, there is this music playing extremely softly in the background, almost indistinguishable, very, very low, always the same song, the same music that led up to their dance. Tonight that music was playing when he was with Red in the cabin and that kinda irked me.
Also, I'm just so disappointed in the way they've changed everything about Vincent's character lately, the lies, the inability to see what's really going on with Cat, despite being so incredibly intuitive up to now as far as she is concerned. I just have to say that there is absolutely no chemistry whatsoever between him and Red, really, the sooner they get her out of the story line the better.
Still not sure about Evan...

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