Castle Review: The Dark Side of Rick

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It’s that time of year again!

The time of year when Andrew Marlowe and the rest of the Castle writers give us an extra present. The time of year when they push out a two-part episode that is filled with tension, adrenaline and something that always hits close to home. The best part about these episodes? They never fail. Time to talk “Target," TV Fanatics.

The Castle Season 5 two-parter kicked off with the kidnapping of Alexis and her friend. Turns out Alexis was in the wrong place at the wrong time and her pal’s rich father is hated in Egypt. So what is going on here? Rewind...

Dylan Walsh on Castle

Where In the World is Alexis Castle? Beckett and Castle realize that Sara could have been taken for ransom. Castle figures out his little girl is with her and the stakes have changed. Here comes a different side of Rick Castle. The side that threatens felons for the location of his daughter and shows up where he shouldn’t so he can take her home. I’m pretty sure this is a side of all fathers and can’t even imagine how to handle the situation. 

On the upside? Alexis does. Girl is definitely her father. Knowing how to pick locks, trying to identify their location. Skyping with her dad and dropping the phone so they can trace it and show whats on the floor (was that an X)? After chasing down leads to the farm house, I thought for sure the girls would be outside of New York. Never for a second did I think they would be in Paris. Good twist, Marlowe!

Beckett’s Role. How do you go from being the girlfriend/partner to the lead detective on the kidnapping of your boyfriend’s daughter? Kate Beckett will obviously figure it out. After rushing to his side and hugging him in front of Gates - after saying she doesn’t care who sees - Beckett is on a mission to find the daughter of the man she loves. And she will stop at nothing to do it. 

The two had a serious exchange where Castle asked her not to promise to find Alexis unless she can because he will never forgive her otherwise. Could you fathom the strain that would go on this relationship if things don’t end well? You have to assume that Alexis walks away from this and back into the arms of her father. But could you picture it if she didn’t?

Meet Agent Harris. Veteran actor Dylan Walsh appears as the FBI Agent helping out with the kidnapping case. Most of the time, these two-part appearances make you suspicious and worried. But for some reason, the character of Agent Harris brings out a calm in everyone. Here is hoping the man gets the job done and quick. And it wouldn’t hurt if he stuck around for some time. Walsh is looking fine!

The Spotlight is On. We’ve discussed many times the lack of screen time that Molly Quinn gets on the series, especially now that her character has moved onto college. Her scenes have always been sweet and endearing, especially those with her father. Hopefully this will clue in the staff to give some bigger arcs to the little Castle. 

One Man Show. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nathan Fillion is a genius. The man is able to portray so much emotion just through a facial expression. He can bring the laughs, the smiles, and even sometimes, the tears. This episode proved that Fillion is an amazing actor, as he portrayed maybe the hardest role he has had on this show so far. Scared father. The character is living a parent’s worst nightmare. With Fillion playing the role, you are feeling exactly what he is feeling. He deserves a statue after this season, especially after this episode. 

Leave it to Castle to go from a fun and lighthearted Valentine’s Day episode (“Reality Star Struck”) and come back with something that is bound to make you hold your breath. It’s no secret I love the two-parters. And the best thing about this installment? There is another one on the way.

So while we wait until the next episode, hit up the comments and check back for the official Castle Round Table later in the week, where the staff of TV Fanatic will be discussing the tense events of “Target.” Until then, Castle fans!


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Reviewer said " I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nathan Fillion is a genius. The man is able to portray so much emotion just through a facial expression."
YES, yes, yes! You really hit the nail on the head, reviewer, and I totally agree that there is nothing but perfection in Nathan Fillions acting. He's amazing, talented, handsome and funny, and he actually cares about his fans. What an awesome person! I hope he nabs a statue for this episode, too.
That said, my heart was in my mouth the whole time when he'd found out that his daughter was kidnapped. Scared the crap out of me, as a mom, and was appropriately tense within the show. I LOVED that Gates basically said "Drop everything else and take whatever resources you need to find Alexis!" YAY GATES! And I also loved how Beckett and his mom Martha were both there for him, helping him keep it together. Just beautiful. I hope that they catch the slimebags who took these girls and make them pay. I know Castle will!


Great episode. Totally believable that Castle would kick out the cops (all of whom have worked with Alexis when she did her internship and saw her growing up) to lean on the guys wounds. Rick's been researching and writing the stuff forever, he's followed Beckett into worse situations unarmed and taken on armed guys with just his fists. Of course he would do this. As for Rick's dad, the prior CIA episode with Jennifer Beals introduced the concept of dad as a CIA spook keeping an eye on Rick's life, I think there were other hints too, so there is foundation for introducing dad now when he needs to come out of the shadows. And to the guy who likes procedurals like NCIS - go watch them and leave Castle alone. There are very few character driven shows (Castle, Bones and Supernatural) for those of us who like the emotional ride - we don't want this to become another boring procedural.


I enjoyed it, tho I rolled my eyes when Alexis picked the lock. Sure she takes after her dad, but it's a skill she hasn't used in about 9 years and it worked with the last bobby pin. Other than that quibble, I hope that Alexis learns to not post so much information on the web. It's just dangerous. Gates definitely suspects a more personal relationship with Caskett. She's ignoring it for now but if she continues to do so, I think that would be too large a departure for her character. I do worry that the show will jump the shark a bit with Castle's father.


If Alexis want to leave. Send her to. College and just mention her now and then. Killing her would be a mistake. It's not tat kind of show. Especially when it took 3 years for Kate to settle accounts


Nathan Fillion was just brilliant in this episode. I have never really been a super-fan of his, but after this episode I am just speechless. What a talented actor. I am glad that Alexis is finally getting her time in the spotlight, and she showed that she was definitely a Castle! Amazing episode, the Paris twist was a shocker I didn't see coming. Marlowe, you've done it again!


I am also thinking that Alexis is the real target & I am hoping Rick's father is not behind it as we really saw the dark side of Rick last night. Rick is a larger than life character all on his own, it will be interesting to see the family dynamics at play between Rick & his Father & hopefully that will include Martha - we don't see nearly enough of that character. And I noticed that Gates "looked the other way" when she saw Kate & Rick holding hands. I'm sure she has some idea that Rick & Kate are a couple & she is turning a blind eye a bit as she likes & respects both of them more than she lets on & we can't think she is that naive either. I could be wrong. Rick & Kate have been doing a really good job at shielding their relationship to anyone because they know what the consequences would be. Gates is too smart for that - she knows what she has in Kate Beckett & her team of men!! It has to be Kate that finds Alexis for Rick!


And I agree with bockylyn - I think it will turn out to be Alexis they wanted all along.


Re the promo for next week..."I'm your father." Oh, no! It's Darth Vader!


I think Alexis was who they wanted not her friend. I think her Grandfather who we now know was in the CIA had made a lot of enemy and they found who his granddaughter was and he has some information that they want.One Idea or he has been watch out for the Family all along but being in the CIA he did not want to come out of the closet because we all know what the CIA does. Or he just hears about it is coming to help. Now who torture the guy and Killed him sound like CIA? And they are in Paris how did they get there so quick and where are they going next? So many People have covered the Caskett thing so I won't go there. I will say the Actors, writer,directors,producer and the People who do the sets all those people have done a super job we can never say enough about them. well I'am going to watch the show again and see what I missed the first time!!!:-).


Holy smokes, that was amazing! I just wanted to hug Nathan/Castle - the devastation, the fear - all right there in his face. I would have liked to see exactly what happened between him & the suspect. I am glad Alexis is ok - so far (if she dies, I will be devastated!) and keeping her head. Am I the only one who thinks the FBI guy is hinky? I know the reviewer said he brings calm, but he kinda gave me the willies. Can't put my finger on it, but I would not be surprised if he were in on the kidnapping. Just my opinion.

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