Blue Bloods Review: A Shiksa Scorned

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"Men In Black" were everywhere in this episode of Blue Bloods and I never wanted them to put those long wool suits back on as much as I did during the steam room scene. There's something about hairy and sweaty that just doesn't go together.

Other than that one pet peeve I really enjoyed this hour's peak into the Hasidic community.  New York City is such a melting pot of cultures, races, and religions that I appreciate it when the show reminds us of that.

Danny & Mac's Hasidic Investigation

When the Grande Rebbe told Henry that he was breaking with tradition and asking his younger son to take his place, it was easy to guess that Levi would soon end up dead.

I was left to wonder if Levi's father had any idea about his extra-curricular activities.  I felt bad for Karen Waters, his shiksa goddess but that's always the risk of being the other woman. Given his strict religious beliefs it wasn't hard to guess that Levi would never divorce his wife. Of course given those same beliefs he shouldn't have been having the affair in the first place.

Jamie had a fun case this week. Hopefully Rebecca's friend finds, well, better friends. Calling the police clowns to their faces is generally a quick way to get them to slap the cuffs on you.  Not that Rebecca cared. Her daddy was once the mayor.

As Erin told Levins in this Blue Bloods quote as he tried to get the charges dropped…

Erin: As parents our first instinct is to fix everything and sometimes that just makes things worse. | permalink

For a girl that's probably never so much as cleaned up her own room, doing 1000 hours of clean up from Hurricane Sandy should make quite an impression.

The storyline that shocked me the most was that of Peter Christopher Reagan.  

Certainly times were different and I would never judge anyone who has lost a child but I was surprised that Henry and his wife chose to never speak of their little boy who died of leukemia the year before Frank was born.

Not talking about him, not sharing his memory all of these years meant that to Frank and his family that child never existed. I found that horribly sad.

On an up note,  I couldn't believe it when Danny blurted out that a girl could never be commissioner. Erin would make a better commissioner than either of her brothers.  It made me want to invite myself over for their family dinner just to smack him…and have a knish.


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The media too often depict characters who are identifiably Jewish as either ultra orthodox or hasidic.In fact, most Jews in America are very much like everyone else. In short, these sects do not represent contemporary "Jewish culture" but do represent negative stereotypes. The writers of this segment were obviously aware of that and tried to insulate themselves by positing a very unlikely "close friendship" between the head rabbi and grandpa Reagan. Well, it really doesn't wash. We've heard that "some of my best friends are Jewish" line before.


i love to watch Blue Bloods but this last episode was totally ridiculous! some one didn 't do their homework. the whole thing was hysterical..funny that is... think Robin Williams doing a skit about Orthadox Judaism ...and a baby brother who died many catastrophes can they squeeze into one family???


the last episode was such a disapointment! totally ridiculous...someone didn't do their homework...

Sarah silva

This was another great episode.
I cried at the end when Frank was looking at the photo of Peter.
I wanted to smack Rebecca upside the head! I am glad her dad listened to Erin's advice and said that his daughter needed to learn her lesson. She was a disrespectful girl and she needs to smarten up!

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

They already did Rebecca a big favor if they arrested her just for smoking the joint and not intent-to-distribute for all the stuff in that bag.


I honestly don't think Danny was serious when he said a girl could never be commissioner. He was grinning when he said it; he knew it'd get a rise out his sister. He's always been supportive of his female partners and his niece's desire become a cop. So I hardly think he'd be serious. I really enjoyed this peek into the Hasidic community. I think the show does a nice job at highlighting the ethnic stew that makes NYC special. Better than other shows set in NYC. I'm glad the ex-mayor didn't clean up his daughter's mess. Frank is right; for an Irish Catholic family in the 1950s, only one child was extremely rare. I'm glad Henry told him. I sympathize with both sides, however.


As usual, Frank came up with an intelligent, thoughtful solution to a sticky problem. Having Erin talk to the mayor about parenting was glad the mayor "got it." Danny HAD to make that comment about "girl commissioner" just to tease Erin, he's too smart for there to be any other reason! Good story...I learned about the Jewish culture. I just wish the director would speed up the pacing a tad, it always aeems to drag.

@ Lindalou

The highest-ranked woman in the NYPD so far as been the head of the Housing Bureau.

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