Beauty and the Beast Review: You Can't Control Your Heart

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If you were waiting for a week when things slowed down or maybe the series stumbled a bit, you were let down here - because "Trust No One" was another extremely strong episode in a stunning Beauty and the Beast Season 1.

Week by week, the characters, mythology, romance and mystery continue to grow.

We knew Alex was going to be trouble, but at least she wasn't doing it on purpose. Well, not maliciously anyway. She definitely couldn't keep her mouth shut and, since Vincent and J.T. grew up with her, and she did make it through medical school, they couldn't really know she was dumber than a box of rocks.

Angry Tess

I mean, seriously? I like to gossip, too. Catch me at the right moment and I might be selling state secrets on Twitter, but if I saw my guy turning into a beast in the woods and ripping someone limb from limb I would quickly realize that those pursuits might not be the best option for everyone going forward. At first it appeared telling a journalist would be Alex's biggest mistake because how often do friendly journalists appear on our screens? Right, not too often.

Instead, that poor guy lost his life thanks to Alex's loose lips, and Muirfield discovered Alex was an incredibly soft target to reel Vincent into their trap. Even though it was easy to paint Alex with the stupid brush, I also understood why she did what she did. She wanted to try to save the man she once knew and was grasping at whatever straw was held out to her. Cat was accepting Vincent as he was now and Alex was still holding out hope.

In the end, she was convinced to let Vincent go and trust Cat. In doing so she realized who Vincent loved and that it was time to move on with her life. Unfortunately, it was probably too late. A Muirfield thug was riding the bus out of town with her. Will he kill her or give her one more chance to be a lure for Vincent?

The woman who pulled the strings leading to Vincent's capture was Claire, who had been sleeping with Evan. Now is the time when you all tell me I was a nutcase for trusting him. Go on, let me have it. He sounded pretty convincing when he told her the he thought he was either with them or dead, but I am still holding out hope. As we learned from what happened to turn him away from surgery, Evan is a good man. He will not be able to do something out of malice or for nefarious reasons. He'll fight working alongside Muirfield. He has to!

In the area of things just falling apart, what the hell happened with Tess? First of all, she's having an affair with Joe, who is married with children. I won't judge her for that, but it does make me wonder why she came down so hard on Cat in the evidence room. It's not like she's perfect. Granted, she let Cat in on her secret, but she either trusts her partner or she doesn't. I don't know how the police scenes will fit with the show any more if Tess and Cat aren't partners, so I hope she has a change of heart before she fills out that request.

Finally - it's time to honor Valentine's Day! What is the greatest romance on television without a discussion about love? First of all, a shout out to Austin Basis, better known as J.T., for delivering his lines with such aplomb. J.T.'s advice to Vincent on how to woo Catherine was right on the mark. There are always great Beauty and the Beast quotes, but this one made me laugh out loud (if you haven't seen Ice Castles, time to look it up!):

J.T.: Knowing you'll always be there to rip someone limb from limb in a pinch is a little different than knowing your not going to play Ice Castles with the next hot chick that comes along. | permalink

It was fun seeing Vincent spying on Cat for a romantic reasons for a change. Even though it's a bit stalker-ish the way he's always lurking around, seeing her put the roses he sent onto Tess' desk was a nice rebuff. He needed to know she wasn't just doing it when he was there and playing games with his heart. She was serious about what he put her through and the need to keep him at arms length to protect herself. But Vincent didn't give up easily.

A flash mob? I adored how Cat looked as people broke into a dance around her, finally letting pink heart-shaped balloons go while Vincent sat behind his laptop watching from home. The look on her face was at times embarrassed, then almost frightened to downright giddy. Kristin Kreuk can say with one facial expression what it would take others a week to say with words.

Cat tried so hard to be strong and keep a distance between herself and Vincent to protect her heart, but everything she was doing was putting her heart at risk. Each time she reached out to Alex, she risked seeing Vincent and Alex in a close moment. That didn't stop her from helping her escape Muirfield. Nothing would ever stop her from protecting Vincent. She finally realized it was a fruitless endeavor, and with her heart beating like a drum she and Vincent leaned in for a kiss...

And out popped Heather!

With Vincent and Cat being outed, what can be next? That could send information to Evan and directly to Muirfield, although I think it's a bit early in the game for that move. Heck, what am I saying? I would have thought it early for them to be discovered, yet here we are. One thing we can count on - we won't be disappointed in how the discovery is handled. With the exception of Vincent's lie to Cat about who Alex was and vice versa, there have been no missteps from the Beauty and the Beast team. Bring it on!


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This episode was amazing, Cat wasn't the only one whose heart was beating a million miles a minute, the almost kiss was so romantic.I can wait though, it gives us something to look forward to. A lot happened in last night's show, looks like great episodes coming up. I for one like Heather,she made it a frustrating but wonderful ending. My one wish for this great show is that it was in a better timeslot, Thursday's at 9pm is a very hard one to win, it deserves better.


It was a good episode, but sometimes it is hard to enjoy and watch this show because all you read is that there might not be a second season.


I loved this episode but was cussing and screaming and almost took out my TV when that Heather interrupted the kiss. I could have hurt that girl right there and then!! I'm seeing the buildup and saying to myself, YES!! FINALLY!! KISS!! and darn!!! that girl had to go and spoil it!! I hope they don't tease us too long with this! I was being very patient with the Alex thing and now I want to see my two favorite people engaging in some lip action!! :)


What can I say? I've already forgiven Vincent for everything (pretty much). It was always fairly obvious that his heart wasn't really in the whole Alex thing. The lies were totally out of sync, not sure what the writers were thinking there, but still...
As for Heather, very unfortunate. Not the timing because I think it's still a little too early for that first kiss. Anticipation is everything! These two have the hottest chemistry I've ever seen on TV, seriously (the wedding dance scene, OMG) Heather is such a mouthpiece, and so childish. Something will be up with her and Joe's brother, not sure where he will fit into the picture.
Also not sure how I'll be able to stand waiting for next season, I think there are only two episodes left?
All in all, great episode last night, and good riddance to Alex.


I loved the episode and I think they did a decent job in explaining why Vincent did what he did. Last 2 episodes I felt the bond between Cat and Vincent was broken, it was missing the spark with the whole Alex mess, but I'm back to loving them. Although I can't wait for the freaking kiss I too am glad they are building up to that moment. That said nothing could have stopped me from yelling at my TV when Heather walked in on them. Aside from that she is so annoying to me, offers nothing as a character and I wouldn't miss her if they decide to make some cuts :))) I can wait for the kiss I just hope the wait is worth it. They are teasing it so much that if it's not this great moment it will backfire on them.


Okay, apparently I'm alone here, but I thought the episode was a hot mess. Heather has never behaved like an adult, she is a 15 year old girl at best--and I'm not even talking about the kiss thing. She can die anytime. But my biggest problem is that Vincent has been selfish arce for weeks now, and all of a sudden it's okay because he was 'doing the right thing'. WHAT?!?!? Oh, sure, lies and faking feelings you don't really have out of guilt is what every woman wants. Yes, it was decent of him to want to make things up to Alex, but one; he did it in the WORST possible way, and second; it was just as much for him as it was for her. He's said so himself several times. But hey none of that matters because Vincent will always do the right thing, and hey even if it hurts other people, that's fine--it was right. HE'S NOT A F#@&KING SUPERHERO!!! It's not, "with Muirfield experimentation comes great responsibility." Give me a break. And not to top things off, we have the introduction of YET ANOTHER love triangle? Oh yes, apparently it's Cat's turn again, and her new 'possible love interest' will arrive episode after next. The minute we get rid of Alex, we have to bring someone else in--because obviously, if there is no love triagle to milk, this show had no idea what to do with itself.


This show is getting better and better. I do think Cat forgave Vincent rather quickly but then again, I did want to kill Heather for interrupting that kiss. I had actually hoped Evan would join team Vincent but I haven't given up hope yet. Maybe next season.. please let there be a next season!


Greatest episode of the season so far! Wow just wow. I might be alone here but I'm totally glad 'the kiss' didn't happen yet. The anticipation for it is the best part! But overall a great episode. Vincent trying so hard to win Cat over was hilarious even though I wanted him to sweat it out more, you just cannot deny their connection.
The flashmob was cheesy as hell but I loved it. We NEED a second season of this show stat.


HEATHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...pls go away, for good!!!


Just a point - Alex was a nurse, not a doctor. But she definitely seems to lack an ounce of self-preservation. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't look as if Kat did a thorough enough job getting her out clean. Bye bye, Alex. That was the cutest flash mob ever. Good job, Vincent. It looks like Vince's secret is spiraling out of control. Heather has loose lips and Tess is not going to drop it. Poor Tess! Yes she shouldn't be sleeping with a married man (they never leave, girl) and now her partner is destroying evidence. I hope Evan doesn't fully go over to the dark side. But I can't believe Muirfield would leave him alive even if he promised to help. There's no way they would really trust him.

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