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Two weeks of Bones have passed now with nary a word about Brennan being shot. No mention, still, of Hodgins' lost fortune, and he seems as chipper as ever.

Yes, Bones season 8 is the season of the standalone, asynchronous episodes, it seems.  

I know that previous seasons of Bones have consisted of season-long story arcs that aren't mentioned week to week, like the Gravedigger, interspersed into the case-of-the-week episodes - but there's something about this season in particular that continues to make the entire season feel disconnected from itself somehow. It's disconcerting.

Despite the disconnect, as far as independent episodes go "The Fact in the Fiction" was at least fun. Maybe the most fun episode to date.

Booth, FBI

Dr. Oliver Wells made quite the introduction as the latest intern at the Jeffersonian. When the corpse-of-the-week's body was missing its head, he tracked it six miles away and retrieved it from a pack of coyotes; then brought it directly to Brennan at the diner, spilling the head from his shoulder bag and into the floor while Booth held him at gunpoint thinking him to be a deranged lunatic.

I like him. 

Dr. Wells emphasized the team and how well they work together by being the odd man out.

Hodgins was excited to have someone as wacky as himself to work with in the lab and watching the two of them together was fun. Hodgins works well with all of the other interns, but he's not as convivial with them as he was with Wells. Tonight he seemed downright giddy and welcomed Wells to the team (without Wells hearing) by saying it was great to have a physicist in the lab. 

Which sort of begs the question why they didn't already have a physicist in the lab since, yes, it makes sense to have one on such a well-rounded team of brilliant minds. 

Angela bristled at Wells' introduction to the lab because of his cocky demeanor. She was quick to put him in his place regarding the way things work around the lab. 

Angela: It's not crazy that I'm worried about, actually. It's arrogance. We're a team here and you can be traded.
Wells: Wherever I go, I'm always the smartest person and it always creates problems.
Angela: Well maybe you should try being less of a douche. | permalink

He seemed to take her words to heart, at least momentarily. But that's part of what makes him interesting. He, like Brennan, is unapologetically intelligent. 

He's brainy. And ballsy, standing up to Brennan and challenging her beliefs about basically everything she knows and holds to be true. 

We're used to seeing Brennan be the most intellectual character on the show, so it's always nice to see her grapple with the idea that perhaps she's not the smartest person she knows. One of the things that she has the hardest time accepting is that she cannot possibly know all there is to know about absolutely everything. It's nice to see her receive and accept the challenge of a new character who seems strong in his own right.

I wish I could write this review solely in the faces Brennan made during some of her interactions with Wells, or quote their faces. Because their faces tonight were some of the best parts. 

Wells let Brennan call herself narrow-minded. With that impossibly-possible speech, he confused her. While this wasn't quite the "Brennan questions whether time travel may be possible" episode the promos led us to believe, Brennan did question herself and her intelligence, finally besting Wells at the end as a way to prove her superiority and place at the top of the Jeffersonian pyramid and welcome him to the team in her own way.

Speaking of the time-travel aspect of "The Fact in the Fiction," since that was an important part of the episode, everyone's moments to which they would return, or not travel, were great testaments to the characters.

Hodgins would travel back to the exact moment he met Angela. Angela lied at first saying she too would return to that moment only to later confess to Cam that she would actually revisit her time with Birimbau. A time to which Cam would also return.

The moment between Sweets and Booth was nice. Sweets wanted to be able to tell his adoptive parents that he's thankful for them. Booth assured him that they know.

Booth, knowing that it might mean he would never exist, would stop the assassination of President Lincoln. And Brennan, being the smartest, would go nowhere at all, content to live in the present moment knowing that all she wants is right in front of her.

What did you think of "The Fact in the Fiction?" Do you like Dr. Wells? If you could time travel, to when would you go?


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Yeah, Alex and Alexa, please do stop comparing Castle to Bones. Castle has been boring me lately so just write about it on a Castle thread! I don't even bother with it any more. Bones and Booth have a genuinely lovely relationship, and I adored Bones observation that she has everything she wants and needs with Booth. I would have loved a little kiss/hugging there, but it did tantalize us with the unspoken chemistry they STILL have! They have a deep emotional connection, and I am enjoying seeing how they are exploring facets of it this season. I am never bored with Bones. I love what they have been doing with the relationship. And contrary to some opinions, it isn't all about the baby. Christine wasn't mentioned once, I don't think (missed the first few minutes). While this new intern, Dr. Wells isn't my favorite, I did love Hodgins having another wacky compadre to perform experiments with! Loved that part! I would like to see another female intern, though, not a Daisy, but one to kind of put the guys in their place. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from the team what moments they would go back to in time, if they could. I enjoyed seeing Brennan challenged to rethink whether she really is always the smartest person in the room--that was good for her. I was disappointed that Angela would want to go back and revisit Birimbau--Hodgins is worth 10 of that man. At least Angela had the grace to not say it to Hodgins.


The new intern HAS to be related to Hodgkins in real life - their voices are almost identical and they look alike, too. They even commented that he was like a "brother from another mother" in the show.


i like Dr Wells, he is better than other characters mainly because he can question Brennan, despite their failures, he accomplish many things


Incredibly sweet episode. The energy and intelect that the new intern brought were wonderful. The moment with Booth and Sweets was perfect. Booth snarks at Sweets a lot as part of their joined persona, but this scene showed the tender place in his heart where Booth hold Sweets. Brennan and Booth. Oh, the "Right Here, Right Now" scene was so sweet. Booth reveals something that's always bothered him - his connection to John Wilkes. Brennan tells him that he's everything she wants and needs and there's no place or time preferable to her than the time they have together. Once again we see the confident steadfast love she has for Booth.That goes a very long way for a man like Booth - and is one of many instances that makes their relationship work. She is always for him. He is always for her. It works! Very Sweet!


*Hopefully their writers will take note and not make the mistakes HH&CO made with B&B. As a fan of both shows I really hope they don't ruin Caskett.


I really didn't care for Dr. Wells. I can't put my finger on exactly why, and that may be part of it. He can't concentrate on anything before going onto something else. (And not like Vincent...) Little boy, why don't you spend some time figuring out who you are? That's not my job.


I think the show has run it's course.


1: They have mentioned the loss of the fortune since it happened, even if only in passing. 2: I disagree that they got it wrong with Bones and Booth. These are two very different people who have accepted each other as they are. Booth knows he is nowhere near the intellect Brennan is, and Brennan has accepted that Booth has instincts and personal beliefs that give him strength. Neither of them feels they are better than the other, but rather that together they complement each other. They have arguments that, for some, might break into horrible fights, but because they accept each other, they can discuss and argue without feeling they have to always be proven right. I admit that Booth's religious agenda sometimes seems a bit pushy, but in a way, he holds her back from being either an automaton or going full on nutty nerdy intellectual. The idea that she wanted her body placed up on a mountain for birds to eat was one such example of someone who found something fascinating but did not think about how it would make her family feel. I think they did get this one right, and the idea that Angela was wrong to think of her ex at that moment, because anyone who has been in a relationship knows, relationships tend to settle in to routines, and Angela, until only recently, was a very adventurous and sexually active woman, and part of her may miss that part of herself, just as she missed her artistic work when she realized being a mom and working at the Jeff was giving her no time for the kind of artistic expression she so loves. This doesn't mean she doesn't love her husband and wouldn't die for him, but that she has changed and part of her kind of misses who she once was even though she doesn't want to give up what she has.

Sue ann

I did not watch the show. Again. However, I would go back in time to the week before I started college, and have a chat with myself. Good question. Birimbau was large, very pretty, and apparently a sexual god. I would take Hodgins over him any day. Hodgins is funny, bright, endlessly thinking, and he worships the ground Angela walks on. He would die for her. And those blue eyes .... She is an idiot, and I never really thought so before.


Ok episode. Do not really care for the new squint. Poor Hodgins. Angela does not deserve him. Seriously, why are Cam and Angela always sleeveless. People were in overcoats but they are always dressed for warm weather.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 17 Quotes

Sweets: But still, to face a pack of wild animals alone...
Booth: I'm sure you could just bore them to death with your shrinky talk.

Hodgins: Is she looking at me like an angry schoolteacher?
Booth: Yeah. Yeah, she does that a lot.