Becki Newton Books Return to How I Met Your Mother

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The engagement may be off, but Quinn is on her way back.

Entertainment Weekly confirms that Becki Newton will reprise her role as Barney's ex-fiancee on the April 15 episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Becki Newton on How I Met Your Mother

It's unclear, but Newton is just the latest big name to make a return on How I Met Your Mother Season 8. Others have included:

  • Joe Manganiello
  • Rachel Bilson
  • Kyle MacLachlan

Jayma Mays (Glee), meanwhile, is even scheduled to make her first appearance since Season 1, bringing back the charcter of “coat check girl” next month.

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I think its awesome ,because if Becki comes back it will cause a problem&there will be more action


So we're kind of taking a nice long walk down the memory lane... this might take a while, since HIMYM will return for another season. I hope that return of Becki Newton doesn't mean that Barny and Robin are going to hit a rough patch (again) and break up (again and again) so they can make up and break up several times throughout the next season and then conveniently realize in the final episode of the show that they were meant to be together forever... but... that was just a thought.


The creators have said they want to bring back the most memorable guest stars before ending the series, I'm glad they're doing it now instead if tarnishing the final episodes of the series, and as Michael said all shows do this, except most of themsp it in the final episodes.


@HellyJelly All show do this when they are about to go off the air as a way to say thank you to the actors for the years of making the show good its not creative block that shipping character together


Oh man! This show really needs to end soon. The writers must be suffering from some sort of creative block - are they gonna bring EVERYONE back before they finally wrap things up?

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