Castle Review: Depending on Dad

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What a great hour of television!

For a show that usually treats us to light-hearted laughter and absurd cases, Castle can do drama and it can do it well. The series aired the second half of the annual two-parter tonight and “Hunt” can easily be described as epic. Quite possibly, the best two-parter in the show’s history. So let’s get to it.

The hour picked up right where we had left off: Alexis is in Paris, the team is doing everything it can to find her and Rick is wasting no more time. he hops a plane to France to find his daughter himself. 

Castle and Dad

Shady Characters. Castle meets up with an administrative advisor who he had worked with on his Derek Storm novels. He hooks him up with man who tracks down where Alexis was when she made the phone call. A meet is set up and he turns on Castle. Luckily, another man is hiding in the woods and takes out the kidnappers, along with Castle’s “partner.” So, who was it?

Meet Jackson Hunt. Just like Castle, I wasn’t sure why this man cared so much, why there were pictures hanging up in his apartment. And then it clicked. Just as I was writing a note on what I was assuming, Jackson (or whatever his real name is) dropped the bomb: “I am your father."

James Brolin has taken on the role of Rick’s dad. In such a fitting way, he's is a spy. He lets his son know that he has been keeping an eye on his family for years and even met Rick once when he was 10, in a library. 

Brolin’s character sets up an operation that will get Castle and Alexis out from the kidnappers, to the embassy and sent home with a cover story that will not include him. I guess it’s true: like father, like son. The details, the imagination. Everything. Castle and Alexis make it home to Martha and Kate safe and sound.

Two things:

  1. This better not be the last time we see Castle’s father.
  2. I expected more when they got home. It was just Martha and Alexis. There was no mention of what the cover story was. These are just some small imperfections in an otherwise amazing episode.
Leading Castle Away

Perfect Performance. In the first hour of this two-parter, I praised Nathan Fillion on his outstanding performance. He portrays such a real man, and an even more real father. That continued through “Hunt” as well. In her few minutes on screen, the gorgeous Molly Quinn was excellent. But it is Stana Katic who must be acknowledged. She always puts on such a stellar performance and this installment was no exception. 

Her meeting with the murder victim’s girlfriend was intense and intimidating. Katic brought it in this episode big time.

Can we please just give Emmys to these two? Like, now?

After Thoughts

  • Of course Castle’s father is a spy. What other job in the world could he possibly have?
  • Never expected Alexis to be the target of the kidnapping. I’m guessing her and Sarah won’t be friends when they get back to school.
  • Will Alexis be comfortable going back to school or will she be sticking around home for a while?
  • Not much of Javi and Kev in this hour...although they did have an awesome Liam Neeson joke (Check the Castle quotes page for it).
  • If Rick and Kate can make it through the kidnapping of his daughter, they can pretty much make it through everything. 

Overall, a great episode from the writers of Castle. I wouldn’t want the show to do too many drama-filled episodes, they do the fun ones so well. But I wouldn’t mind having more that one or two intense installments throughout the season.

So what did you think of “Hunt?” Was the conclusion what you expected? Where does it rank compared to the previous two-parters? Are you excited to have James Brolin as Castle’s father? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought. Check out the Castle Round Table and the Castle Cast to marvel over the episode. Unfortunately, we have a break until the next new episode. But that will give us time to take it all in. Until next time, Castle Fanatics!


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Great episode! I wondered with 10 minutes left to the story how they were going to end it, especially wth all the commercials. They really could have gone to a trilogy on this one. I know that Castle wasn't there when Beckett confronted Senator Bracken, and this story was about him doing anything to get his daughter back and something he had to do. I just kind of wished she was there with him. One thing that comes to mind is I wonder if his dad will help out Beckett if trouble comes back in the future with the Senator, as in a scheme to take her out. I agree, that it was nice that they didn't make Castle into some Jason Bourne, but just a father who loves his daughter.


Fantastic 2-parter! I like James Brolin as his father and I thought the trick they played on the kidnappers was awesome. Great writing as usual! When you watch Castle you know the writing is going to be better than any other series.


Fantastic two -parter!
My only quibble is that Nathan Fillion did not film in Paris. It was an obvious green screen background or they used a body double for the action scenes outdoors. Other than that, brilliant!


I realty enjoyed this 2 parter. It was wonderful to finally have an episode that Nathan could show his acting chops. He should get an award. Frankly im tired of cable shows getting all the awards. I dont find them entertaining at all. It was great to have an episode centered around Castle. Everything always seems to center around Beckett with Castle providing comic relief. I'd prefer to see more of him or for him to get the meatier roles. I was concerned about Brolin playing the dad but I thought he did a good job. Wished it could have been Harrison Ford! If his dad does come around again, Beckett will arrest him for Henson's murder so that could be problematic.


Awesome show last night!!! Andrew Marlow is the best writer and kept me on the edge of my seat. Great performances by all and hopefully the Emmy's will finally take notice. Loved the Father and Son moment especially when his Dad said he was watching "always". can't wait until March18th!!


Loved the show, The two parter is on my dvr to be watched again..There was little surprise for me re: father. Reason being last weeks preview had a voice only saying "I am your father" I waited patiently for him to be revealed. For me it came in the drawing of the man wanted for questioning in the torture of dead guy in farm house. Brolin has a distinctive face. It would be great to see dad agsin but how believable would his resurface be? Kudos to all for 60 mins of laughter, white knuckles and finally a sigh of relief..


Maybe since Brolin is married to that Streisand person who is such a Hollywood "darling",Castle will get the attention of the awards people.

Frank lee meidere

Captain Malcolm Reynolds is back! It was an excellent episode, but it did make me long for the days of Firefly. But we have Castle now, and that's a pretty good replacement (well -- you know.) I did like the fact that Castle did nothing that wasn't beyond his capabilities. He didn't turn into a super spy able to take out a gang of villains with a few well-placed karate chops. His fighting essentially consisted of knocking one guy out of the way in his desperate flight from the house. I was also concerned that the "plan" to blow up the electrical conduit seemed way too simplistic and was relieved to discover that it was just a decoy plan for the real one. As one commenter mentioned, however, I was somewhat distracted by the fact that Alexis had no place to go to the washroom -- although I suppose they let her out and escorted her to the appropriate facilities when she needed them. In that case, however, holding her in a cage in the middle of the room seemed a bit overly dramatic. PS: If they ever make a Clancy movie about John Clark, James Brolin is the man for the part. And hi, Sue Ann. Good to see you still here.


Perhaps the Emmys need to split out cable shows from network shows. I don't watch any cable shows and feel there are some pretty awesome actors doing great things on the more mainstream network tv. LOVED the episode...just might "need" to watch it again on "on demand." AGREE on the return of James Brolin/Castle's dad. I hope we see Martha finding out what happened!


Fantastic and enjoyable 2 parter! Would like to see the reaction on Martha's face when Castle tells her that he met his father. Now to see if Capt Gates will be watching Castle and Beckett more, since she did notice the caring Beckett showed Castle in the 1st part of this episode at the precinct?
I too would like to see Castle's father again.

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