Chicago Fire Review: New Beginnings

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"Viral" built up some scary situations for the men and women of Station 51 - and just as one bullet was dodged another seemed to come whizzing by, as Cruz faced extermination, Shay dealt with an HIV scare and Clarice, and Casey dealt with his mom.

Severide's Connection

Cruz’s continual death wishes, while sometimes old, did make for good story even if the way things got there weren’t necessarily the most believable. Cruz is so focused on attempting to keep other families intact and functioning that his hero complex is putting Mouch and the rest of the station in danger; so I’m pleased Mouch laid the ground rules out for Casey.

Casey’s scene with Cruz also reflected a different side of him. Casey is usually a man of compassion and morality, but those traits run dry if it he notices his team is being put in danger. His speech to Cruz really hit home, bringing to light events that have, up until now, felt relatively buried back from the days of the pilot. Darden’s death still weighs heavily on Casey and he’s not willing to risk carrying Cruz’s secret if it means the death of the rest of his team.

As Chicago Fire Season 1 progresses, I’ve found myself enjoying Mouch more and it’s in no small part to his protective spirit of his coworkers. He sees them as family, and he instinctively knows what they need and how to help them. Mouch knew Cruz didn’t need vengeance he needed forgiveness.

Casey’s mom is still rubbing me the wrong way. Maybe she’s going through an adjustment period and she’s having a difficult time reconnecting with society and her children, but at some point she either needs to focus on recovery instead of being defiant. Deciding to bunk with her old cellmate might be the best medicine the family needs. It’s the first time we’ve actually witnessed her be a mother since her introduction; she’s willing to give them space if it means she can keep the best products of her unhappy marriage together.

Shay’s situation with the homeless man was very scary and I’m happy she tested clean for HIV. Sadly, I completely left my guard down - as did Shay - with Clarice. She once again dropped him with no second thoughts whatsoever and I’m hoping we never have to see her again. Shay’s been slapped in the face of Clarice’s exits too much, and I hope she will finally be ready to move on after Clarice’s latest cut and run.

A few more thoughts:

  • This week in Hermann misfortune, or possible fortune, is whatever was in that box they found in the safe. 
  • The lawyer’s characterization of Kelly is completely opposite to his character at this point.
  • I hope Eric comes back to visit Station 51 maybe on a more permanent basis this time?
  • The fertilizer bomb sure proved to be anti-climatic.


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Casey has every right to be upset. He's not calling her out in front of the crew, he still responds to her as a colleague, but Voight caused him great distress. Almost to the point where Casey's life and everyone he cared about was in danger. Casey knows Voight's sneaky ways, and if Dawson asking for his help lead to his unforeseen release, he could cause harm and be a greater threat to Casey's life. The mere fact that Dawson confided in him, meant she sold everything for a favor and was in his dept; a fate many feared because of him. So Mills' comment was disrespectful, because it came from jealousy. Even if the comment was true, he is still threatened by Casey and that made the comment disingenuous. So long as Casey doesn't cross a line or abuses his authority, he has every right to feel anger, because of the pain Voight caused him. Ironically Mills could say for the very least the same about himself. He doesn't know what Casey feels and condemns him anyway. Very hypocritical. As for Cruz, Casey should have recommended counseling, or something to help Cruz through his depressed state, the first time he slipped up. Hopefully Cruz is able to find some peace and make a difference in other ways.


Burrr, I can tell Chicago was very cold filming this episode. Clarice was a wimp, glad to see her go because I just can't see Kelly and Shay spliting up their living arrangements. Got some good actors on this show and is it apparent. I have complained about Kelly and Shay being too buddy buddy goofy but last night's episode showed more serious concern towards each other. Kelly seemed "wooden" with Renee, the scene at the Lake was really "wooden and ackward", was so cold could see Taylor's ears turning red. Overall, good show.


@Marcus: Really? I think Casey's a prick for being mad at her. Technically, Casey and Dawson are just casual friends really, he's her boss. They played around with the whole dating/lovers thing, but he screwed that up. So she's not his girlfriened, she went out of her way to morally support him through his mother's trial, and just to support him in general... Dawson needed Voigt's help for her brother who might have been hunted down again, but this time leaving him actually dead. That much is obvious. Casey should have been pissed but understanding; he would have probably done much worse for family. In my opinion, all Casey is doing right now is being insufferable and acting like an injured child.


Something seriousley rubs me the wrong way how Dawson and Mills are treating Casey. She is angry at him ? Really ? She went to a guy who is a serious criminal who threatened all of Caseys family and he should just be ok with that ? And i dont believe for a second that goung to Voigt was Dawsons "only" option so help her Brother. And that "screw him" comment by Mills about his boss who has had his back all the time was downright disgusting.
If i was Casey i would keep my distance from Dawson going forward. She has no behaved like a friend should ( and she claimed to love the guy before .. pfff ).


Casey's mother rubs me the wrong way too. I just don't trust her. I don't trust that she's rehabilitated and she doesn't seem to feel remorse. Plus she was asking Casey to lie for her. Not cool. Clarice really disappointed me tonight and I felt she had to leave because they couldn't keep Shiri Appleby longer. It's too bad because I've loved her since Roswell and really wanted to like her character. Plus I wanted to see how the custody battle would go. I understand her husband was hurt and bitter but that was really mean of him to want to keep her from her child. In the end he decided to break her and Shay up. I was happy to see Casey give Cruz another chance, but I felt he could have supported him more. They should have sent him to councelling so he could work his issues. I hope he'll see a shrink or a priest or something.

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