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Cougar Town Review: Back to Furk

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Cougar Town tackled what might be one of life’s hardest questions on "Runnin' Down a Dream." What is one's the dream job?

A Decision for Jules

It’s nice to see an episode focus on everyone’s occupation because, as nice as all the various ways of drinking wine and shenanigans can be, I wouldn’t want things to start feeling like Central Perk.

It’s awesome to see Jules have some questions about her job and if she wants to continue doing it every day. It’s hard to break from routine, it’s difficult to want to break out from it. Perhaps one of the bigger takeaways from tonight is that work may be boring, and it might not always be anything more than a grind, but the best way to stay happy is to surround yourself with people you love. Just make the best of things.

Jules isn’t sure she still loves real estate, but she adores the freedom and cash from it. She likes treating her friends and family and became determined to sell the house to the indecisive couple so she could spread the affection she has for them; and, if Jules does want to veer towards a different career path, at least she’ll have the loving support of her family:

Jules: I can't even be a whore?
Travis: Mom, I think you would be an amazing whore-oh my God I can't believe I just said that. | permalink

Laurie and Travis’ gloating over finding their perfect dream jobs already wasn’t the most entertaining of all the stories in “Dream,” but Andy’s mocking of them as he took shots of the ground and his groin while uttering “art” after each one certainly made the story better. It’s also great to see Laurie and Travis just being friends, which is someone we haven’t gotten much during Cougar Town Season 4.

It’s great to see the show not call attention to if they will or if they won’t and just focus on them having fun and making fun of the rest of the crew in their unique way.

Plus, I’m pleased to know that Laurie is the new cake maker for the Latin Kings; it’s just too bad Lil’ Choke didn’t get to see his cake before he died…

Laurie: I am now the official baker of the Latin Kings. Lil' Choke is gonna be so excited he gets stomped in this week. | permalink

Other Thoughts:

  • Ellie was amazing on that food truck. I could watch an hour of Ellie of just insulting people.
  • Andy’s standup
  • A hit of icing and the smell of gasoline – Cougar Town isn’t afraid to bring to light things we love, but are way too afraid to say out loud!
  • I’ll be on the look out for temple rubs and keeping a running tally of them.
  • Sorry about the miscommunication last week. The episodes the nice folks at TBS sent us did not include this week or next, so I thought the show would be in repeats. It’s not.


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    Ellie working at the burger truck was hilarious! It's too bad it got shut down. It would have been a fun story to continue or bobby. Andy running around being an "artist" was also really funny! I just want Laurie and trav to get together already!

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