Claire Holt Cast on The Originals!

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The Vampire Diaries was renewed by The CW for a fifth season this week.

But in light of a new piece of casting news, we must wonder: What will that look like?!?

The network has confirmed that Claire Holt will join Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies in The Originals, the upcoming Vampire Diaries spinoff whose backdoor pilot airs on April 25. She will continue in her role as Rebekah on that episode and in the inevitable new series, of course.

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Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah represent the remaining three living members of The Originals - and we now know they will all somehow find their way to New Orleans.

The already-established characters will be joined there by two witches (played by Daniella Pineda and Danielle Campbell); a vampire named Marcel who served for years as Klaus' protege (played by Charles Michael Davis) and a human psychology student who is unaware of her supernatural surroundings, but curious about the root of evil (played by Leah Pipes).

Will you be tuning in for the spinoff?

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Bit worried for the V.D as much as im excited about the originals....they are losing some good actors...hopefully they sort this damn sirebond story line out as there wont be joseph morgan, clare holt, etc to distract us from the frustration of te triangle. Am so over it after four seasons, let Damon and Elena be together for goodness sake. Im a very loyal viewer but am losing interest in te continuous dragging out of the storyline...i hope they have a good plan for next season to be exciting...losing Klaus will make a big difference

Spindae 2o

Clair Holt is amazing and with The Originals most likely getting picked up I'm happy she will stay on the screen! But I just started to dig HER and Stephan together! Shame we will lose them! :(


Now my joy is complete. I adore Rebekah and will take her over and above any of the girls in TVD. Looking forward to The Originals :)

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